Does Hostgator 90 Off Coupon Code Really Exist? 

Well, you have come across it, Haven’t you? Many websites claim to provide Hostgator 90 off coupon which is supposed to provide a discount of flat 90% off on all Hostgator Hosting Plans. What is reality? 


No one can answer this answer better than us as we are one of the Hostgator Affiliate Partner. To be honest Hostgator never provides 90% discounts for its products. Most of the time you can avail up to 60 – 80% discounts depending on various factors like if there is any special occasion running etc. Last year during Black Friday, HostGator through its affiliate partners offered 70% off across all hosting plans.  Check the current Hostgator Coupons through the below link

Check Current Hostgator Coupons

Why websites make fools of users by making a false claim to provide 90% off Hostgator Coupon?

Lies sell on the internet you see. Most of these websites expect once the user ends up on their website they may buy one or other hosting plan through them so that they can earn the commission. They are fine if 10 users out of 100 users get converted. It’s a vicious loop mostly new users get trapped into. Most of the experienced users already know that such discount offer does not exist.

Rarest of the rare: Hostgator provided 90% off coupon for shared hosting in 2019

On some very rare occasions, Hostgator had previously provided more than 90% off coupon. Last year during its 17th anniversary, HostGator provided a discount of as much as 91% for their most popular shared hosting plan. Keep an eye on such offers. 

For the time being, you can check  recent Hostgator Coupons

Check Recent Hostgator Coupons




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