ProtonVPN Vs NordVPN 2021 : Prices, Countries & Servers

In the current scenario, all the people are surfing shark. But many of them want to surf the internet with great security. So many of them use VPN for safe internet browsing. If you also want to browse over the internet safely then you can also use a VPN. With the growing use of VPN the business of VPN is also building a vast space all around the world. Among all the VPN providers you have to choose the best one. So let’s compare the best VPN provider before using the services of VPN. So lets read ProtonVPN VS NordVPN and compare the best VPN and use the best one.

About ProtonVPN Vs NordVPN

ProtonVPN:- ProtonVPN is one of the best VPN providers in the market. The firm is running in the VPN industry in more than 30 years. The ProtonVPN biggest, flashiest, and affordable VPN provider. The services of ProtonVPN are very easy to use and reasonable. In the services of ProtonVPN, you will get free and paid services too.

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NordVPN:- NordVPN is a well-named VPN provider in the market. The services of NordVPN is best for all kind of buyers. The services are reasonable for all the buyers. In the NordVPN services, you will get the best features. NordVPN was born in 2004 and now it becomes of the best services provider for all the users. The firm is getting huge popularity in very little time.

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Prices of ProtonVPN and NordVPN

ProtonVPN Vs NordVPN Prices

ProtonVPN – ProtonVPN offers you the best free and paid services to all the users. In the free services, you will get the best-limited features. The paid plan of the ProtonVPN starts at $8/mo*.

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NordVPN – The services of the NordVPN starts at $3.49/mo*. NordVPN does not offer free services. But it is much affordable as compare to the ProtonVPN.

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Server Location ProtonVPN Vs NordVPN The services of ProtonVPN is much reliable because you can get its services free of cost. With free services, you can try its services easily. The services of NordVPN are affordable but the services of ProtonVPN are free.

ProtonVPN Vs NordVPN Server Locations

NordVPN Server Locations
– 59

ProtonVPN Server Locations – 800

If you are using the services of ProtonVPN then you will get 800 server locations. So many options in less prices. The services of ProtonVPN are much reliable because of its 800 server locations.

Server Countries

ProtonVPN Vs NordVPN Server Countries

NordVPN Server Countries – 50

ProtonVPN Server Countries – 59

In the services of NordVPN, you will get server countries more than 59 countries.  So get the services of NordVPN which you want more server countries.

ProtonVPN Vs NordVPN Speed Test

Speed is the base when you use a VPN. You want to connect with any of the countries just in few seconds. So In this comparison, NordVPN is faster than the ProtonVPN.

Both of the service providers use the OpenVPN and don’t give the option to switch between the protocol to increase the speed. After having the same features NordVPN is far better when you compare them based on speed.

ProtonVPN cut download speed by 42%, therefore, NordVPN cut only 19%. So when you use the services of NordVPN you will face less speed loss. Due to the better speed, NordVPN connections are more strong and reliable as compare to the ProtonVPN.

Do they offer NO Log Policy?

Yes, In the services of NordVPN and ProtonVPN you will get No Log policy.

If you are not aware of this feature then we explain to you in short that what is no log policy?

No-Log policy means that a Virtual private network does not collect any kind of information. What you are downloading, surfing, searching, and many more. You can easily surf the internet with all the better qualities of security. It means that all the information is protected and anonymous from everybody even your VPN provider.

ProtonVPN VS NordVPN Support Services

ProtonVPN Vs NordVPN Support

Both firms offer you the best 24/7 support services to all the buyers. You can connect with them by using its email services and contact page. So if you are facing any kind of trouble in the services of ProtonVPN and NordVPN you can get rid of it by using 24/7 support services.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

ProtonVPN Vs NordVPN money-back

If you are not happy with the services of the ProtonVPN Plan or NordVPN then you can use its money-back guarantee. Both the firm offers 30 days money-back guarantee. So use its services after a trial of 30 days.

Available platforms of ProtonVPN and NordVPN


How much you can save on each service?

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ProtonVPN VS NordVPN

Both are the well-named VPN provider firm in the market. They both offer the best services but here from my side ProtonVPN is the winner if you still have any doubt then you can look for reasons to choose ProtonVPN, it will help you out. Because they offer the best free or paid VPN services to all the users. So it becomes easy for all the buyers to test its services. So the decision is you choose the best and trustworthy firm in the market and use the services of it.

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