What is VPN and Why do I need it?

We live in a world which completely dependent on the internet. Every single work nowadays requires a direct or indirect connection with the Internet and that’s the fact. But do you really think your identity is safe over the internet? What if someone misusing your personal information in some wrong way? Thus, A VPN (Virtual Private Network) software helps you to secure your personal identity in the internet world. With this article, you will know more about What is VPN and Why do you need it?.

virtual private network defination

What is a VPN and Why do I need it

Virtual Private Network Definition: A Virtual Private Network is an encrypted connection that secures user’s data over public and private both networks. 

Virtual Private Network divided into three different parts and here is the meaning:

Virtual: The actual IP address of the user is masked with the virtual IP address from another location.

Private: Every website where a user visits will share with only the visitor and the website owner.

Network: VPN is a network of special VPN servers that are located in every country.

In simple words, Virtual Private Network secures your identity and privacy when you use the internet and sharing data. It doesn’t matter you are using your own network or public wifi for accessing the internet, Virtual Private Network helps you in both situations.

For example, A person does online transactions 5-10 times a month using public wifi. The transaction can be hacked any time using MiTM (Man-in-the-middle attack) or any other cyber tactics. But a Virtual Private Network blocks all the places where any MiTM ever happened or might happen.

Also, it masked or hide the user’s real IP address under a fake one so no one can recognize the user.

It was just an example that relates to money but a VPN software maintains your privacy in multiple activities.

Why VPN is beneficial?

The purpose of using a VPN software is diverse and it gives a lot of benefits to the users. Whether it’s a matter of money or information, VPN always helps to maintain the user’s identity. 

Here are some reasons why VPN software is important and why do you need it.

why do you need VPN

Hide User’s IP Address

A user’s IP address can reveal many important data that can be dangerous. But VPN makes user anonymous by hiding the IP address. Once it hides its difficult for someone to find the original IP address.

For example, A user’s actual IP address is but while using a VPN it won’t show to the other people/organization.

Mask User’s IP Address

VPN software masks the user’s IP address under a virtual IP address that protects the user’s identity. After masking the IP address if someone will try lookup your location it will show your virtual address.

For example, You live in New York and in VPN you have selected Huston then if someone will try to see your location it will show Huston. Either choosing the same country you can choose another country also.

Data Encryption

User data can reveal almost every information of the user that should be hidden. Thus VPN software encrypts the data into unreadable text so no one can read the data you are sharing. Encryption is done from the user’s end and on the destination it decrypted. 

For example, You have sent your friend a message “Hello”, VPN encrypts it something like “ad45Xcsd522!#” so if someone tries to steal your data he/she will get “ad45Xcsd522!#”. When the message reaches your friend it will be seen as “Hello”.

Hide Browsing History

VPN hides the user’s browsing history so no one can surveillance your activity. Hiding history is very useful if you are sharing your device (PC, Laptop or Mobile) with others too. 

For example, A user visits a webpage www.google.com using VPN software but your device won’t store it in history. When someone will check the history they won’t get anything.

Access Blocked Website

A website could be blocked by several reasons in a particular location. Accessing those websites without the help of a VPN could be harmful and dangerous too. Here’s are more, some website is totally banned in the area. But VPN changes your IP address so does location so you can access the website without facing any difficulty. That the reason why many people use a VPN for Torrenting purposes.

For example, www.example.com is prohibited in the New York location. But when the user uses VPN he can choose any virtual place where this website is not prohibited. 

Secure Personal Information or Identity Theft

The Internet is full of viruses and other threats that just made to harm and steal the user’s data and identity. Many fake links and phishing websites are easily available over the internet.

Introduction on VPN

The main reason is stealing people’s identity and information like user id and password. VPN creates a secure connection for data transmission which prevents hackers to steal your data.

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