Microsoft Bing Ads Black Friday Deals 2023


Having trouble with Bing’s Ads investment? Don’t Worry. We are here to provide you facts and reasons why use Bing Ads. Being an affiliate partner, on this Black Friday 2023 sales, comes with the latest and verified Microsoft Bing Ads Black Friday Deals. This is a big time saving more money on any investment using Black Friday Prices. Grab deals and offers to boost your business.

About Bing Ads

Bind Ads/Microsoft Advertising is a service providing PPC (pay per click) advertising on both search engines Bing or Yahoo! This will help you to reach out to target audience that is looking for your business.  Using Bing Ads or Microsoft Advertising features like Image Extensions and Sitelink Extensions, they were beat their competition by converting customers from ads.

Get Bing Ads Black Friday Deals And Offers

Microsoft Bing Ads Black Friday Sales

You can also use Bing Ads discount using the best Black Friday deals that will help you in making low cost over an advertisement. Get Exclusive Microsoft Bing Ads Black Friday deals to reach out to millions of users by earning up to  $200 credits on sign-up. Make sure you took the right decision while posting an advertisement on any search engine whether Google or Bing, where you get a more targeted audience.

Advantages Of Using Bing Ads/Microsoft Advertising Over Google

Here are the facts why you should use Microsoft Advertising or Bing Ads:

Fact 1: Did you know? Bing Control 36% of the U.S. desktop market. Over 62 million people use only Bing Network. And nearly half of the U.S. uses the Bing Search Network.

Fact 2: Around 70% of the U.S. market using Microsoft Windows. With over 900 million using windows 10 and 1.5 billion devices powered by Windows.

Fact 3: Microsoft powers the Voice search through Cortana and Alexa. In the case of Voice Search “Amazon Echo Dot” in Microsoft has over 10% of the market penetration as compared to Google that has only 4%.

Fact 4: Less Competition. There is still low competition in the Bing Ads/ Microsoft Advertising. That means a lower cost for advertising ( it is about 33-42% less than Google Ads).

Fact 5: Microsoft Advertising is a Search Engine Giant that helps you in business succeed. Using the right strategy and team to manage all the ad campaigns you will get better results in Microsoft Advertising.

Fact 6: Did You Know? Bing users spend more than 20% on their purchase as they have high income so they spend it too. Microsoft Ads provides a form of targeting audience i.e. In-market Audience which means they use a list of customers those who are ready to buy the products.

Fact 7: Microsoft Advertising / Bing Ads has an advantage over Google that allows the company to target customers based on their specific device or Operating Systems.

Bing Ads Changes Brand Name To Microsoft Advertising

Bing Ads Change To Microsoft Advertising

In the recent past year, Bing ads have changed their name to Microsoft Advertising. The Bing Ads Partner Program also changes to Microsoft Advertising Partner Program. It comes with all-new built-in AI features and more to enhance your business. You can grab Bing Ads Black Friday offers 2023 and deals using our discount codes.

Why Bing Ads/Microsoft Advertising Is Better Than Google Ads?

Bing offers great tools to manage your campaigns and meet your target audience. Microsoft Advertisement allows you the power to make it happen, whether it operates with a fixed budget or tries to meet a cost per click. The following reasons why Bing ads are better than Google Ads:

  • Free Sign Up: Microsoft Advertising allows you to sign up for free and can control your account at every step. Grab the exclusive discount with Bing Ads Coupon 2023 on every new signup.
  • Pay Only For Clicks: There are no charges for no click. Only pay for those ads that users click.
  • No Minimum Fee: Start advertising for your business according to your budget.
  • Performance Measures: You can test keywords, bids, and timing to make the most of ROI.
  • Less Competition: Advertisers use Bing Ads because it has the lowest competition as compared to Google so the chances of ranking are high.

Use Image Extensions in Bing Ads Black Friday Offers and Deals

Your ads get more volume when you add an image to them. Like Google, Bing also provides this option to include images in your ads with the help of Image Extensions, which will enhance the number of clicks and attract user’s attention. Grab Bing Ads Black Friday offers to use Bing Image Extension that allows you to add up to 6 images on your Bing Ads.

Why Choose Bing/Microsoft Audience?

It may be a better and smarter way to target ideal users or customers. You can choose your target audience from multiple dimensions with the help of Microsoft Audience Ads as you have a great chance on this Bing Ads Black Friday sale to grab the deals. This will help to target different areas such as

Customer Intent: This will help in remarking In-market, Custom, and Product Audiences.

User Profile: Also, target age, gender, and LinkedIn profiles.

Customer Location & Device: By this, you can reach through targeting customer’s locations and devices.

Microsoft network is driven by AI and machine learning, therefore it helps in delivering a wonderful return on your investment. AI leads in the selection of ads and matching the relevancy as well as prediction of conversions, click, and pricing.

Benefits of using the auto-tagging feature in Bing Ads/Microsoft Ads

  • It reduces the time that it takes in manual tagging of destination URLs.
  • Reduces the risk of getting an error that can happen as a result of manual tagging.

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We hope now you can decide to invest in Bing Ads. We are providing a huge discount and offers on this Bing Ads Black Friday sales. All you have to do is just visit our website and go to the Microsoft Bing Ads Black Friday Deals page to grab amazing discounts.

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