Which Domain Extension you Should Choose?



What are Domain Extensions?

Domain Extensions also are known as Top Level Domain or TLDs. Extensions are the suffixes or last part of the domain name. It refers to a notation found at the end of a web address. It is an internet category such as .com, .in, .net etc. Domain extensions are posted on the right side of the URL after the dot.


Extensions can be used for all such organizations like Education, Research, and Businesses. It helps to recognize the difference between creating a successful web presence and getting lost in cyberspace.

For Example – www.example.com here .com is a domain extension or TLDs.

What are the best extensions for your domain?

Choosing a domain name is a startup of the online business. It could mention in a domain name. A Domain name should be easy and memorable for the users. While choosing the domain name you have to choose a familiar extension that is necessary for a domain name.

Here are many domain extensions choices you can choose. It is used to designate the category and country code of a website. You want to create your website which gives you huge traffic on your website then goes with the suggestions given in the content.

Which are the Best 5 common Domain Extensions you can use?

Here are thousands of domain extensions but choosing the best one is a big advantage for your website. Choosing a familiar domain extension is profitable and helpful for your online business. Here are the best five Domain Extensions you can examine

  1. .com
  2. .net
  3. .org
  4. .co
  5. .us

Choosing a relevant domain extension for a website is a very essential need. The best domain name can attract the users and a familiar extension plays a major role in this.

1. .com

For people thinking what is the best domain extensions .com comes first in the mind. It is the most familiar and top-level extension used in Domain Name. It was genuinely used to identify for-profit businesses. At this time it becomes a backbone of the domain extension.

If you want to choose a domain extension in all circumstances you will like to choose .com if it is available. It’s become a common extension because it is currently used in all types of entities including school, nonprofit and private individuals. Many SEO companies say that the.com extension can lead to the most favorable search ranking as compared to others.

If you have an opportunity to choose an extension you will definitely go with .com. If it is not available then you have the next best alternative to use.

2. .net

Like a .com extension .net is open for anyone. It was originally intended for Internet Service providers and networks now it becomes the best alternative to .com. Many people use this .net with web-based applications and services. If your business is running in these industries then .net is the best alternative for you.

It is used less according to .com so; there are more chances that your desired domain name is available with .net. Because many people connect .net with technology or web-service so it will disconnect the people sometimes. Think if you are not providing technical service to a user and you are using .net as an extension it must disconnect with user expectations.

 .Net is used with that domain name whose motive is to provide technical or web-based services.

 3. .org

This extension is used for any type of entity but is specially designed for the non-profitable-organization. It is the best option for many non-governmental organizations, political and politician parties, and online communities.

.Org is also a top-level domain extension. Here you will also find the same search power as .com. The. Org is less popular than .com, so here are more chances to acquire your domain name.

.Org only makes sense with the organization which works for non-profit or information-driven businesses it doesn’t make sense with everyone. For example, if you are running an e-commerce store or trying to convert your traffic into sales so it will not works for you.

4. .co

.co is one of the best options in these five common extensions. Firstly, it is originally designated to the country code of Colombia But now it becomes a popular extension for the global domain. The .co is familiar for company corporations and commercial businesses. It is generally used by the fresher’s or youngsters. It is widely used by the newer, shorter, and new business startup websites. It might be easy to consider the .co domain because of its availability. As mention above because popular .com is very rarely available so you can use .co as a domain extension.

5. .Us

It is a domain extension you can use in your domain name. It is reserved for the citizen and businesses of the United States. You can be an individual entity or nonprofit organization, but with a permanent resident or business registered in the United States. It is associated with the U.S government like.Gov but now it is available as an extension for the business purpose or public.

It is best for creating a brand and patriotic website; it wouldn’t make sense for a brand that doesn’t use patriotism in its marketing in the United States.

What you have to look at before choosing a domain name?

  • Always choose a familiar domain name that is easy to recognize
  • Keep your domain name short, simple, and predictable.
  • Choose a domain name that you are actually legally own.
  • Choose a trustworthy domain registrar.
  • Shop around where you will find the best price

Where you can get these domain extensions for your domain?

All website needs doing It doesn’t matter either your business is small or big. You can buy a domain name through domain registrars or you want to transfer your domain name to a new registrar. Sometimes is it hard to choose a domain registrar which will fulfill your need and affordable for you.

Here are some of the best domain Extension registrars where you can buy a domain name at affordable prices.

  1. GoDaddy
  2. HostGator
  3. NameCheap

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