Everything About Godaddy WordPress 2024

GoDaddy is a leading web hosting provider and WordPress is the most popular content management system widely used across the globe. As such many users prefer to use the best content management system(WordPress) along with the most popular web hosting provider. In this article, we will try to share every aspect related to GoDaddy WordPress wherever applicable.

GoDaddy WordPress 2024

Thanks to its user-friendliness more users are preferring WordPress as their choice of CMS. Moreover, anyone without coding knowledge can easily learn to use WordPress. After seeing the popularity of WordPress, GoDaddy brought one-click WordPress installation in their shared web hosting packages.  One-Click WordPress Installation – the word is pretty self-explanatory. And this is appreciated by a lot of users especially those who don’t know/want to install WordPress manually.

GoDaddy WordPress Web Hosting

After seeing the increasing demand for WordPress websites. GoDaddy brought special WordPress optimized web hosting for its users around the globe. With a few months of launch, WordPress web hosting becomes one of the popular services of GoDaddy. It brought $1 WordPress web hosting deals for its users to attract maximum users. Here are the most popular GoDaddy WordPress Web Hosting packages.

GoDaddy One Dollar Hosting
Upto 88% off on GoDaddy Economy WordPress Hosting
$1 $8.99

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GoDaddy Managed WordPress:

In GoDaddy Managed WordPress – Users need not worry about handling daily administrative tasks like taking backups, WordPress core updates, and server-level caching. Still, you can have access to the file manager through your WordPress dashboard.

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What is really GoDaddy WordPress web hosting provider?

GoDaddy WordPress hosting is an optimized environment to run a WordPress website where you will get server resources that are made up to boost the WordPress performance. They bring speed and security which are optimized for high performance for WordPress sites compared to normal shared web hosting. Here are the main highlights that we get through GoDaddy WordPress Web Hosting

High Performance – GoDaddy claims that its WordPress hosting is better in performance with optimization so software with hardware. They maintain a cluster server environment with load balancing.

Auto Backup – GoDaddy WordPress comes with an auto backup facility in almost all packages that to free of cost. Even you can install old back with a single click retrieve option.

Robust Support – There is a big support team available to help you around the clock through chat or phone calls. GoDaddy has maintained quality support for its users with an experienced supports team.

Automatic Updates – You will get automatically updated to WordPress, themes, and even plugins. This helps to users who not login to their WordPress admin on a regular basis. They have peace of mind with the latest version updated automatically.

Free Goodies – GoDaddy brings a bunch of themes and plugins for their users. Which help users to save some money with these free themes and tools.

Malware Scan & Removal – This is something that helps to deduct if anything wrong happening to your website. Regular malware scan helps you to protect your hard work from hackers and spammers.

Above are a few main features of GoDaddy WordPress Hosting that are much important for the users as per our thinking. GoDaddy still has lots of features like 99.99% uptime, the latest version of the software, or a money-back guarantee.

GoDaddy also has a WordPress Web Hosting Pro plan, for the heavy users with some additional features over the regular WordPress Web Hosting. GoDaddy’s  Pro WordPress Hosting is for a website with some serious traffic and needs a lot of resources.

GoDaddy WordPress Web Hosting 2024 Overview

We have experienced a few websites running on GoDaddy WordPress web hosting which is performing well. With mediocre traffic they perform very well, they can improve on website load time, but the pricing they are giving the WordPress hosting is much lesser than web hosting leaders in the market.

Lots of users now preferring WordPress Hosting as they are looking to up their website faster without any huddle. GoDaddy WordPress Web Hosting is one of the best platforms in the market that helps you to speed up your content making as all technical related issues are handled by GoDaddy WordPress experts.

GoDaddy WordPress Web hosting: is it Worth to Buy?

In starting every web hosting company gives heavy discounts. But during renewal with your second billing, all discounts are gone and you have to pay a lot more. But with GoDaddy, you get all things for what you are charged. So it means you can continue this web hosting for years with the growth of your website. You can even upgrade your plans anytime as you grow your visitors. Updating plans give you the freedom of expansions without worry.

In our view money invested on GoDaddy, WordPress web hosting is the worth of your money in maximum cases. But if you are a heavy user then go for GoDaddy Pro WordPress hosting rather than the regular WordPress hosting plans.

GoDaddy WordPress is like a bread with butter along with some extra toppings

Bringing special plans for WordPress is one of the best decisions that GoDaddy brought for both users and GoDaddy. Today around 30% of web hosting services hits come to their WordPress web hosting page which shows how big WordPress hosting is grown in the part of Web Hosting business. Avail of some special offers on GoDaddy using our GoDaddy Coupons.

GoDaddy WordPress Websites is the new trend

Now regular website making is changed people are shifting to WordPress for their websites. So WordPress is now not limited to a blogging platform it’s become the first choice as a website platform. This even gives a boost to nontechie users to create their website and get connected to global users.

All techie and non-techie users will love GoDaddy WordPress Web hosting and it can become a path for their online success.

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