Knowledge of Web Hosting For Beginners

As we know the use of the internet is growing day by day and people are establishing their businesses online through a website. If you want to run your business website then you have to collect information about what are the requirements for running a website.One of the basic needs to start a ...

What is Domain Name?

A Domain Name is a name that defines the address of the website. It is basically used for identifying the web address of a website over the browser. Whenever you visit your website the name which appears on the address bar is a domain name. The first and foremost step is to consider a domain name ...

15 Reasons to Choose GoDaddy Web Hosting

Buying a domain name for your website is not a difficult process but choosing the right web hosting is very important. Because Hosting is what makes your site visible over the internet. GoDaddy is known as one of the largest hosting providers. GoDaddy deals with every type of service which you need ...

How to Choose a Catchy Domain for Your Website?

How to Choose a Catchy Domain Name? - This question puzzles so many people. Sometimes it becomes confusing and many questions arise while choosing a domain name like how can I choose a domain name? You know that your domain name is the key element of your website. It is the identity of your ...

For Beginners: – How to Start Your Business Website

Online business is the most well-known thing running on the internet this time. Everyone is taking initiatives in online business startups for increasing sales and earning maximum profit. Every beginner wants an e-commerce business but some people don’t know how to create a business website just ...

Which Domain Extension you Should Choose?

TABLE OF CONTENTWhat are Domain Extensions? Domain Extensions also are known as Top Level Domain or TLDs. Extensions are the suffixes or last part of the domain name. It refers to a notation found at the end of a web address. It is an internet category such as .com, .in, .net etc. Domain ...

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