What Is .Co Domain Extension?

Most of you must already know about .com domain extension, It is the most popular domain extension in the world right now.  So What is .co domain extension?. .Co extension is another extension like .com domain which was launch on 20th July 2010 globally. The .Co domain has come to be used for ‘Company’ and ‘Corporation’ domain names. This extension is also sometimes used for Columbia and Colorado. This domain extension is already identifiable on the internet and can be used as a primary domain extension especially for big corporations and companies. 

Why You Should Select .Co As Your Domain Extension?

.co extension is a great alternative for .com extension if you are not getting a domain name in .com extension. This extension is available, short, fresh, Easy to remember which is best for new Startups and Entrepreneurs. Of late .co extension are used to specify country code names (e.g. .co.uk, .co.jp, .co.in, etc.) 

Most of the .co.xx(country code) domains are getting more popular now and google also gives them more weightage for local searches. For example, there are millions of websites with .co.uk extensions. 

Does Google Recognize .Co Domain Names?

 Yes, absolutely it does! Google labeled .co extension as a generic domain name that is [gccTLD] what does it mean? That means Google treats .co extension domains is equal to your website as the .COM domain names. So your website is equally rank on google and any other search engine.

Shifting is a piece of cake through .Co domain. If you are ready to move on from your old web address domain then it is possible. And this doesn’t

affect or harm your website ranking just your site have to 301 redirects. There are 500+ startups move to .Co Domain extensions.

The .Co domain is best for New Startups and Entrepreneurs due to this domain is available, it gives the global reach so no boundaries to dreams, you can grow your businesses on any continental of this planet.  

Is .Co Domain Popular?

To be honest .co extension is not as popular as .com extension but it is slowly getting known and many people are registering their domain names with .co extensions. 

Check the following stats: 

  • Over 1.3 million+ domain registered around the 200 countries from the planet
  • According to research, more than 75% of the company, corporates, commercials are using .Co domain in the United States of America
  • 81% of patron have 1-2 .co domains and 15% of patron 3-10 .Co domains
  • 91% of four-letter domains still Unregistered, So .Co is available!
  • .Co Domain is Approved in China. I know its shocking but its true.  

Difference between .Co and .Com

.com vs .co differences

Lets clear the doubt between .Co and .Com domains.

.Co Domain

  1.  Stands for Company
  2. .Co domains are generally more available than .com domains
  3. Costlier than .com domain
  4. Quite known and used (not as popular as .com)
  5. Country code subdomain are available e.g. .co.uk
  6. 1.3 million+ registered domains

.Com Domain

  1. The most popular extension used extensively
  2. Not easily available 
  3. Costs lesser than .co domains
  4. Recognize around the globe
  5. 1 Billion registered domains

Do let us know if you are planning to book either .co or .com domains.

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