Shared Hosting VS WordPress Hosting: Top 5 Feature Comparison

In the Hosting world, Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting are two types of Hosting that is on trending and quite popular among site owners. Novice gets confused when they look at both hosting types and ended up thinking questions like:

“What is the difference between Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting?”

“Is Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting the same hosting type?”

“Which hosting is the best for my fully fresh website?”

Before heading to the contrast of Shared hosting vs WordPress Hosting let’s know the basics first.

What is Shared Hosting?

In Shared Hosting, a single server hosts multiple websites at the same time. Shared hosting is best for beginners who want to or have launched their websites recently. But it’s not good for those users who have decent traffic on their website because of the sharing of resources. 

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is kind of similar to Shared Hosting but in an improved way. This hosting is made to support WordPress sites and improves its features like pace, security, and many others. 

Users get pre-install WordPress along with Hosting.

Dissimilarities Between Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting 

Shared Hosting is the one who is using by many people for many years because of some handful of features that are needed by a novice. On the other hand, WordPress Hosting is a new type of hosting that’s popularity increasing every day. 

difference between Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting


Shared Hosting is a common hosting type that is built for newcomers who want to start their website. Shared Hosting gives an average pace of page-load that needs a site. Page-load time totally depends on your hosting provider because different hosting providers have a different loading time. 

Choosing WordPress Hosting gives you a 2.5X faster pace that improves your page-load duration which is beneficial for your website. The faster your website opens the more people will like it and Search Engines also gives preference to faster sites.


In Shared Hosting, a server is shared with multiple websites so the possibilities of breaching security increased. If a website gets corrupted or hacked by any malicious script then there’s a chance that all websites on that servers will affect.

You get many paid and free plugins in WordPress Hosting for your WordPress site for security purposes. Also, there’s an automatic backup & restore feature (for example in HostGator WordPress Hosting) that you can use to restore your data if your website data get corrupted or deleted.

Technical Support

Web Hosting providers provide technical support in every hosting from Shared to Dedicated. They are available 24*7*365 just to solve your problem(related to hosting only). Different hosting providers provide a different facility to handle customers like:

  • Chat Support
  • Call Support
  • Community Support and some others

Top Hosting Providers like HostGator Provides Customer support in WordPress Hosting to solve its customer’s query regarding CMS and WordPress. If any problem occurs related to WordPress or hosting then they can contact customer support.


Shared Hosting has low resources compared to any hosting type and preferably for new websites. Also, if one site owner consumes all its resources then all sites that come under that same server have to share their resources that slow down all websites.

Compared to Shared Hosting, WordPress hosting have higher resources that allow you to use more data and more visitors can surf your websites. The benefits of this your website’s speeds don’t slow down. 


Shared hosting is the most economical hosting that gives enough resources so the newcomers can improve their skills and website traffic. Websites take time to get decent traffic that’s why people start with this hosting because of its budget-friendly. You can get the lowest shared hosting plan starts from just $1.40/mo* from HostGator which gives you up to 91% off on shared hosting by using our HostGator Coupon Code.

WordPress Hosting is a little bit expensive that starts from $5.95/mo* but gives more benefits in comparison to HostGator Shared hosting plans. If you look for features with the cost then you realize it’s not that costly as it looks.

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