Where to Buy a Domain Name?

The first and foremost step is to buy a domain name to start an online venture. It is a very important and popular question that arises while purchasing a domain name is Where to buy a domain name? Purchasing a domain name is not quite simple. But these days the process of buying a perfect domain name has become straight forward process. Before diving into depth let us take a look at what is a domain name?

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain name simply the web address of your website. It is the location of your site over the internet. Basically, a domain name is used to find out the computers on servers. This computer contains the IP address which is in the number form. An IP address is in the number string that is why it gets difficult to remember the visitors. So, the domain name has developed. A domain name is off with any combination though it is a mixture of numbers of letters. If you want to know about the domain name in more detail then Visit our blog What is Domain Name?

What is Domain Name Registrar?

Looking for the best domain name registrars? Domain name registrar is the company where we purchase or register our domain name. If you are going to purchase the domain for your website then there is a need to know about the domain name registrars. A domain name is provided by the Domain Name Registrars. Domain registrar is the service of purchasing the domain name for your website. There are thousands of domain name registrars all over the world. You can purchase your domain name with any of the domain name registrars. A Domain Name Registrars have been accepted by ICANN ( Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) who has been given the responsibility to manage the DNS( Domain Name System).

How to Pick the Right Domain Registrar?

How to pick the right Domain registrar

As you can see that there is a number of domain name registrars. So, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right domain name provider which will accomplish your website’s niche. Here are some of the points which you can watch out for while picking the right domain registrar.

  • Add-ons Pricing

Some Domain Registrar traps the users by showing the cheapest price for domain name registration. Sometimes it is just a trap to attract the users. The most added fee is the WHOIS registration and Privacy protection fees.

  • Transfer Fees

While purchasing the domain name with the domain registrar, you must figure out the transfer fees which is usually hidden. Some of the domain registrars do this for free but some charge fee for transferring the domains. So check out this important thing while buying.

  • Poor User Experience

If it is your first time purchasing a domain then choose a domain registrar that is user-friendly because the Domain Name System is not easy to use. And there are many tasks which are very difficult to perform.

Where is the Cheapest Place to Buy a Domain Name?

Purchasing the Domain name is simple than finding out the right domain name registrar. It is quite confusing to find out the perfect Domain Name provider which will fulfill your all website’s requirements. Here I have shortlisted some of the biggest domain name registrars below:



Domain.com is a very popular domain registrar company all over the world. It offers less expensive domains along with useful tools. The company provides all Top Level Domains (TLDs) across 25 countries. The company gives facilities like Let’s Encrypt, Email Forwarding, DNS Management, Transfer Lock to fulfill the needs of your website. With these exclusive features, Domain.com offers the Transfer domain and WHOIS Privacy Policy with their Domain services.



Bluehost is a company that is well known for its web hosting services. It provides FREE Domain with its hosting plans. It is one of the best platforms to start u your business online. If you are just starting up then purchase your hosting and domain from Bluehost. At this, you can reduce your cost of purchase by getting g the Free domain for your website.



Hostgator is one of the famous platforms to start up. It offers a FREE domain name with its amazing hosting plans. The company offers low price domain bundles along with amazing tools. You can add to the services which you want in your domain name. Hostgator is the solid choice for making an online presence.



Namecheap is the company which offers the domain for not only business or blogging purpose but also provides a domain for kids. By this initiative, you can save your children’s time by registering their domain now. The company is very famous for its inexpensive domain service. It also provides SSL Certificates for those people who are looking for safer and secure Domains.



Hover is a very straightforward company. As the company is only dealing with domain registration. It provides a very easy process to register a domain name. They only focus their services on one thing. The company offers excellent technical support. As the real person is handling your request. It is one of the best media to purchase the domain name for your website.



For the past many years, GoDaddy is serving great web services. The company offers domain as well as hosting packages for your website. GoDaddy is one of the cheapest platforms to start a new website. The company offers lots of useful web tools that fulfill the needs and requirements of your website. It also provides excellent experts for solving your query.



Dreamhost has a box of cool features. The company deals with unlimited domain registration with the numbers of domain extensions. It offers free domain privacy and easy to control over the domain settings. If you are buying a fresh domain name with the company then Dreamhost offers a heavy discount on your domain registration.



Name.com is again a very famous domain registrar that offers amazing tools to fulfill the needs of your website. With domain registration, it offers tools like hosting, emails and DIY website builder. They also provide the WHOIS Privacy to your domain. So, if you want a great place that will accomplish your website requirements then Name.com is one of the right platforms for you.



It is one of the companies which provides domains for a long time. The company currently manages around 19 million domains all over the world. 1&1 offers a great deal who are looking for registering a fresh domain name for their website. The company provides domains at a very affordable range. You can easily get your domain at a very reasonable price.



Hostinger is well established hosting and domain registrar company. With it’s brand selling hosting & domain names, Hostinger attracts across 15000 people in a day. It deals with almost all domain extensions. The company provides one of the cheapest hosting and domain deals to their users. Many of the websites are registered with the company in a year.

Final Words

Purchasing a domain name becomes easy when you get proper guidance. I hope by this article you will get to know that which is the right platform for starting up your site or Where to buy a Domain Name?

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