How to get .ORG Domain?

You have already known about many popular Domain Extensions. .ORG is one of them. If you are thinking to start a website with.ORG extension then read the information mention below. Before buying.ORG extension, you have to learn about What is.ORG & How to get .ORG Domain? This information ...

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is one of the main factors for judging how well your website ranks on search engines. Domain authority is the search engine ranking score that predicts website ability on search engine result pages. The purpose of domain authority is to rate the website on a scale of 1 to 100. On ...

How to Get a Domain Name for Free?

If you are going to establish your online presence then the first and foremost step is to register a domain name. A domain name is simply a website address. It is basically used for identifying the location of your website. A domain name includes three parts- a website name,  time period, and ...

What Is .Co Domain Extension?

Most of you must already know about .com domain extension, It is the most popular domain extension in the world right now.  So What is .co domain extension?. .Co extension is another extension like .com domain which was launch on 20th July 2010 globally. The .Co domain has come to be used for ...

What is Domain Privacy & Why do you need it?

Do you know that your contact details are attached to your web hosting domain which is publicly available? ICANN, the organization which manages the domain names requires the contact details of each domain owner to be listed in the WHOIS database. This makes it easy for people including (scam ...

What is Windows Hosting?

A window hosting platform is built for running Microsoft applications like, frontpage, visual basic, MY SQL Database, MS Access. It works on a Windows operating system. This hosting is more expensive as compared to Linux hosting. Windows Hosting system works with any type of hosting from ...

How to Install WordPress with Hostgator?

Want to start a blog? Do you know WordPress is the platform that powers 25% of the website in all over the world? If you are going to start a website then WordPress is one of the solid platforms. It is quite easy to start with a WordPress site. But for getting started the first and foremost step is ...

Where to Buy a Domain Name?

The first and foremost step is to buy a domain name to start an online venture. It is a very important and popular question that arises while purchasing a domain name is Where to buy a domain name? Purchasing a domain name is not quite simple. But these days the process of buying a perfect domain ...

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