What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is one of the main factors for judging how well your website ranks on search engines. Domain authority is the search engine ranking score that predicts website ability on search engine result pages. The purpose of domain authority is to rate the website on a scale of 1 to 100. On this scale 100 shows the best and 1 shows the worst. So it indicates higher the DA of the website, the higher its ranking in search engines.

Domain Authority is calculated by estimating various factors, it includes linking root domain and number of total links, into a DA score. Instead of thinking of DA as a scale of your SEO effort, think it as a competitive comparison between your and other sites. If you compare your site DA with the other site DA then the higher DA shows that the site has more traffic and searches on SERPs.

Domain authority measures the authority of a complete domain and Page Authority shows the ranking of an individual page.

Where Can You Check the Domain Authority?

domain authority checker tool

Domain authority measure is included in dozens of SEO and online marketing platforms across the web. The tools you can use for checking your website DA is Open site explorer or Moz Bar. Moz Bar is a free SEO DA checker toolbar.

Steps on How to Increase Domain Authority?

Steps how to9 increase domain authority

Now I hope you have understood What is Domain Authority and where you can easily check the DA. As you read above that the higher DA shows the higher ranking on the Search engine result page. Now the question arises on how to increase domain authority?

The following are the steps you can use for increasing your DA, from the beginner steps of a website.

  1. Choose the domain name – If you are just starting up your website then choose a domain name that is relevant to your website.
  2. Optimize your on-page content – Optimize your on-page content with title tags, alt tags, image tags, and the required on-page code. Always write content that is SEO optimized.
  3. Create links in the content – For generating more traffic and rank you have to update the content regularly. Link other authorized sites with your site this will enhance your performance.
  4. Improve internal linking structure – Put more internal links into the content. Internal links make it easier for a search engine to index your entire site. Internal links help prevent visitors from leaving out of frustration and also help to keep them engaged with your website at the same time.
  5. Avoid bad and Toxic links – You should go through with your link profile and search for the bad and toxic links. This will allow you to remove bad resource links that will hurt and harmful to a website.
  6. A website should be mobile friendly – A website should be always mobile-friendly for the user because many users are using mobile phones for searches. If the website is not mobile-friendly it will hurt your mobile user traffic.
  7. Increase the loading speed of the website – Always keep in mind the loading speed of your website should be good and faster. Poor loading speed affects the bounce rate of the website.
  8. Promote your content on social media– Social media plays a major role in generating traffic on the website because people are dome active on it. So promoting a business on social media is a better and relevant idea for generating traffic.

Domain Authority


Domain authority shows the metric scale of your website performance. The higher the domain authority shows the better ability of the performance. You can use the MOZ bar tool for checking the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of the website. DA shows the complete authority of a domain while PA shows the position and performance of an individual page. So, DA plays a major role in checking the ability of a website.

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