How to Protect your Android with Kaspersky Internet Security?

We are living in the digital world and all I need to protect our android phones from digital threats. There are a number of viruses and hackers that can attack your Android phones and steal your confidential information. To get rid of these unwanted threats we have to secure our phones with effective Antivirus programmes. As per my research I found an Antivirus programme- “Kaspersky Internet Security for Android” that provides excellent security protection against unwanted threats to Androids. This antivirus app provides real-time protection to your cell phones or tablets from malware and other cyber attacks. This Kaspersky Internet Security for Android comes up with lots of extra features like VPN or Wi-fi Monitoring. 

Features of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

There is lots of data and information saved in your mobile phones. So, there is a need for mobile security that will keep all your confidential information safe from unwanted attacks. Kaspersky Internet Security For Android is specially designed for protecting your mobile phones and Tablets from online threats. This mobile security app includes lots of amazing features. Some of them given below:

  • Advanced Protection
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Theft Tools

Advanced Protection

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android provides advanced protection that uses machine learning to respond to new mobile threats. It blocks the bad apps if this mobile app detects any danger. This Kaspersky Internet Security for Android blocks all the suspicious websites and the fies. You can check manually and filter out the specific data. In its advanced protection it includes the points like:

  • Machine Learning helps block new threats
  • Manual filtering helps stop nuisance calls
  • App Lock controls access to apps


Spywares are those who monitor all your calls and activities that you perform. This mobile app includes anti-spyware features that will let you know if any spyware monitors calls and messages or provides you updates of where you are. It makes you easy to get rid of the snoopers that are spying on your private life.

Anti-Theft Tools

The Anti-Theft tool is the most essential tool for preventing theft. In any case if your phone gets stolen then you can use this tool and anti-theft features can be operated remotely. By using this tool you can activate alarm sound on your phone and can take a photo of the person currently using your Android. It also helps you to lock your phone and find its location and perform a full reset. You can easily wipe your all confidential details from this Anti-Theft Tool.

Pros & Cons of Kaspersky Internet Security For Android


  • It blocks suspicious apps, websites & files
  • The mobile app lets you control access to specific apps
  • It stops spyware monitoring calls, texts & location
  • This mobile app includes Anti-Theft tools to protect mobiles & data
  • It uses Machine Learning to combat new threats


  • Not recommended for government workers
  • iOS program not as effective


It is very affordable. You do not need to spend a huge amount of dollars purchasing security protection for your Android Phones. You only have to pay $14.95 for 1 device per year. 

What I like in Kaspersky Internet Security For Android?

It offers excellent protection features that are not available in every form of security suite.With this excellent mobile app you can get rid from the cyber bullies and the stalkers. The best part of this mobile app is that it comes with some of the very amazing features like Anti-Spyware and Anti-Theft tools. These features will help you to protect your Android phones. 


Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is one most popular mobile app that prevents hackers and all online attackers. It provides excellent features with great security support. It stops malware, including ransomware and banking Trojans, from infecting your mobile phones. This mobile app also includes a VPN to hide your online movements, & the most important it also has locked apps that prevents hackers from accessing critical information, and blocks both calls and texts.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is one of the top picks for effective mobile security because it stops online threats before it attacks your android phones. It is easy to use and includes number of advanced features like lock, call and text blocking, safe browsing, and a VPN. 

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