How to Get a Domain Name for Free?

If you are going to establish your online presence then the first and foremost step is to register a domain name. A domain name is simply a website address. It is basically used for identifying the location of your website. A domain name includes three parts- a website name,  time period, and a domain name extension or .net.  If you want to get a complete understanding of a domain name then check out our previous blog What is Domain Name? Getting a free domain name has become easy these days. There are many domain name providers which offer free domain name and some of the web service provider offer a free domain name as part of their hosting paid plan packages. Here in this article, you will get to know How to Get a Domain Name for free?

Ways to Get a Free Domain Name in Less Than a Minute

There are many ways to get a free domain name without having to pay.  Many companies are providing free website name as they get profit from you indirectly. Below, here are some of the hosting provider which will help you to get free domain less than a minute:



Bluehost is a company that provides a free domain to the customer who gets hosting from them. The cost of a domain name is recovered by the company from its hosting fee. It is because the .com domain name is very high in demand. So it is not possible that you will get a completely free website name for your website. In spite of the company is providing a great plan package that includes the domain for your website.



Wix offers a .com website name for free if you will pay for the Wix website builder. This combo package includes 2GB Bandwidth, 3GB storage,  and a free domain. The company offers a highly customizable website with no coding skills needed.  It offers drag and drop tools which help to avoid the web design costs. But this free domain is only for 1 year. After a year passed you have to pay a fee for your domain.



The company offers a free .com website name for one year when you will choose its hosting plan package. Dreamhost is one of the best options for companies who want affordable hosting with drag and drop website builder. It also offers the one-click install of content management systems like WordPress or Joomla.



Weebly is one of the solid options for the solopreneurship and who are getting to startup. The company can help you to build your website with a free website builder and domain. Weebly offers a free website name and web builder with its hosting plan package. Weebly provides simpler editing tools and faster speed to your website.



Hostinger is one of the best platforms to get a free startup. The company offers a free domain name with its hosting plan package. Not only domain name it also provides free web builder with its hosting plans. The company is well known for its amazing web services. You will get unlimited resources with a free website builder, Everything you need to get hosting with Hostinger. The company offers the custom domain completely free of cost.



Hostsoch is offering the free website name with TLDs like .com or .net. The company offers a free domain policy with its hosting plan package. If you will get hosting from Hostsoch then the company will provide a free domain name for a year. Not only the free domain name but also the company will provide many resources to make your online presence.

Namecheap is providing free domain names. You only have to pay for web hosting. You will get a free domain name with a website builder. The company is well known for its domain services. For a better startup, Namecheap helps you in every condition.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is a Domain name?

A domain name is a website address. If you search a website over the browser, the name you entered on the search bar is termed as a domain name. Basically, a domain name represents the location of your website over the browser.

Which Free Domain name is best?

The best free domain name is the name that contains trustable domain extensions like .com or .net. The domain which includes this type of extension is to be said the best domain name. There are lots of companies that deal with these free domain extensions.

How can you create a domain name in less than a minute?

Purchasing a domain is depends on your hosting or domain provider. If you are getting a free website name then you have to register an account first. Secondly, you have to select the hosting and then enter the domain name or extension which you would like to add to it. This is the simple procedure of getting a domain name in less than a minute.


Here in this article, I have provided you the following ways through which you can get the free domain name for your business. I hope this whole article will help you to find out How to Get a Domain name for free?

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