Can We Play PubG in India Using VPN? PubG Banned in India

Are you a PUBG lover just like me and living in India so here comes bad news for us. The news is that PUBG is banned in India. So, If you still want to play PUBG Mobile on your Mobile Phones then here comes the best solution that I am using too. The solution is a VPN, Yes with the help of a VPN we can Play PUBG In India using a VPNThe question frequently popping out that can we play PubG using a VPN after the ban? And we are here with an answer and that is Yes.

This one is not good news but a better solution for all the PUBG lovers. That with the help of VPN services you can easily get access to PUBG in India. So, If a player wants to play it now so use a VPN. So, what are the best VPN that a gamer can use while playing PUBG in India?

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Best Antivirus with VPN

Still many of the PUBG lovers are searching for different queries and they want to answer all the questions now. The biggest and most asked question of 02-Sep-2020 is

“Can We Play PubG Using VPN” “Is PUBG banned in India” “Is PubG banned in India or not” “is PUBG banned in 2020” “Did Govt banned PUBG” “Does PUBG Banned in India Today”

The answer to all the question is just “YES” We Can Play PubG Using VPN


Sad but true, Yes the most popular game PUBG is banned in India. In past days Govt. has banned the 59 Chinese apps in India. As per the latest news, the Indian government has decided to add 49 apps more.

When the Government banned the 59 apps at that time the most popular app TikTok is the target. But at this time the Government targets the PUBG The battle Royal Video Game. And the Government banned PUBG in India today.

But, no need to worry here comes the solution to this biggest problem of the year. With the help of the VPN, the player can play PUBG in Indian Boundaries. Gamer can connect your IP address to other countries and with this, they can easily get access to PUBG on mobile phones.

We Can Play PubG in India Using VPN List is Below

List of VPN

If you are a gamer and want to play PUBG after this ban then you will get help from the VPN. With the help of the below-mentioned list, you can choose the best and cheap VPN that will help all the gamers to play PUBG in India Boundaries.

After knowing about this Givet banned on the PUBG I searched for the best VPN in the market and I find the best 5 for all the PUBG Lovers.

  • Vypr VPN
  • Surfshark VPN
  • NordVPN
  • ProtonVPN
  • PureVPN

The all above mentioned are the best VPN that will help all the PUBG players to play this royal battle game after this restriction.

Surfshark VPN – Best VPN for Android :

Surfshark VPN is probably one of the best VPN allrounders for the android platform. With the current ban of PubG and 117 Chinese apps by the government, it is quite impossible to access any of them without the help of a VPN. There is plenty of free VPN service but they always come with a usage limitation(mostly data usage capped around 100 MB – 200Mb ) which barely suffices while playing the data-intensive game like PubG. Surfshark paid version offers uncapped usage.

Surfshark VPN Deal - 81% off
Play Pubg without any restrictionn
₹145.69/mo ₹874.69/mo

CyberGhost VPN:

One of the better VPN clients that we have tried and tested over time. CyberGhost is one of the best VPN service providers out there. They even have an app for android which is a big plus. Check below the CyberGhost discount deal from us:

Cyberghost VPN : 79% off
Play Pubg without any restrictionn
Rs 189/mo Rs 895/mo

Kaspersky VPN (aka Kaspersky Secure Connection):

Need not write much about the Kaspersky brand as it is very well known and chances are perhaps you might have heard or used a Kaspersky product. Kaspersky secure connection VPN is the trademark VPN from the renowned antivirus brand. Get the best deal for Kaspersky VPN below:

Kaspersky vpn india deal
Play Pubg without any restriction
Rs 166/mo Rs 676/mo

Vypr VPN – Cost-Effective VPN

Vypr VPN is one of the cost-effective VPN which you can select to play PubG with. It is available both for windows and android mobile phones. Check out the latest discount deal for Vypr VPN below:

VyprVPN 2 Year Plan
30-day money-back Guarantee | unlimited devices | 70+ Global Server Locations | Uses WireGuard® Advanced Protocol
$2.50 / mo $12.95 / mo

NordVPN:- Fast Speed VPN Services

If you are going to use the services of this VPN then you will face any kind of lag time and buffering while playing. This one is the high-speed VPN at a very reasonable price. Recently a buyer can save a maximum of 51% on its services. The plan of this NordVPN starts at $5.75/moon 1 year’s services. So the services are reasonable for all.

You can connect with any of the servers that will help you in playing the best royal game PUBG. In this, you will get 59 countries in more than 5000 servers. So, get the best services of NordVPN and connect with any server country to get access to PUBG.

NordVPN has special plan for PUBG players and they can opt Nord VPN 3 year deal to play unlimited PUBG in India for 3 years without getting detected.

ProtonVPN:- Free & Paid Services

If any of the players want to invest money on VPN after a trial then they can use ProtonVPN. Because in its services a user will get free services for a section with the limited country services. The services of its are divided into three different plans. This one is the biggest perk of this. Are you want to get access to this VPN in a single device then you can use its basic plan that costs $4/mo* that is affordable even you can use ProtonVPN Coupon.

Get 50% Off ProtonVPN Code & Coupon Code 2022
Up To 45% Off Annually | 3.1 (TrustPilot) | Support Protocol IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN, and 256-bit-AES encryption | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee | Support Up To 10 Devices
€8/mo €19.96/mo

If you want to use VPN on more devices then you can check the prices of its other plan too by reading ProtonVPN Pricing.


PureVPN:- Reasonable services

The services of PureVPN are very cheap and carry several servers all around the world. So if you want to connect with the different servers then you can get the best saving of up to 90% on its services now.  The services of this VPN cost $0.99/mo* which is very budget-friendly for any kind of player. The software contains all the features that you want to get in a VPN service. The application will work on all the devices android/iPhones. So you can use this VPN to play PUBG on your phones.

PureVPN 91 off
Grab PureVPN 1 year deal at 91% Off
$0.99 $10.95

Conclusion:- Best VPN to Play PubG (The Royal Battle Game) In India

With the help of the above-mentioned VPN services, you can get access to any of the country servers to play PUBG. The services of all the mentioned VPN are easy to use and affordable to buy. So choose the best one from the above mentioned that suits your budget and your need. The services of all the VPN are best to Play PUBG game in restricted areas. So now, this will also help all the Indian players to play PUBG after this Ban.

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