How to Unblock Website Proxy 2023?

Blocked Websites or restricted access can be a curse when you desperately want to explore the content. But every problem has a solution and so this problem does have to. You need to do just unblock website proxy which is a really easy task.

Why Websites Get Blocked?

There are Numerous reasons cause restrictions, some reasons possibly are Parental control, government ban, school, or workplace restriction. And the main common reason is the website ban or restrict the specific country for access to there content. But there is nothing impossible if you tend to do some effort and use your mind. Several ways can help you out unblock site proxy online to enjoy the content of the site. And the recommended way is using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Hire the best MERN developer for your business.

Government Ban

Government Ban Proxy

This could be a strong reason that restricting you to surf any specific website. There is a set example with the recent initiative taken by the government of the USA and India on Tiktok. Yes, it was the app and have some other reasons for the government to restrict. The same thing can happen in your country however there could be other reasons. You must follow government instructions.

Parental Control

Parental Control for Proxy

This could be one more reason, as all of us know how much parents are sensitive to their kids. In this case, your device might be blocking a few websites to let you surf them. Either you can remove the restriction from parental control which is, unfortunately, you can’t do without the parent’s concern. But you can hide your IP or you can use unblocking proxy websites.

School or Workplace Restriction

School & Workplace Restriction

Whether it is school or workplace both places are dedicated to other required things. Such as you can’t explore any prohibited or adult content at school even at work. Duh… Man, you are there for other reasons. But, mid-break is always yours so you can explore the content. But the question is how? We will let you know the answer soon.

What are the ways to Unblock Website Proxy?

This could be the tricky question that can make you fall for the easiest one. But trust me the easiest things can be the filthiest thing. So choose the way which is appropriate for the longer term. The ways can be the same but the term which differentiates is Free. Two ways can help you to break the site proxies one is free and the second is paid.

Paid & Best way to Unblock Website Proxy

Unblock Website Proxy for Paid

Against the free unblock site proxies the only way is using a VPN. Virtual Private Network is the easiest still the safest way to let you enjoy the streaming, unblocking sites. So you can hop into the desired websites by changing your IP address. A VPN will help you to hide your IP and provide you virtual IP which means virtually you are belonging from a different country. Isn’t it amazing?

So a VPN will work? How you could surf the blocked website. It’s very simple, just follow the few steps shown below and enjoy the hidden content from you.

Follow the Steps to Unblock Web Proxy

Download the best VPN which supports Streaming Videos and gaming. I would like to prefer ProtonVPN, one of the affordable and finest brands accordingly to my experience. You can check the ProtonVPN Review itself says a lot.

  1. Create an account and buy ProtonVPN membership (You can even try a free one)
  2. Download its application on your device (Android, macOS, Windows Supported)
  3. Install the application after downloading it, if you are using the Windows platform then you can read how to install ProtonVPN on Windows
  4. Log in with your credentials on ProtonVPN
  5. Now you will get to see the Optimal Location, you can choose the server from where you want to connect
  6. Just select the region and you are connected to VPN and belonging from the different location

I referred to this VPN because of the obvious reason for supporting streaming and gaming while using a VPN. And also it is available on almost all platforms which makes it the eye candy for the gaming and couch person. You can even use this in a mid-break of office or school to enjoy the website content. But make sure you should use the ProtonVPN Coupon Code before purchasing to save more.

Unblock Web Proxy Free

Unblock Site Proxy for Free

Many people use this way to unblock the website proxies for free. There are some risks with this way, we will talk about it later. But you can still use this as many people use it.

Use Hola Unblock Web Proxy Extension

You can make things happen for free too by using Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker. This extension will help you to access numerous websites by installing it on your browser recommended for Chrome. Just follow a few steps and start exploring the website on your browser.

Hola Extension to Unblock

  1. Download the extension for the browser you can Google it
  2. Select the add to chrome button to add an extension
  3. Once you add it, set it on your toggle bar beside of search bar
  4. Click on the icon and select the region to unblock the website
  5. You will be able to surf the website from that location

Use TOR Project for Proxies

TOR (The Onion Router) is something beyond the extension and can be better than that too. The name says itself, The Onion Router it means the TOR will help you out to hide your IP in layers as like the one onion has several layers TOR has too. This application can be used in the Firefox or the TOR network. The multi-layered system helps you hide the IP before reaching the destination website. Yeah, it seems awesome but there might be loopholes so be aware. Let’s take a look at how one can install this application.

TOR Projects for Unblock Website Proxy

  1. Visit the TOR’s official download page
  2. Choose the application according to your device
  3. Run the program to install it on your device
  4. You need to follow and configure some steps which can be based on your country
  5. Once you complete the configuration process then you can start using the TOR network

The above two freeways are fine for use but there are more annoying and cheap tricks which you can use for free.

Some Quick Tricks to Unblock Website Proxy

If you are bothered and don’t want to go through such a long procedure of downloading installing and all. And want to use it for one time or quick-term then you can opt for the few filthy and quick ways.

The trick with Google Cache

This is the cheapest and dirtiest way to hop on any website. All you need to do just find the domain in Google, after that click on the down arrow button shown below in the image. Click on it and Woah!! you are at your destination page.

Play with HTTPS & HTTP

Old school trick from which most people are known, especially the tech person. This trick can be used at the office and workplace, you can easily switch from HTTPS to HTTP. Many websites are providing these features secure and insecure. Yeah, cheap trick but works sometimes really well.

IP Address Game

This game is being played by many smart players. When you are at school or office and you find the domain blocked. Then you can play smart by finding the IP address and going through it in that way. Because it can be possible that the domain name is blocked not the IP Address so just go through the Whois of the domain unblock the website proxy and enjoy the content.

Pros & Cons of Paid Proxy Unblocker

Pros & Cons of Free Proxy Unblocker

Overview of Unblock Website Proxy

This is a very personal thing when it comes to picking one way to explore the content. A person can opt for the Unblock site proxy for free if they feel that their data doesn’t matter to them. Hiding the privacy and your location is what you are looking for, and this thing can be ensured when you tend to choose the paid ones. Yeah, you have to pay but hey! your data and identity are safe now. I think paying a few dollars for exploring the restricted data for a year is not a bad deal for anyone.

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