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Best YouTube Alternatives? Are you serious? Isn’t YouTube the best video platform created ever! Today the word video is almost synonymous with “Youtube”. Youtube started as a platform for users to share their videos and now has become an internet giant. Perhaps Youtube is the greatest video platform right now but still many users for various reasons choose not to use Youtube to upload their video content.

Reasons are quite varied for example many content creators prefer not to upload their video on youtube. Some people avoid uploading in YouTube because of copyright violations issues. Let’s look at some of the best YouTube alternatives.   

YouTube is one of the best video platforms and also the most popular video search engine around the world. Founded in 2005 & was bought by Google in 2006, Today Youtube is synonymous with the term video. Every day there are almost millions of searches on it & has over 2 billion users from around the world.

It’s a great video platform but today in this article we will discuss the best YouTube alternatives. Despite it, there is a large number of users that are unhappy with this video search engine. As they’re looking for other alternatives that have new & good content, watch new movies & shows. So without taking any more let’s look at the alternatives of YouTube.

Reasons to Choose Best YouTube Alternatives 


There are many reasons that people search for alternatives. Below are some of the main reasons why people go for YouTube alternatives:

  1. Competition: Creators face a very high competition in almost any category on YouTube. Many creators both old and new now are looking to capitalize on another video platform to get even more views and a wider audience base. This strategy also supports their existing YouTube channels. 
  2. Suspension: Many times Youtube rightfully suspends user account if they find that account has violated any Youtube guidelines or copyright infringement. But at times YouTube every now and then has been found to suspend or block Youtube account without any guidelines violation of copyright infringement.
  3. Advertisement: Youtube has changed their skip ad policy for users. Now at times, users are not provided the option to skip the video. Also instead of single 5-sec video users are at times shown a mandatory 10-sec video clip. Although they have YouTube premium service for seamless user experience without ad it’s paid and not all users can afford it.
  4. Monetization: Recently YouTube has changed their monetization policy for good or bad. With the new policy, any creator who wants to have monetization on their YouTube channels now needs to have a minimum no. of subscribers and a minimum amount of channel watch time.  This policy has not gone down well with many of the new content creators.
  5. Different Content: People seeking to watch different videos & content can choose various alternatives. For example, many professional video creators choose Vimeo instead of Youtube to showcase their video work.

Top 4 YouTube Substitute 

There are many great options available online where you can find the best  YouTube alternatives. We’ve listed with top 5 better alternatives that you can go with:



Dailymotion is a popular video sharing services & has over 300 million users & with 3.6 billion videos viewed every month. It lets you see trending videos, categories & a search box which allows you to search for videos. By many people, it’s considered as a second-best option for YouTube. You can share files up to 2 GB in size with 60 minutes of length. You can also make money on Dailymotion like YouTube.

Dailymotion layout



Vimeo is an American video hosting & sharing platform founded in 2004. It was launched by filmmakers & directors who wanted to distribution platforms for their work. You can watch short videos and movies online. It has around 170 million viewers. Vimeo is another better substitute for YouTube where you can get great online videos. It attracts professionals in fields like music, photography, short movies, dance & some other. You can enjoy the videos at 4k HD also with ads free content.

vimeo layout

Vimeo is increasingly used by various professionals in the filmmaking industry to showcase their portfolio. The company offers 4 plans to the users:



Metacafe is a good alternative to YouTube to watch online entertaining short movies, founded in 2012. According to the company, there are around 12 million users on this platform. They’ve categorized different groups like sports, videos, games, movies, news & TV shows. It offers high quality & original content but still, the users are unfamiliar with this video sharing platform. Here are some of the pros & cons of Metacafe:


The company is trying to popularise this platform by offering unlimited uploading. The Membership plan is absolutely free & registration can be done directly from the official website & from Facebook also.



Since the start of Youtube gaming has been one of the most popular video upload categories. Many of the most subscribed Youtuber’s are gamers. Twitch is a dedicated video platform for gamers especially those who stream their videos. Though it has started late compared to YouTube, It has gained good popularity among gamers and has around 60 million viewers monthly.

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A subsidiary of Amazon it was founded in 2011 a live streaming channel focuses mainly on video games e-sports. It’s very similar to YouTube in terms of videos & is absolutely free for everyone. You can register directly on the website through email or Facebook where you add your friends for chatting. One of the biggest differences between YouTube & Twitch is that it has only lived streaming videos & does not support pre-recorded videos. You can earn money from this platform also by signing up & regular-stream videos online.

twitch layout


Without any doubts, Youtube is the king among all video sharing platforms. But as the world wide web is emerging so are the new players in the video-sharing platform. Youtube definitely has the advantage as it pioneered the video revolution which many other platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc have followed.

With the usage of the internet more than ever before there are good chances that we are going to see many more upcoming alternatives to YouTube. Whether they can surpass YouTube or not that remains to be seen. Which platform apart from YouTube that you used and why? Do let us know in the comment section below. 

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