What is Torrenting? 6 Things You Need to Know

The term “Torrenting” has a lot of misconceptions and queries in people (mostly among the young generation) compared to any other educational topic. Most people, got some similar kind of questions like “What is Torrenting” or “Is torrenting illegal?”. 

The main reason why people are interested in Torrenting is they are either directly or sometimes indirectly connected with Torrenting. Whether you are downloading your favorite game or movie with the help of BitTorrent, it’s all done by Torrenting.

Table of Content

What is Torrenting?

How Torrenting Works?

How to Use Torrent?

Is Torrenting Legal?

Is Torrenting Safe?

How to stay safe while Torrenting?


[ps2id id=’1′ target=”/]What is Torrenting? 

defination of torrenting

Torrenting is a file-sharing protocol based on P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technology. 

It made it easy to download copyright games, movies, books, songs, and many other files for free.

Torrent is nothing more than just an address of a file that indicates where the file is located. When a user opens the Torrent file this will redirect to the path location and the data(which is divided into small packets) starts downloading.

 It is different from other downloading sites where a solo user connected with a server and downloads the file. 

difference between torrenting and downloading

In many countries, Torrenting is considered a violation of the law because of copyright infringement and internet piracy.

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How Torrenting Works? 

For Torrenting, All you all need is a Torrent software like uTorrent or BitTorrent and a Torrent file. When a user opens the Torrent file which points to a downloading location Torrenting process starts. 

Files are divided into numbers of the small packets that download by users(In torrent speak known as peers). Rather than depending on a single server like downloading In torrent, wide users are connected (Peer-to-Peer) and share different packets.

how torrenting works

Every peer has different packets of the same file and acts as a mini-server. They share the packets with other users which reduces the load on the main server. 

At the time of downloading packets, every peer also uploads the downloaded packets(known as seeder) at the same time. It helps other users to download the file faster.

But because of that, this process puts pressure on the internet connection and slows it down. When a user stops the seeding process after downloading it’s known as a leecher. 

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How to Use Torrent?

Ease of use is the best thing about Torrent, which makes it immensely popular in a few years. Here are some simple steps that teach you how to use Torrent as an expert:

  1. First, download software by which you can do torrenting. BitTorrent and uTorrent are popular Torrent clients. It’s easy to download and use these Torrent clients and available for free.
  2. Second, search for the torrent file that you want to download. Keep in mind always download a Torrent from a popular website that has good reviews. This increases the possibilities of finding a genuine seeder so your downloading will be safe and faster.
  3. Once you have decided which file you want to download then click on the file name. After that, click on the magnet link which directly opens the Torrent Clients without downloading the Torrent file.
  4. In the end, you just have to choose the downloading path and then your downloading will start. There’s also an option to pause, resume, and stop option in the Torrent client that a user can use as per need. Also, you can see seeding, downloading, uploading, and many other monitors to track the process.

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Is Torrenting Legal?

A puzzle debate always comes up in the mind when someone asks about Torrenting is legal or illegal. 

There is no clear conception about torrenting because a user does not download the file from a particular website or location. Numerous users are connected and share the file which does not point to any illegal activity. 

It totally depends on what file you are requesting for using Torrenting. If the file has a copyright claim or prohibited in your location then it’s totally illegal and it could create some problem for you. But if the file doesn’t have any piracy or infringement issue then it’s totally legal. 

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Is Torrenting Safe?

Two different points come in front of us when we talk about “safety” while using Torrent. 

  1. Safety from the government ends
  2. Precaution from malicious threats

Safety From The Government Ends

Using Torrent might put you in some serious trouble if the government had banned in your location. Where some countries take the Torrenting term seriously, also many others don’t care about it very much. But still, you have to find out which location you belong to a restricted one or risk-free.

Precaution From Malicious Threats

Malicious and harmful programs are everywhere on the internet and it’s a bitter truth. Viruses, Malware, Trojan are some of the examples of harmful programs made by hackers just to steal your data. These programs are designed to run automatically and in most cases doesn’t require any commands.

Hackers patch the file with any of these programs and spread the file over the Internet. When a user downloads and runs the file, the hidden program starts working.

While using torrent a user doesn’t have any idea that the file is corrupted or manipulated by anyone. Your IP address is also shared with everyone which opens every possible vulnerability of your device. 

Safety is the priority to secure your identity and data from unwanted threats. If you are a Torrent freak or thinking about using it then you must have reliable VPN software and the best antivirus software on your device.

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How to stay safe while Torrenting?

As we have discussed the circumstances of how Torrenting gets you in trouble if you open any vulnerability. 

Now the question arrived “How to stay safe while Torrenting?”.

how to be safe while using torrenting

Here are some important tips that keep you safe while using Torrenting

Use A Reliable VPN Software

The best way to be safe while Torrenting is using VPN software on your device. There’s a lot of misconceptions about VPN between people but it’s worth using.

VPN hides your real IP address under a masked one so ISPs or Copyright trolls cannot recognize your actual location. It creates a secure connection while data transmission which protects your personal information from hackers.

Don’t Search/Download illegal Contents

Half of your problem will easily solve if you stop looking for illegal content over the internet.

For example, many people do search for adult content that is strictly banned in their location. 

Accessing those websites will definitely get them in trouble. However, you could easily avoid this problem If you stop searching and downloading this content over the internet.

Don’t Use Public Trackers

While downloading a file using Torrenting always use private trackers. Using public trackers means there’s a high chance that hackers or copyright trolls can steal your information or gain access to your device. Private trackers reduce the chances of getting caught and less risky than public tokens.

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Torrent becomes the user’s favorite to download amusements (like Movies, Games, EBooks, and more) which hard to find anywhere. But sometimes it can cause some serious problems if you don’t use VPN software and antivirus. 

This blog cover all the basic and most important parts of Torrenting and helps to learn about What is Torrenting and How Torrenting Works.

Share your opinion for what purpose you are using Torrenting and which is your favorite Torrent site?

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