Cpanel Vs vDeck – Which Control Panel is Better?

Do you know Web Hosting Control Panel one of the important aspects of all hosting companies? Every aspect of web hosting is controlled within the centralized web interface that is called as Control Panel. The main focus of the control panel is the management of hosting accounts and the websites which are hosted on that server. There are variable control panels which helps you to get the use of features. But which one will be best and suitable for you? To clarify this question here I am sharing an unbiased comparison between cPanel Vs vDeck

Control Panel makes it easier to manage the email accounts and websites files, Back up your data and many more other essential functionality. Nowadays there are different centralized user interface available from where you can access and control your hosting features. At present Cpanel and vDeck are acknowledged as some of the best control panels and are used by most of the hosting providers.

Although both Cpanel and vDeck offer great functionalities they also have several major differences. These differences may or may not be the deciding factor for you to choose your hosting providers. Let’s check them out:

Cpanel Vs vDeck

Obviously, Cpanel is easier to use and is in use for the quite formidable time but vDeck is also improving with every new generation.

Which Control Panel should you choose for your online setups?

Cpanel Overview

Cpanel Overview

Cpanel is one of the most popular Linux based Control  Panel. It is a web-based hosting control panel that focuses on the management of the websites within the web interface. Cpanel is provided by different web hosting companies to the website owner so that they can control or manage their website from the web interface. It allows you to access a huge range of modules which include File Manager, Preferences, Databases, Web Applications, Domains, Metrics, Security, Software, Advanced and Email Modules. It not only manages the administrative aspects but also controls the technical side of web hosting.


  • Easy to use and handle
  • Saves time and money
  • Include software Auto Installer
  • Provide Excellent Security
  • Offers numbers of Addons


  • Some of the features are overwhelming for users
  • Easy to change some of the essential features accidentally
  • It can cost more

Which companies offer Cpanel?

There are many web hosting companies which offer Cpanel for the management of the entire website. Some of the reliable web hosting companies which offer Cpanel are given below:

Web Hosting Companies

(Offer Cpanel Control Panel)

In Motion$3.99/ per month*
Hostgator $2.75/ per month*
Bluehost $3.95/ per month*
Namecheap $2.88/ per month*
GoDaddy $2.89/ per month*

vDeck Overview

vDeck Overview

vDeck control panel is one of the most popular control panels for an e-commerce site and now in its 4th edition. It helps to simplify the management and promotion of extensive websites.  Users of the vDeck have the right to install or change the templates. It offers the most helpful add-on features to its users.  vDeck has the ability to provide you the effective additional controls that help in your growing online websites. Deck offers features like- Domain Management, Web-based File Manager,  Site Backup and Restore,  FTP management tools, Email management, Drag-&-Drop Builder, E-commerce Features, Databases and many more.


  • Efficient and well-organized features
  • Customizable
  • Full of E-commerce website features and website management tools
  • Drag and Drop Website Builder


  • Manual adding of Add-ons might be essential
  • Not popular as Cpanel
  • FPT access can not be restricted to a specific IP range
  • Software Auto Installers are not available

Which companies offer vDeck?

There are many web hosting companies which offer vDeck control panel for the management of the entire website. Some of the reliable web hosting companies which offer vDeck are given below:

Web Hosting Companies

(Offer vDeck Control Panel)

iPower  $3.99/ per month*
iPage $1.99/ per month* $3.75/ per month* $2.75/ per month* $5.95/ per month*

cPanel Vs vDeck: Similarities

Cpanel and vDeck both are the powerful and popular option for hosting control panel. In this cPanel Vs vDeck comparison, I have also shared the similarities. Both are user-friendly and comes up with an understandable interface. Both the control panels offer flexible and reliable services for the growth of your websites. Cpanel & vDeck provides tons of services to simplify the management of your website.

cPanel Vs vDeck: Differences

The design of Cpanel is user-friendly, so it is very easy to use by the newcomers. If you do not have the knowledge of HTML then you may face problem while using vDeck. In Cpanel, there is no need to have knowledge of HTML. Cpanel offers a number of excellent add-ons while vDeck offers some of the addons which you may add it manually. There is Drag and Drop feature is provided by the vDeck which is not offered by Cpanel.

Final Words

At last, you only need to choose a control panel which will help you to manage your website and make your online presence thrive. In this article, I have shown a complete comparison of Cpanel vs vDeck. At the end of the day, everybody has their own taste. Some people may like Cpanel and others may like vDeck. We feel that if you are going to start using any one of them then you can go ahead with Cpanel, It will be easier for you to understand and with the time you can learn its complex functionalities also. 

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