How much it cost to buy a Domain Name?

If you have decided to start an online business. Once you have selected a domain name now it’s time to purchase a domain name. Many domain provider firms will provide you a better cost and affordable domain name. If you want to save maximum numbers of the dollar then you have to keep some points in the mind at the time 0f domain registration. So, How much it cost to buy a Domain Name? It may cost zero to millions of dollars and many things affect the final prices of a domain.

Here I am mentioning what things affect me the most at the time of purchasing a Domain Name.

·  The availability of your domain name

Availability of Domain Name

You will have to be sure that your desired domain is available or not. Sometimes many of the top-level domain is longer taken by the bigger firms and organizations. For checking the availability of the domain name you can easily search it on the search bar. For example, the Hostgator domain name to search for your desired Domain name.

Always keep in mind that many companies and individuals purchase a domain only to resell it. If you want a registered domain then you have to pay some extra dollars for its purchase. Unfortunately, if the contact detail of the owner of the domain is not mentioned then you may find some difficulty to make a contract offer.  Many companies will help you in making an offer for a domain name.

Features of a Domain Name:-

  • Easy to spell
  • Memorable
  • Avoid Hyphens and Odd spellings
  • Keep it short
  • Descriptive or brandable

·  Domain Provider

The next biggest step is to choose a provider you choose for your domain name. If you gad never purchased any domain name before then it is essential to understand that you will not be imploded by any other domain provider company. Always try to choose the best and reliable one.

Where Should I Buy a Domain Name?

Many domain provider companies will provide you many affordable plans and extensions according to your need and desire. Plans and packages of these hosting firms are affordable and cheap. The list of the domain providers are as follows:-

  1. Hostgator
  2. com
  3. Namecheap

·   The Keyword in a Domain Name

Another primary factor that determines the cost is keywords. Keywords play a major role in the google search engine. If a website wants to achieve more and more organic traffic then there will be a significant emphasis on keywords. Search engine Such as Google, keywords helps in solving the relevant query on the search engine. Web-users type keywords in the search engine and find the relevant searches.

·  The Extension You Choose For a Domain Name

Always try to choose a top-level domain extension like.COM, ORG, NET, CO, etc. These top-level domains are more popular and user-friendly too. Choosing an extension is one of the best answers for How much it cost to buy a domain name. Therefore they can be more expensive with their popularity especially when they are paired with popular keywords and names.

·  Your Privacy Choice

You will never notice it, but there is an international database (ICANN Whois) That secures all contact information for all domain users worldwide. The motive of this database to ensure there is a central location to help determine the true owner of the domain name. This is most important if you don’t want to get your domain name hijacked easily. Scammers can use your online information to try and contact domain registrars while posing as you. If scammers don’t know who owns a site, they’ll have a much harder time hijacking your domain name.

If you want to secure your information with this database then many companies charge an annual base for this facility. You can choose it to secure your domain’s personal information.

·  Package and Some Additional Features.

You will found many exclusive and affordable packages while purchasing a domain name. Many companies will provide you free domain registration with their exclusive feature package. This free registration with the plan will provide you exclusive savings on domain registration.

You can register your free domain with a paid hosting plan of Hostgator and Hostinger. This will helps you in saving extra dollars on the purchase of a domain with a hosting plan.

Price Comparison of Various Domain Registration Companies

Here You will see the comparison between the various company that will provide you domain registration at cheap and affordable prices. These plans will help you in choosing the best one domain registrar for your domain registration.

Hostgator Domain Plan

Hostinger Domain Plan

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