How to Choose a Catchy Domain for Your Website?

How to Choose a Catchy Domain Name? – This question puzzles so many people. Sometimes it becomes confusing and many questions arise while choosing a domain name like how can I choose a domain name?

You know that your domain name is the key element of your website. It is the identity of your website. It can make or break you so, it is vital to choose a domain name that works for your organization. If you are using a catchy domain name this will helps you in increasing your visitors.

Why Your Domain is Important?

Your domain name is important because it is the first expression of your website. Your URL is the first thing a visitor can see so it must be catchy and easy to spell. If a domain name is relevant and keywords are used in it then it will attract the visitor but if it is not correct then this will bring a bad impact on your website.

If a domain contains a keyword then it also affects SEO Ranking and the domain can also define your brand name.

What is a Good Domain Name?

A Good Domain Name can build positive and lasting impressions, while a bad domain name can make visitors running. For ranking in SEO, your keywords must be also mentioned in it. This will also affect your SEO ranking. It defines your brand name.


Useful Tips for Selecting a Domain Name

  • Keep it Straightforward

Always choose a domain that is easy to spell and type. If you are choosing a tough keyword then it will be not apparent to the viewers. Keep it as easy or as simple as you can make it. Make your domain name memorable for the users. On average the most successful domain name has only nine characters and ranges from one to two words.

  • Easy to Pronunciation

If you are choosing a hard domain name so here are some changes to misspell or mistype in a domain name. Always select a domain name that is easy to pronounce for the users.

  • Exclude Hyphens and Number

Always avoid hyphens and numbers in a domain name these things make a domain name tough. If you are using this then here are more chances of mistyping in a domain name by the user. For example, if you are using numeric in a domain name then it is doubtful for the listener if you are using 8 then it is confusing for the user either is it Eight or 8. So avoid doing these mistakes while choosing a Domain.

  • Make your Domain Name Curious

Make it curious for the people with a good idea of what it’s all about. Always select a domain name that makes the audience curious about your website. They want to visit your website by your domain name.

  • Use Extension Which Makes your Domain Name Easy

Make a better choice in extension select the most useable extension “.com” which is easy to recognize. While new extensions “.name” or “.pro” may be attractive, but “.com” is still memorable and repeatedly used. Actually, ¾ of the website use the “.com “domain extension.

If you don’t want to use the “.com’ extension you can go with “.co” or “.org” or “.net” which is one of the well-known extensions for the users.

  • Make Sure Your Domain is not Trademarked

Make sure that your domain name isn’t already used by other companies, copyright, and trademark. It gives a bad impact on your website. You should search your domain should not disobey any trademark. Don’t catch the domain name which contains trademarks.

  • Use Keywords cleverly in Domain Name

Use a proper keyword in your domain name that will describe your website by its name. It makes it easy to describe your business and the services you are offering to your users. It helps you to increase your rank in SEO and makes it more understood to your customers.

What are the Types of Domain Name?

Here are different types of a domain name, but thankfully you don’t have to remember all types. It is important that you have to know about the types of domain names. The popular terms used collectively are second and third-level domains and a subdomain.

  • TLDs – Top Level Domain
  • ccTLD – Country Code Top Level Domain
  • gTLD- Generic Top Level Domain
  • Second level
  • Third Level
  • Subdomain


If you are confused about choosing your domain name so you can use these tips. These useful tips will help you in choosing the best domain for your website. Make sure that your domain name should be attractive, memorable, and easy to pronounce. These qualities will helpful for increasing SEO ranking for your website.

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