For Beginners: – How to Start Your Business Website


Online business is the most well-known thing running on the internet this time. Everyone is taking initiatives in online business startups for increasing sales and earning maximum profit. Every beginner wants an e-commerce business but some people don’t know how to create a business website just in few steps. Here are some essential step by step guides to creating your website.

Purchase a Domain name

The first thing you have to do before doing anything is selecting a domain name. A domain name is a name you desire to give to your website. For example, the domain name of the website you are reading is “”. To obtain a Domain Name you have to pay an annual fee to the registrar for the authority to use that name. Choosing a domain name is the first step of your business startup. Registering a domain name doesn’t mean that you are ready with your website it’s just a name. It’s a mode of registering a business name in the brick-and-mortar world.

Select a Web Host & Sign Up for an Account

A web host is an organization that vend and leases memory space on its server. Web hosting is typically done in data centers that give services to users that enable them to publish on the internet. When you publish your web page on their computer then, everyone in the world can connect to it and view it. Getting web hosting is just like renting offices or premises for your business.

Design your Web Page

Once you select your domain name and web host next step is designing your web page. Designing your web page is a benefit for your website. Designing makes your website attractive to users. You can make any changes to your website through web designing like choosing a theme, font, layout, and many more things to make your website user-friendly. Designing makes your website tempting for viewers.


Test Your Website

Creating a website is not enough. A company needed to develop a website that is informative, obtainable, and user-friendly. to maintain all these things on a website should be well tested and this process is known as web testing.

It is a software tested practice to test the website for potential bugs. It is a complete test of a web application before making life for the users. A web-based system needs to be check end to end before making life for the end-users. Many tests were done before making it live. The tests are as follows:-

  1. Functionality Testing
  2. Usability Testing
  3. Interface Testing
  4. Compatibility Testing
  5. Performance Testing
  6. Security testing
  7. The processor of collecting money through debit and credit cards

If you are selling a product on your website then you have to need some way to collect credit card information for making shopping easier for your customer. You have to add a payment form on your website for your customers.

 Here are two methods of collecting credit card on your site:-

Using Your Merchant Account

For this, you need a bank that allows you to open a merchant account for collecting payments. Merchant Account is an account for business purposes and they can accept payment through debit and credit cards. A merchant account is an agreement between the retailers, a merchant bank, and a payment processor for the settlements of debit cards and credit card transactions.

 A requirement of this change from country to country you should get information from your near bank for this account.

Through Third-Party Merchant Account

A third party merchant account is an account that receives debit and credit card payment on behalf of your business. Such accounts are beneficial for startup businesses and small entrepreneurs as they have low set up costs as compared to the merchant account.

 Many companies want to receive credit cards payment on the behalf of your in exchange for various fees and percentages.

Get Your Site Noticed

When your site is fully prepared then you can submit your site on the search engine. To do this, you will need to create your account on both search engines. You have to verify that you own the website and submit it on the search engine.


If you are creating your own website you have to follow these steps carefully. These steps make your work effective and efficient. These all point helps you a lot in maintaining your website. Creating a website is profitable for your business So, get up and start your website. For more information check web tools offers.

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