Get Free SEMrush SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford

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Free SEMrush SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford

SEMrush, one of the most popular online marketing tool is offering FREE SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford. You do not have to spend a single amount for learning with the best marketing tool. The company will provide complete knowledge about SEO and its strategies. If you are a beginner then it is the golden opportunity for you. You can learn SEO at no cost. And if you have already a digital marketer and knows SEO then you can also brush up your basics of SEO with this free and in-depth course from SEMrush favourite Greg Gifford.The company offers number of modules to give you complete SEO knowledge. Check out this amazing opportunity and try to not miss this.

SEMrush SEO Fundamentals Course Content

Free SEMrush SEO Fundamentals Course

The company basically cover all your dubts and concepts in 8 Modules. Below are the Content that the company will provide you in their modules.

  • MODULE 1 (SEARCH ENGINE BASICS)– In Module 1, the company will give you the knowledge of basics of SEO. For a digital marketer or an SEO expert it is very important that they should have clear its SEO basics. Greg will take you through the inner knowledge of SEO as you will get to know that  How do they determine where a given website is going to be placed on the results page? Where is the best page placement?
  • MODULE 2 (TECHNICAL SEO)– After learning the absics of SEO now you have to dive into the deeper and get to know some technical terms of SEO. In its Technical term you will get to know that how search engine get interact with websites.
  • MODULE 3 (LINK SIGNALS)– In 3rd Module Greg will help you to spped up your ins and outs of earning unique and relevant backlinks to your website. In this content you will get to know about the bad links and good links and how to analyze that links.
  • MODULE 4 (ON PAGE SIGNALS)– On page is one of the most important aspect of SEO. It is very important to boost your ranking over the SERP. In this Module you will get to learn how to do keyword research, write and optimize content, what key on-page elements are, and more.
  • MODULE  5 (SEO FOR MOBILE)– for best user-experience your wbesite should work nice and flwalessly on mobile phones and tablets. Greg will help you to know about the mobile responsive website design or some other strategies that will help you to give better user-experience on Mobile phones.
  • MODULE 6 (OTHER RANKING SIGNALS)– In this Module Greg helps you to improve your ranking performance by giving you some more ranking signals.  Here you’ll learn additional basic SEO techniques for best results.
  • MODULE 7 (INTERNATIONAL SEO)– There are many International SEO strategy that helps you to boost your ranking on other countries. In this Module, Greg explains how to help search engines easily identify the countries and languages you are targeting, and rank prominently on International search engine results pages.
  • MODULE 8 (LOCAL SEO)– It is very important that you know the local SEO strategies. Greg helps you to Learn how content is king in the quest to attract local traffic to a website, and what the other factors are for local SEO success.

Join Now & Start Learning at SEMrush Free SEO Fundamentals Course

Join now to learn SEO or brush up your SEO knowledge. You will get detailed and complete knowledge at free of cost. Grab this golden opportunity. The company will give you lessons on according to your comfort. As you can get Video Lessons or By reading or you can also join its Quiz. The is for 4 hours and it includes 31 lessons. The best part of this course is that it is asolutely Free. Check out more SEMrush Coupon Code and Discount Offers and grab the best deal.

Get Free SEMrush SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford
Get Free SEMrush SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford

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