Knowledge of Web Hosting For Beginners

As we know the use of the internet is growing day by day and people are establishing their businesses online through a website. If you want to run your business website then you have to collect information about what are the requirements for running a website.

One of the basic needs to start a website is a web server and Domain Name. If you are a beginner starting a website then you have to know about what is web hosting and domain name. In our other blog, you can easily understand What is Domain Name? Here I am mentioning what is a web server and the types of web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

What is web hosting

Web Hosting is a service that allows an organization to run its business through website and web page on the internet. A web hosting and web service provider is an organization that provides technology and service required for a website and web page to be viewed on the internet. When an internet user wants to visit a website they easily type the website address and domain name in the search engine and the website appears. For that online internet appearance, a web server is necessary. The website is hosted on a special computer is known as a server.

Web hosting provides you a platform with all resources which helps to get connected with the world and shared information in a different format.

Types of Web hosting

types of web hosting

Web hosting is provided by many hosting companies. But have you know that hosting is also available in various forms. Web server is provided in many types. As I mentioned above about the webserver and features but here I am mentioning the most important part for your convenience. This explanation of Type of hosting will help you in choosing the best plan according to your needs. Types of web hosting are as follows:-

  • Shared Web hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Windows Web Hosting

·         Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting allows multiple websites to run on a single server. Usually, you have no idea with whom and on what website you are sharing your resources of a server. Each server has a limited amount of resources and all the resources are defined according to the webserver plan and packages.

The shared hosting plan is a very affordable and cheapest hosting plan according to your needs. As we know that the cheap plan will also come will limitation but the shared hosting plan of all the companies is similar. They provide you the same storage and bandwidth space at the same amount. But choosing the best one is up to you.

Benefits of Shared Web hosting

  • The shared web server is very cheap and affordable for all website developers. The starting price of the shared web server is $2.22-$9.99.
  • You can easily manage your website through Control Panel
  • No technical maintenance is required because it is included in your hosting plan.
  • You can even use Web hosting coupons for shared hosting plans to save your money.

Shared hosting is a great option for beginners in a low budget

·         VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS Hosting (Virtual private server) is a virtualized server. A VPS hosting work as a dedicated server in a shared hosting environment. A VPS server is apart of a hosting plan which has its own bandwidth, Disc space, and operating system. This server works as a dedicated with the limited resources according to the plan package. It is less expensive as compared to the dedicated hosting plan.

Benefits of VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

  • This server is less expensive as compared to the full-fledged dedicated resources.
  • You only pay for what you need.
  • You have more control over your hosting environment

VPS hosting work as a dedicated hosting with less expense

·         Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a server that is fully managed and control by the web developer. As compared to the shared and VPS server Dedicated server is a little bit expensive but in this you no need to share your server with the third party or other members. This is more worthy of a website. All the resources are dedicatedly used by the owner. The function of a dedicated hosting server is similar to the other hosting server. A specialty of this server is the owner is the only person who can manage this server individually.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

  • Improved website performance
  • Increased flexibility and optimization
  • Improved security level
  • Solid reliability and scalability

·         Cloud Web Hosting

In Cloud web hosting you are getting space not only a single server and all of your servers are virtual. You will get your personal space for your website on a server. Cloud web hosting is one of the best hosting services because if any of your servers will get drop your data will save on another server. If you want flexible hosting with cost-effective then the cloud web server is best for you.

This hosting service is beneficial for that website owner who has a wide business and maximum resources. It will help you to grow your website very fastly. It is the new style of hosting mostly used by many website owners.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • Prices are flexible
  • Provide better scalability
  • Best Uptime and performance

Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is a web hosting that uses a window operating system. People generally use the Linux operating system but the window operating system is also a better option with better resources. Windows hosting offers windows specific technologies such as ASP.NET, MYSQL, etc. Windows hosting is widely known for having powerful end-to-end management, reliability, scalability features and more. It is popular for integrating businesses with the internet.

Benefits of Windows Hosting

  • 995 Uptime guarantee
  • It runs on a known Window Operating System
  • Provides compatibility with other window tools
  • Easy to use Plesk Control Panel

What to look for a Web Host?

What to look for a web host

After knowing what is web server you may also worried about the main features you have to look for while purchasing a web server. So Now here are some features in web server service which are necessary for a hosting plan. Better uptime, speed, reliability, and many more. List of the features you look for a web host are:-

  • High Reliability and uptime
  • Bandwidth and storage
  • Solid customer support
  • Domain Management Tool
  • Clear Pricing
  • Ability to scale

You can choose any type of hosting according to your needs. If you are starting your own E-commerce site then I will suggest you Dedicated hosting. In this, you will get maximum resources with a dedicated environment. Choose the Web Server which is affordable and works well for your website.

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