Are Free VPN Safe: 12 Privacy Reasons Why We Should Stop Using Free VPN’s

A VPN is one of my personal favorite technology of mine that always helps me to access some informational data that is impossible without the VPN. Not only mine, but billions of users are using VPN for the same reasons or for amusement purposes. The reasons for using a VPN could be varied but one thing that all people look at the VPN before using it which is the price of it.

Most users give preference to the price in comparison to the features, and that’s the reason why they choose mostly cheap VPNs. But the situation becomes out of control when a user starts using the free VPN. Free word is really very attractive in many terms but when you have to choose only one between security and price then some people choose free VPN over security. To be honest, the usage of free VPN has its own disadvantages and problems that why free VPNs are not safe.

Well, before heading to all the reasons why the usage of free VPN can be harmful to you, let’s find out how free the term started.

How do things actually work in free trials?

In the beginning, free trails are only made to show how a product actually works. The user can make use of free trials and find out that the product is beneficial for him/her or not.Normally, when a company is offering a free trial on a product that means there’s a limitation of usage and feature on the product. But situations become fishy when a company is offering a trail without any limitation.

Are Free VPNs Safe?

Nowadays, many VPN companies that are well-known offer free trials for their users. But some of them do not put a limitation on the features and data usage which is really an unbelievable thing. As a result, many people started using the free VPN trial without thinking twice about how the company will make money. The same case of HostSpot and Hulu VPN companies comes in front of all the people when they found that the company is selling their data to the other companies. Well, it’s just an example there are more reasons to prevent the free VPN today and purchasing the paid one, and here are 13 of them.

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1.  38% Free VPN Comes with Pre-installed Malware

Who does not love the free world, it does not matter which country you make a visit if you ask people that they like free products the answer must be the same. Actually, it is a common thinking of all the people worldwide. But compromising privacy and security to save a few bucks is not a thing you should do.


If you google “the top 30-40 free VPN” then you will find at least 38% of them come with the pre-installed malware. Yes, you read it right, a malware that is capable to destroy the whole network of an organization and spread sensitive information.

You may be thinking that how the company is using malware on its products. Well, most free VPN comes with advertising banners or we can say Malwartising. A normal user can not easily identify it and that’s how the company took advantage of it. They release the free VPN trails for the users that already inbuilt malware kit and when the users using the software all the data goes to the company. 

2. Ads that Ruin Your Experience

We all must have experienced at least once or twice the frustrating ads pop up that completely ruined our experience while using the internet. Mostly, free VPNs contain a lot of ad scripts that are re-installed by the developers for different purposes. Some do Adsense with that, and some of them use it as flash marketing. Reasons could be various but the main thing is the popping ads makes the user experience completely horrible. The continuous popping ads are really frustrating and complete slow down our internet ad performance.


3. Use Your Internet Connection To Serve Other Users

Normally a VPN uses our internet connection to access all the things over the internet. But that does not exactly happen when it comes to the free VPN and some more factors matter when we discuss the workflow of a VPN.

A free VPN uses your internet connection to access the internet on other user devices. Maybe some of you thinking that what is so dangerous about this matter, it just using the internet protocol. Well, it’s not so simple as it looks like and there is a really complicated concern that you must know. Let’s understand this in simple language with an example.

Let assume that you are using XYZ free VPN foto stream online videos. But at the same time, the VPN is offering your internet connection to that user who is currently performing some illegal activity on the internet. If the guy who is using your internet protocol steals something from the government sites and when the officers will look for the IP and the source then you are the one who gets caught. Because the attacker used your IP to breach government security and you are responsible for that. Thousands of free VPN users face the same thing and they don’t have an idea who performed such things with their internet protocol address.

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4. DNS Leak and IP address Leak are Common

IP (Internet Protocol) Address is basically the identity of your device by which anyone can easily identify many things like location, operating system, and more. Hiding or masking the IP address is the most basic feature of a VPN that everyone knows. The DNS also shares some similar things and a basic feature just like the IP address that needed to be hidden while accessing the internet.

But do you know that most free VPN does not provide you the security against DNS leak and IP address leak feature? While using the internet when you choose the unpaid VPN to hide your privacy then there’s a higher chance that there is some leakage by which your DNS and IP address could leak.

free vpn has been known to compromise on user data

The leakage of the DNS and IP address is not secure at all and you can face some serious issues regarding it. For example, you are using the torrenting site with the help of a free VPN which is illegal in your country. Now while using the torrent agent if your DNS or IP address gets leak then anyone can easily track your location. And after that, you will definitely face some horrible things that you surely do not want to be a victim of this.

5. Store Your All Internet Activity

A good VPN software is capable to serve the best performance, reliability, access to all the data observe on the internet, and more. One of the most amazing features of a VPN, it does not store any kind of the user’s data which is really amazing. This feature is also popular as “No Log Policy” and offered by some of the top VPN companies.

But when you choose the free VPN against the paid VPN software there’s a lack of security features a user will face in which No log policy is also one of them. Free VPN software stores all the internet activity, history, and log files of the users. These data can be used for various purposes and the company sells the data for those companies who are interested.

This is very disappointing for all those users who are using the VPN for security concerns. That is why if you are using the free VPN and thinking that no one is keeping an eye on you then you are completely wrong.

6. Non-stop buffering

Paid VPN provides turbo servers to the users to make their internet uses more easily and efficiently. Many big VPN companies offer high-speed servers to users to make their internet life better. But you do not get the same features when you choose the free VPN from the cheap VPN providers.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a free VPN is the lowest internet speed that is slower than a snail walking on the glue. When you use the free VPN to stream online videos or games you face a lot of lags most of the time. Also, you face a lot of buffering while accessing some heavy websites that are not beneficial at all.

There are no benefits of choosing a free VPN if you can not access the website of any purpose. That’s also another reason to boycott the free VPN software and choose the paid VPN instead of it.

7. Unable to Unblock Netflix (Guaranteed)

The users of online streaming websites are in the millions already and because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the numbers also increased more than twice in a short time. But the web series of TV shows over the online streaming sites are limited in a specific country. If you do not know that let me tell you that every country owns some TV shows which are not telecasting in other countries. Just because of that people use VPN software to access TV shows from different countries.

But free VPN users face a lot of problems while accessing the online streaming sites opposite the paid VPN. Free VPN software does not offer such features by which you can unblock the Netflix series. Netflix is currently one of the global favorite online streamers that own most of the users who use VPNs for online streaming purposes. Netflix owns some of the biggest security features that free VPN software can not even handle. So, if you are planning to use the free VPN to stream Netflix and some other streaming sites then you can face disappointment. Going for the paid version from a trusted VPN provider is the best choice rather than choosing the free VPN software

8. Very limited data that You Can Consume

Most free VPNs – you name it – offer you only very limited bandwidth that you can consume(generally 100MB or 200 MB). These data limits will upset you at one point or another provided the high-speed internet we use nowadays, such small data limits are just a piece of cake to finish off.

Also with such data limits, you can easily forget about watching videos with free VPN apps/ clients. To be honest there are plenty of VPN companies and what’s their main source of earning – paid VPN subscriptions. Free VPN is just to lure users to opt for their paid subscription plans by irritating users with the limitations of free VPN.


9. Bad Privacy Policies

Most of the cheap/free VPN providing companies have very bad – I mean really bad privacy policies. As I write about it – I saw this news of Free Vpn’s Leaking Users Data. This is just sad and it has been happening on regular basis. If you value your privacy and data then you should avoid using free VPN – Period!

10. VPN Companies Steal Your Data and Sell them

The above news article about the data leak I shared, In this data was hacked by one hacker. However, All VPN companies claim that they do not log user details, that claim is quite contrary to the above news. The bitter truth is most of the Free Vpn save important users and sell them to advertisers. In today’s world data is money, Zuckerberg would agree:) and these companies earn a good commission by selling valuable users data to advertisers. Also, these data containing very sensitive user information also ends up in the dark web, making users prone to various kinds of cyberattacks such as cyberbullying and extorting money.

12. Free VPN And No VPN is Equal

Perhaps, If you have read the article till now, you may realize that free VPN does more harm than benefit. It’s better not to use VPN than using a free VPN. Free VPN is almost equal to no VPN. But at the end of the day, it is your choice to make. I believe we spend $50 easily on so many non-essential items than why not on VPN. A lot of VPNs are priced fairly, in fact, you can get more discounts using our best VPN deals.

free vpn is equal to no vpn

13. Chinese Ownership

#banchineseproducts or #banchinaproducts is one of the most used hashtags that which is using by most people in the current time. There’s a dark secret behind it that is related to privacy and security. As per the report, the Indian government recently banned 59 apps that have Chinese ownership. The reason is Chinese companies are selling the user’s data to the companies and also storing all the sensitive information which they could use against the nation.

Related to this one amazing fact is that the Chinese government itself banned the use of VPN inside its boundary. In simple language, the usage of a VPN is completely illegal in China and the police can take action against it.

Now, another interesting fact about china owns half of the VPN companies under it and has full control over all the things. Now understand the chronology, a country that banned the use of VPN in its country owns half of the VPN companies why? Because they steal or store all the user’s information and then use it in an illegal way. That’s is the main security reason to avoid using of free VPN.

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