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Godaddy is arguably the most popular web hosting company right now. There are multiple reasons for the same. Godaddy heavily focussed on the requirement of small users for example providing shared hosting at dirt cheap prices. They also heavily promoted their product both through traditional tv advert marketing and online targeted marketing. However one of the many users complained about Godaddy not offering any good dedicated server hosting plans. Being the official affiliate partner’s with Godaddy we have brought in an exclusive Godaddy Dedicated Server Coupon for our users.

What can you expect from our Godaddy Dedicated Server Coupon?

You can get discounts up to 23% and at times up to 49%*(during flash sales) on the purchase of dedicated server hosting plans from Godaddy via Webtoolsoffers. As of now Godaddy Dedicated Web Hosting plans starts upwards of $130 for the customers in the US.

Can you customize Godaddy Dedicated Server Hosting Plans?

Yes, quite so easily. We will explain how? Godaddy offers a fully customisable Dedicated hosting plan. You can customise the type of processor you want along with the amount of dedicated ram you require for your server. Godaddy offers up to AMD EPYC processors in top-end configuration along with massive 256GB of ram. All the plan offers RAID 1 software back up option. They also offer up to 16 TB of storage in their best plan. However, the above information can change with time as the plans are quite customizable with the addition of new options.

Godaddy Dedicated Server Plans & Offers

Last but not the least, Godaddy offer’s two types of dedicated hosting server plans – self-managed and fully managed. The difference between self-managed and fully managed dedicated server is as follows. In Self Managed Dedicated server user is responsible for adding/removing any software on the server. Even user have to manage basic troubleshooting in the server by themselves. The company is responsible for hardware maintenance and storage of the server and things such as continuous electricity supply to the server.  Whereas in the fully managed dedicated hosting the above-mentioned responsibilities are also handled by the company.

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