9 Common Myths About VPN That You Shouldn’t Believe

VPN(Virtual Private Network) gained immense attention after a huge number of users started losing their privacy and identity for several reasons. But if you look closely(or you already have) there are a lot of common myths about VPN found on the internet compared to the benefits of using a VPN.

Everyone knows that a VPN is a powerful technology that is used to hide the user’s identity. But VPN also has its own limitations and you should keep this in your mind. 

Some people(mostly beginners) who just started using a VPN thinks that they have become invincible. They started to believe that they can do anything with the help of a VPN and still while becoming anonymous. Here’s below how normally a beginner think:

Myths about VPN For Beginner

This kind of thinking gives birth to many misconceptions about VPN that people started to believe. Believing such things that sound total fairytale cod lead you in the dramatic results.


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9 Popular Misconceptions About VPN That You Must Know

1. Free VPN Are As Good As Paid

There’s no such thing as a free lunch” you might have heard this old business phrase before. When a free term comes to mind it’s obvious people relate it with money first. But money is not everything you are investing in when you using any software.

Your personal information or data is more important than some cash.

When you use a Free VPN that means you are giving all your personal information rather than money. 

misconception ABOUT VPN

What do you think about how free VPN providers survive and maintain their server costs?

The fact is free VPN provider stores all your data and confidentiality and sells them at a high price to high-paid people/organizations.

Some of the best-paid VPN start at just $0.99/mo* so why use free when you have this amazing deal at affordable rates.

2. VPN slows the internet speed

If you are looking for the silliest myths about VPN here’s the one. Some people do believe that VPN slows down the internet speed. I even read a comment where a lady posted “I lose my internet speed more than 80% while using VPN”.



There’s no such thing that VPN slows down that much internet speed. I personally compared that there’s only a few KB’s difference in downloading and uploading when I use VPN.

Basically, The only reason for slow internet speed is the VPN server that you are connected with. The nearest server gives more speed comparatively the far one. It’s one of the common aspects that many people neglect.

If you want a better experience try the nearest geographical location once. You’ll definitely feel the difference.

3. VPN keeps me safe from all online threats

VPN secures your important data by encryption-decryption method at the time of data transmission. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need antivirus software to protect your device.

Antivirus and VPN software both have different functionality and are made for different purposes. Still, some people think that “Why do I need an antivirus when I’m already using a VPN?”


Do you think a VPN is a Superman who gonna protect from all online threats like viruses, malware, and many others? To protect your device from these kinds of threats you must use the best antivirus with a VPN. 

4. VPN made me 100% anonymous

No VPN in the market promises 100% anonymity of a user. 

Yeah, not even a single one… 

Some people think that routing VPN servers multiple times or using a VPN server from an unfriendly country will make it impossible for him/them to trace…

You are completely wrong !!! 

VPN doesn’t give you a free license to do anything on the internet. 


It doesn’t matter if you are using a VPN Kill switch or HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. You are still visible to a VPN provider that tracks every illegal activity that you are doing with the help of a VPN. So, beware while using a VPN for any illegal activity.

5. Use VPN is an illegal activity

“Using a VPN is an illegal activity and if I get caught using a VPN then the government will punish me”.

Ain’t this myth regarding VPN sound interesting?

There are still some people who do believe that using a VPN is illegal. That’s completely wrong, in fact, VPN is widely used by people and top organizations to share sensitive files and data.


VPN is a technology and it depends on you for which purpose you are using it. If you ain’t performing any illegal activity then you are safe but if you are using it for wrong intention and some bad activity then you could face some real problems.

6. I can do anything with a VPN

VPN is a decades-old technology that is used by numerous companies to maintain their confidentiality over the internet. People love to do Torrenting and much other stuff with a VPN(that contains some harmful and illegal things like Phishing).

There are so many phishing websites on the internet and if you think that VPN protects you from that then you may face disappointment. 

For example, Almost every day you get spam mail from a prince of the Middle East who wants to share his property with you and requires your bank details only.

If you are thinking to make a profit with the help of a VPN then you’ll end up with the regret only. 


VPN gives you security from ISP and other threats but your data will be shared with the website where you visit. So, it’s better not to visit phishing or harmful website with or without a VPN.

7. VPN doesn’t store users data

People who think that only the ISP’s store your online activity than read this.

Many VPN providers stores their user’s online activity or we can say logs. When a user performs any illegal activity with the help of a VPN all the data are stored under the VPN provider too.


But there are also some VPN providers like Cyberghost VPN who don’t store users’ log also affordable in price. Using such a top VPN is beneficial for you in both ways(Privacy & Budget)

 Make sure your VPN provider ain’t storing your logs. If yes then change it today to a better one.

8. VPN gives security against Ads Marketing

VPN and Ads both use different methods to work. And you have to understand both working functionalities.

Where in VPN a user hides or masks their IP addresses to maintain his/her anonymity. Ads use cookies to identify the users, unlike IP addresses.


So, it doesn’t matter if you are using a VPN or not you are still visible for Ads Marketing. And this misconception about VPN that it gives protection for you against Ads Marketing is wrong.

9. All VPN reviews are genuine

The last myth related to VPN is many people easily believe reviews on VPN software without inquiry further. Not all VPNs are good to use and you have to understand.

People who give a review about VPN take a handsome commission in exchange for the review. They don’t care about VPN provider services and how they are beneficial for the users.


I’m not saying that all people do the same thing but you have to be careful or think twice before taking action.

Compare rates, benefits, and the most important is VPN provider doesn’t store the logs. Once you compare all the things you can purchase without any problem.


The illegal use of VPN increased dramatically and that’s also one of the reasons why rumors regarding VPN increased as well. 

Many people easily believe after hearing those myths without finding the fact.

And the worst part is that they start to influence other people too. 

That’s the reason why I shared some of the most common myths about VPN that a user must know and it also helps them to avoid future problems too.

Is the use of VPN increased massively for illegal activity compared to any other work? Share your valuable opinion!!!

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