How to make money with Reseller Hosting?

When you hear about reseller hosting certain questions pop up in your mind: 

  1. What is reseller hosting?
  2. Can you become one of the hosting resellers?
  3. Does Reseller hosting provide a good opportunity to earn?
  4. Which reseller hosting provider is the best?

These are very natural questions that you may encounter when you think about reseller hosting.  I am going to share the tips and several ways through which you can earn a decent amount with Reseller Web Hosting. Before diving into the tips of how to make money with Reseller Hosting? Let’s first understand what is Reseller Hosting?

What is Reseller Hosting?

What is Reseller Hosting

In Reseller Hosting, you purchase a hosting package from a hosting provider and resell them at a price similar or higher than the initial cost. In reseller hosting, you can brand your hosting company and give/ make different packages for your customers. 

In simple words, In reseller hosting, you are offering the hosting services or you are giving space to the customers wherein you act as a hosting company. Reseller hosting is one of the most profitable ways to earn money.  It allows you to purchase the hard drive, bandwidth from the hosting company, and then rent it to your customers.

Who can become a hosting reseller? 

Being a Hosting Reseller is not as simple as it sounds. Reseller Hosting is offered by the company which provides web development services. The company which deals with web services and has an effective Client base can only become a successful Hosting Reseller. 

Differences between Reseller Hosting Vs Affiliate Programme

Difference between Hosting Reseller and Affiliate Programme

Reseller Hosting and Affiliate Programme both are two different ways to earn money. In Affiliate marketing, you are promoting someone’s brand but in Hosting Reseller you are creating your own brand. For example, there is a company that offers hosting services and you are its affiliate partner. Being an affiliate partner you will promote the hosting services and the plans offered by the company and earn an amount of money as a commission with the sale. But in Reseller hosting, you will resell the web hosting services of the company with your brand name to your customers. 

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Benefits of Reseller Hosting
Enables you to create your own Hosting Brands

By reseller hosting, you can create your own hosting brand. Reseller hosting packages are white-labeled so your client will never know who you buy their hosting from. This ensures you to create your own hosting plans and customized the hosting resources according to the needs of your customers. You can manage all the resources of hosting and charge a high amount from your clients.

Grow from Small to Big

As you can rent out the additional resources as your services grow, this means that you are growing from Small to Big when demand requires.

No need for Server Maintenance

There is no need for the maintenance of the Server as you are using your own web hosting provider. The server management is already done for you by the hosting service provider. There is no need for expertise in this area.

Earn profit

The main and most important benefit of Reseller Hosting is that you can easily earn profit by renting out the web hosting resources to your customers. When you resell the hosting the short-term clients will become your long-time customer. As the customer increases for a long time the value of income will also increase.  

Can you Earn a Profit from Reseller Hosting?

You can earn a profit margin with Reseller Hosting. In fact Reseller Hosting is mostly used by people to earn a huge amount of profit. With Reseller Hosting, you can use your brand name and resell it to the customers.  You can either sell the hosting at the cost charged by your hosting provider or you can create your own pricing plans. The most important thing that you should keep in mind that deal with the company which provides reasonable Reseller Hosting plans. Make sure that your hosting provider offers the services at Wholesale so that you can resell them to your customers for a profit. The package of Reseller Hosting is varying from the different web hosts. But, most of the Reseller Hosting packages include:

  •         Disc Space and Unlimited Bandwidth
  •         Unlimited domain Hosting
  •         White Label Branding
  •         Control Panel
  •         Customized accounts and website management for clients
  •         Additional Hosting features for clients
  •         24/7 Technical Support

How Do I Start a Reseller Hosting Business?

How do I start a Reseller Hosting Business
Select a Reliable Web Hosting Company

The first and foremost step before establishing the Reseller Hosting Business is to select a reliable web hosting company that provides a Reseller Hosting package. Research for a web hosting company that will fulfill your needs and requirements.

Which Reseller Hosting is best?

Some web hosting providers provide one of the Best Reseller Hosting. These are some of the web hosting company which offers reliable Reseller Hosting for your website.

  1. Hostgator
  2. GoDaddy
  3. Hostinger
  4. Inmotion
  5. Bluehost
Purchase Reseller Hosting Package

There are many Reseller web hosting packages are available. Compare the Bandwidth and Storage space of your web host and then select the Reseller web hosting package for your Reseller Business.

Overview of your Target Market

When you are planning to become a reseller you must analyze the target market first. It is very important to learn about target audiences. For startups make sure that your target audience will be a web developer or web designer because they would require less bandwidth and storage.

Plan your own Package

After purchasing the package from your own web hosting provider now, you can plan your own package according to your client’s needs. You can design your package for your customers and display it on your website.

Decide your Technical Support Option

Decide what customer support you are going to offer to your customers. Most customers want to round the clock customer support via phone calls. To do this, you need to have a large volume of staff. make sure that you are offering technical support which will be perfect for handling your customer’s problem.

Profit and Scale

By now, you are ready to earn profit by Reseller Hosting. As you have purchased Reseller hosting, done market research, you have planned your own package and have decided about the customer support. Now it’s time to earn profit from your reseller hosting. These all depend on the price you are paying for Reseller Hosting or for what price you are offering the hosting package to your customer. As long as you provide stellar service the more customer lifetime value will be added.


Becoming a Reseller host is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you meet the criteria which we discussed above then you can look forward to becoming one. You can earn a high range of profits if you and your web hosting provider will be able to meet the demand of the customers. If you are going to make money with Reseller Hosting or already earning with Reseller Hosting, Do share your experience and opinions in the Comments.

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