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Laplink PCmover software is specialized in the data transfer between laptops and desktops. This software helps millions of PC and Mac users worldwide to transfer, synchronize, share, and access their data remotely. Simply install Laplink software on both devices and let the PCmover wizard do the rest. Your new device will get all the files, software, folders, and settings as your old one did. Here, has come with the Laplink Coupon Code and discount code that provides you an excellent opportunity to save a huge amount of money.


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About Laplink Company

Since 1980, Laplink has been working to provide top-class PC networking products to homes and companies. Laplink PCmover is one of the international market leaders in PC migration and transfers technology. Laplink sells programs that transfer files from one device to another effectively, safely, and completely. Laplink is one of the software company that has succeeded in getting this right. In the U.S. alone, PCmover now leads 95% of the migration software market and is still the world's best-selling migration tool.

Laplink Coupon Code And Promo Code | Why You Should?

Laplink Coupon Code

If you want to purchase Laplink products then you can use our Laplink Coupon Code and Voucher Code to get amazing deals and for extra savings. Our team constantly searching for the best valid Laplink Promo Codes for the PCmover software that helps you save your money. Here, you will get the best money-saving deals and offers on Laplink Software that will also save your time and you can share these Voucher Code or Discount Code with your friends and family.

What Is Laplink Software?

Laplink software works to transfer user profiles, folders, files, videos & images, all data, and contents from PC to PC. When you launch this software on your computer then you get options to choose a form of transfer that is migration, windows 7 upgrade assistant, and image assistant.

Note: It is HIGHLY recommended you set backup for your system before starting the process of transferring. Sometimes you get issues in these transferred programs and it will become a major problem if you lose all your data. Laplink has recommended installing their free trial software like Laplink DiskImage or Registry Booster.

DiskImage is used as a drive backup. Before you make a backup or switch, use a good virus removal program. As you still want to avoid transferring viruses and spyware to a new computer.

Registry Booster cleans up your registry. It removes the missing or unnecessary registry entries in the different Windows system hives. (Those who are unfamiliar with registry consider it as a computer’s library where all the settings of applications, software, and file are bundled into the hardware).

What is Laplink PCmover?

Laplink PCmover is a software that automatically transfers, restores, and updates all selected files, folders, settings, user profiles, and also programs like Windows 10, or operating systems, or from an old PC to a new PC. PCmover offers a variety of editions to meet various migration scenario requirements that include PCmover Professional, PCmover Home, PCmover windows, PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant, PCmover Image & Drive Assistant, and PCmover Enterprise.

Laplink PCmover Professional

Laplink PCmover professional

PCmover Professional Software is the only software that can be used to transfer your files, folders, applications, settings, and user profiles from an old pc to a new one.

Mostly transferred programs are installed ready to use on the new device. Laplink PCmover Professional can restore or switch to a new PC even with a different version of Windows without leaving any data.

Laplink PCmover Home

Laplink PCmover Home

Note: Laplink PCmover Home has a limitation that it cannot have more than one drive or partition (i.e. C: to C: drive only), only moves the logged-on user, no in-place upgrades, and therefore it cannot restore old PC.

PCmover Home is the software that can be used to transfer your selected files, folders, settings, and user profiles from an old pc to a new one. As PCmover Professional this can also transfer programs in the ready-to-use form that is no external old CDs required to re-install these programs.

Laplink PCmover Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Laplink PCmover Upgrade Assistant

As Microsoft supports partial upgrades to Windows 8 from Windows XP and Windows Vista, if you are looking to transfer selected programs, settings, and data from an old Windows computer, there are still huge limitations. Microsoft's only completely supported upgrade paths that allow you to retain everything from Windows 7 to Windows 8, including installed software, are restricted to just a few upgrade scenarios.

PCmover Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant will be the only software that can support all upgraded paths from Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 to Windows 8 and allow everything to transfer even applications, settings, user accounts, files, and folders to upgrade.

Laplink PCmover Enterprise

Laplink PCmover Enterprise

According to the industry research, PCmover Enterprise can save more than $300 per PC that means it saves companies money and most importantly their time. This software is recommended by Microsoft and Intel.

Laplink PCmover Enterprise is the best solution for a large organization and enterprises who need a solution to deploy new computers, update existing devices, or replace them during regular maintenance. The software has features like Automated Migrations, Multiple Migration Scenarios, Simple Implemationation, Enterprise-Class Support, Zero Touch Migration, Remote Migrations, and so on.

Laplink Customer Support | Laplink PCmover Troubleshooting

Laplink Software has offered a list of technical support options. If you get any configuration or installation issue then you may get help from frequently asked questions or knowledgebase given by the Laplink. For a basic installation, a Quickstart guide has been provided by the company. For resales and customer care issues, as well as technical support, you have an option to chat with a company’s representative. LapLink also provides the option of submitting a help desk ticket through the website.

 Live support hours are from 9:30 AM-8 PM EST and Saturday support hours are from 11 AM to 5 PM has offered if you want to chat directly with the troubleshooting team. On Sundays, no assistance is provided.

Laplink PCmover is a smart software that goes further than other programs for migration. Being an affiliate partner with Laplink, we will come to discover more exciting deals and offers and discount at incredible and affordable prices with Laplink Coupon Code. Laplink’s user-friendly interface allows you to select which files and applications you want to transfer to your new PC from the old one.

Laplink Promo Codes And Discount Codes 2023 - Upto 50% Off – FAQs

Is Laplink PCmover Any Good?

Yes, Laplink PCmover is good software. It is easy to use and allows you to select the folders or programs that you want to migrate.

Does the Laplink Transfer Program?

Yes. Laplink PCmover is the software used to transfer files, folders, programs, settings, and user profiles from an old computer to a new computer with any operating system like Windows 10.

How Many Times Can You Use PCmover?

Only one time. Laplink PCmover is essential for only one-time use. Even if you uninstall the software from your old device, you can not install it again on the same device.

Can I Transfer Programs From My Old Computer To My New One?

Yes. Laplink PCmover is designed to perform the same function. You can transfer your files, data, program from your old computer to the new one.

What Is Laplink USB Cable?

Laplink USB 2.0 High-Speed Transfer Cable is used for all the Laplink PCmover products. USB is mainly used for PC to the peripheral mechanism of communication and the Laplink USB cables allow the fastest peer-to-peer communication between computers.


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