Essential Features of Great Web Hosting

Sometimes looking for great web hosting becomes a sort of a challenge. Added to it, having many options to choose from does not make the job of selecting the web hosting service easy. Most of the hosting providers promise great features and service and the reality for many of them is different from what they promise. In this post, we will share several essential features of great web hosting that an ideal web hosting provider should offer. Once you are thorough with the article you will be able to select a web hosting service as per your requirements quite easily. Below are some of the essential features of great web hosting:

Top  10 Web Hosting Features Explained

top 10 essential features of web hosting

  1. Storage/Disk Space
  2. SSD vs Non-SSD Hosting
  3.  Bandwidth
  4. Control Panel
  5. Uptime
  6.  Free SSL- Privacy and Security
  7.  Free Business Emails Accounts
  8.  Site Backup
  9.  Free Domain
  10. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  11.  Technical Support

Storage/ Disk Space

Storage/ disk space

With more storage better you will be able to manage and run your website, as simple as that. Storage is one of the important features of web hosting. While choosing a web hosting one of your primary concerns will obviously be “ How much data can I get to store?” The amount of storage includes the content of the web pages of your website.

It includes any files that are available for the visitors to download or any space which is used by the emails. Many web hosting companies offer Unlimited Storage or Disk Space to provide you enough space for the web pages of your website.

SSD vs Non-SSD Hosting

SSD vs Non-SSD Hosting

Many web hosting providers offer affordable SSD hosting. SSD hosting is very fast and secure. It will give you a hundred times faster hosting performance for your website than normal hosting. Going with SSD hosting will give you the fastest speed as compared to non SSD Hosting.



Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred at one time. The allocation of less bandwidth will give slow speed to your website. The speed of your website also depends on how much bandwidth does your web hosting provides. Make sure that your web hosting provider will offer you a higher amount of bandwidth.

Control Panel

control panel

The control panel makes it easier to manage your website within the centralized web interface. Web hosting companies offer different types of control panels like Cpanel, vDeck, Plesk, and many others.

Of all Cpanel is one of the oldest and most preferable control panel software. V Deck is also offered by many and is improving in every new generation(currently in its GEN 4). When it comes to features offered and ease of use c panel is the unanimous choice for control panel software. If you still have any confusion then you can read our previous blog: Cpanel vs vDeck



Uptime is one of the criteria based on which many people select web hosting services. Generally, an uptime of more than 99% is a basic requirement that you can expect from a good hosting provider. Uptime signifies the amount of time your website remains online.

Sometimes your website might be down due to server maintenance or any other hosting provider issues. A great hosting provider ensures that your website remains online always and in case of any issues they provide immediate assistance to solve the issue and get your website online again.  Make sure that you are dealing with a company that provides at least 99.99% uptime. So, your website will be up for a longer period of time.

Free SSL- Privacy and Security

Free SSL- Privacy and Security

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which provides security and protection to your website from hackers, and other cyber threats. If you are going to purchase reliable web hosting then make sure that your web hosting includes Free SSL certificates. In a recent announcement, Google mentioned that SSL is also going to be one of the factors which will determine website ranking in Google search result.

However, if you are getting a very good hosting deal without a free SSL certificate then it’s not a problem. You can purchase an SSL certificate from third party companies at very reasonable rates. You may also read more about SSL in our blog: How SSL plays an important role in SEO?

Free Business Email Accounts

Free Business Email Accounts

Make sure that your web hosting includes Free Business Email Accounts so that it can be used for all official purposes, your marketing campaigns, To get customer feedback, etc. You can use this email for everything you need to keep organized.

Site Backup

Site Backup

 As a website owner, you must not take the risk of losing the data on your website. It is practical to have your data stored somewhere as a backup so that you can use it in a mishap. Many of the hosting providers offer tools for free back up free of cost. Many hosting providers offer automatic website backup at an additional cost.

Free Domain

Free Domain

Most of the web hosting provider offers a  Free domain with your hosting packages. In this way, you can save the cost of purchasing a domain name. However, you should note that Most hosting providers will offer the free domain name for a year and after that, you will have to renew the domain at your own cost.

If you need more than one domain in a single hosting then you might have to purchase additional domains separately or you can purchase hosting for each domain individually so that you can get all domains free of cost but that depends on the offer you are getting from the hosting service provider. If you want to get a free domain from another hosting then read proper guidelines here: How to get Domain Name for Free?

30 to 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

30 to 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

There are numbers of a web hosting provider that provides 30 days money-back guarantee. Go ahead with a company that provides the money-back guarantee policy. If you do not like the web hosting services then you can refund your money.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical Support is the last but not the least essential feature of web hosting. Make sure that you are dealing with a company that provides 24/7 technical support. So, If you will face any problem related to web hosting then you can directly contact the experts and can resolve your web hosting-related issues.

All the hosting companies offer a great account of their support team but this is not true. Read some recent real user reviews to get the ground reality of web hosting providers’ technical support.

So, before choosing a reliable web hosting service make sure that they offer the above features. I have covered the most important features of web hosting, If there is something which I have missed out in this article, Do share your views or suggestions in the comments.

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