ProtonVPN vs NordVPN 2024 : Prices, Speed & Servers

Who is better between ProtonVPN vs NordVPN in 2024? Read the updated NordVPN vs ProtonVPN comparison to choose the right VPN for full online privacy.

In the current scenario, all the people are surfing sharks. But many of them want to surf the internet with great security. So many of them use VPNs for safe internet browsing. If you also want to browse the internet safely then you can also use a VPN.

With the growing use of VPNs, the business of VPNs is also building a vast space all around the world. Among all the VPN providers you have to choose the best one. So let’s compare the best VPN provider before using the services of a VPN.

So read our NordVPN vs ProtonVPN comparison and find the best VPN and use the right one to protect your privacy.

Introduction: ProtonVPN vs NordVPN

ProtonVPN: ProtonVPN is one of the best VPN providers in the market. The firm is running in the VPN industry since 2017. The ProtonVPN is the biggest, flashiest, and affordable VPN provider.

The services of ProtonVPN are very easy to use and reasonable. With the services of ProtonVPN, you will get free and paid services too. So if you want to know more about ProtonVPN then read ProtonVPN Review.

Get ProtonVPN at €4.99/mo for 24 months and protect your devices from cybercriminals.

NordVPN: NordVPN is a well-named VPN provider in the market. The services of NordVPN is best for all kind of buyers. The services are reasonable for all buyers. In the NordVPN services, you will get the best features.

NordVPN has begun its services in 2004 and now it becomes the best service provider for all users. The firm is getting huge popularity in very little time.

Get NordVPN privacy for your all devices at $3.35/mo at massive discount and save money.

ProtonVPN vs NordVPN Reddit Review

NordVPN and ProtonVPN are both great if you are looking for privacy while browsing random sites or malicious sites. Reading NordVPN vs ProtonVPN Reddit review shows both VPNs have given excellent privacy service for years and protected millions of people.

The plans of both Proton VPN vs NordVPN are quite comparable so you can read the article below and decide which one is best for you.

Prices of ProtonVPN and NordVPN

Price Difference ProtonVPN And NordVPN

We have compared ProtonVPN vs NordVPN in terms of prices and we found that NordVPN is much cheaper than ProtonVPN.

ProtonVPN: ProtonVPN offers the best free and paid services to all users. In the free services, you will get the best-limited features. The paid plan of the ProtonVPN starts at €4.99/mo*.

Buy ProtonVPN at 50% discount and pay €4.99/mo for using its services for 24 months.

NordVPN: The services of NordVPN starts at $3.35/mo*. NordVPN does not offer free services. But it is much more affordable as compared to ProtonVPN. You can also use NordVPN 3 year coupon to get NordVPN for 3 years at a low cost.

Grab NordVPN subscription at $3.35/mo and get premium privacy protection at pocket-friendly price.

NordVPN vs ProtonVPN Server Locations

While comparing ProtonVPN vs NordVPN server locations, the services of ProtonVPN are available in many locations across the world. You can try its free services easily. The services of NordVPN are affordable and also accessible from any location but the services of ProtonVPN are free.

Server Locations ProtonVPN vs NordVPN

Total NordVPN Server Locations:
60 Locations

Total ProtonVPN Server Locations: 67 Locations

If you are using the services of ProtonVPN then you will get 67 server countries. So you get many options at lower prices. The services of NordVPN are also reliable because of its servers located in 60 countries globally.

NordVPN and ProtonVPN Total Servers

Total Servers ProtonVPN vs NordVPN

We compared the total number of servers that ProtonVPN vs NordVPN offered to its users.

Total NordVPN Servers: 5468 Servers

Grab NordVPN to access more than 5400 servers at $3.35/mo and protect your privacy.

Total ProtonVPN Servers: 2169 Servers

Use ProtonVPN to connect to 2100+ servers and secure your data traffic from hackers at €4.99/mo.

With the services of NordVPN, you will get its 5400+ servers in around 60 countries. So get the services of NordVPN if you want more server options. Whereas ProtonVPN offers only 2100+ servers worldwide which is far lesser than NordVPN.

So you can read server difference of NordVPN vs ProtonVPN and pick the perfect VPN that has lost of server nearest to your location. By using the NordVPN PewDiePie code you can take advantage of large NordVPN server list at affordable prices.

ProtonVPN vs NordVPN Streaming Speed Test

Speed is the base when you use a VPN. You can connect with servers from any country just in a few seconds.

Both Proton VPN vs NordVPN uses OpenVPN by default and give the option to switch between the protocol to increase the speed. After having the same features NordVPN is far better when you compare them based on speed.

ProtonVPN cut download speed by 42%, therefore, NordVPN cut only 19%. So when you use the services of NordVPN you will face less speed loss. Due to the better speed, NordVPN connections are more strong and more reliable as compared to ProtonVPN.

So In this comparison of NordVPN and ProtonVPN, we want to share that NordVPN is faster than ProtonVPN. If you want VPN for this reason, you can use the Philip Defranco NordVPN code to get a subscription at pocket-friendly prices.

ProtonVPN or NordVPN: Who Is Good For Gaming?

Gaming performance depends on the VPN connection provided by the servers. When comparing ProtonVPN vs NordVPN for gaming, both VPNs were good at offering low latency.

NordVPN servers are optimized for various kinds of popular games like Call of Duty, Valorant, PUBG, etc. It keeps your ping very low while gaming so you can enjoy playing games without any lag.

On the other hand, ProtonVPN has 10Gbps servers which make the gaming experience ultra-smooth. It let you play with players from another country without suffering any lag.

No-Log Policy Comparison For NordVPN vs ProtonVPN

During the service comparison of ProtonVPN vs NordVPN, we found that you will get a No Log policy with both of these VPNs. When you choose any VPN between NordVPN and ProtonVPN, make sure to check which VPN implements the no-log policy more strictly.

If you are not aware of this feature then we explain to you in short what no log policy is. No-Log policy means that a Virtual private network does not collect any kind of information. What you are downloading, surfing, searching, and many more.

Hide browsing traffic with ProtonVPN and keep your personal details protected at just €4.99/mo.

You can easily surf the internet with all the better qualities of security. It means that all the information is protected and anonymous from everybody even your VPN provider.

ProtonVPN vs NordVPN Support Services

Customer Support ProtonVPN vs NordVPN

On comparing Proton VPN vs Nord VPN, you get the best 24/7 support services for all buyers. You can connect with them by sending them an email and contact form page.

So if you are facing any kind of trouble with the services of ProtonVPN and NordVPN you can get rid of it by using 24/7 support services. You can also renew NordVPN with a good discount by asking for the latest deals to customer support.

Who Gives 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Between ProtonVPN And NordVPN?

Money Back Guarantee ProtonVPN vs NordVPN

If you are not happy with the services of the ProtonVPN Plan or NordVPN then you can use its money-back guarantee. Both companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So use their services for free during a trial of 30 days.

After comparing NordVPN vs ProtonVPN, we suggest you to take advantage of the money-back guarantee when trying these VPNs. It will help you analyze their service but make sure to check if the money back is valid on the subscription that you want to buy.

Try NordVPN features for 30 days by paying $3.35/mo and access restricted random sites on all devices.

Available Platforms Of ProtonVPN and NordVPN

Here we have compared the device support for ProtonVPN vs NordVPN to help users choose VPN that is compatible with their devices. Below mentioned are the device support table for ProtonVPN or NordVPN:

DevicesProtonVPN SupportedNordVPN Supported
Raspberry PiNoYes

We also analyzed which platforms are supported by Porton VPN vs NordVPN, as you can see in the table below:

PlatformsProtonVPN SupportedNordVPN Supported

As you can see there are many devices that are supported by NordVPN but ProtonVPN doesn’t support them. But when it comes to platform support then most of the device platforms are supported by both ProtonVPN and NordVPN.

Does ProtonVPN or NordVPN Allow Torrenting?

Yes, you can unblock torrent sites by using either NordVPN or ProtonVPN. Torrenting is an illegal activity and that’s why you need a VPN that is undetectable and difficult to be tracked by ISP.

In this ProtonVPN vs NordVPN comparison, we would like to notify users that both Proton VPN and Nord VPN are capable of unblocking torrent sites. They have special P2P servers that are optimized for high speed torrent file sharing with great security.

Is ProtonVPN Better Than NordVPN?

If you are looking for a free VPN service then ProtonVPN is definitely better than NordVPN. Also, it has no bandwidth restrictions when you use its free servers.

Is Proton VPN A Good VPN?

With ProtonVPN you can secure your web traffic and data. It comes with Proton Mail which can encrypt your emails and also provide extra security to your critical mails.

ProtonVPN vs NordVPN – Who Is Better?

Both are well-named VPN provider firms in the market. They both offer the best services but here from my side ProtonVPN is the winner if you still have any doubt then you can look for reasons to choose ProtonVPN, and it will help you out.

ProtonVPN offers the best free or paid VPN services to all users. So it becomes easy for all the buyers to test its services. It provides global VPN servers in 67 countries and uses 256-bit robust encryption for security.

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