Is ProtonVPN Safe for Online Surfing?

The VPN market ProtonVPN is making a good impression. The reviews of the company are quite good and bad too. Many of the users say that the services and the features of ProtonVPN are excellent and its no-log policy works very well. On the other side, many of the users say that the services of ProtonVPN are not safe for users. So keeping this doubt in my mind I used the services of ProtonVPN and find Is ProtonVPN is Safe for the users or not. Here I am answering this question so go with this read and know about the safety and qualities of ProtonVPN.

The goal of the firm is to meet all the requirements of the users. They are offering the all best features to its users that are necessary to be in a VPN software. So let’s check ou do they offer the best.


What are the security tools ProtonVPN offers?

Tools of ProtonVPN

If you are going to use the services of this software then you will get the best tools to manage all the online activities. With the help of its services, you can hide your IP address, make your web browsing safe, and many more other online activities. The services and features of ProtonVPN is very trustworthy. So its Trustworthy features include:-

Kill Switch

When suddenly you lost your server then it automatically connector to the other servers. If shows that all the information is safe when you lost the connection server. So with the help of this, there are no changes that your connection gets interrupted or down due to connection loss.

DNS and Leak Protection

ProtonVPN works with the DNS and Leak Protection feature. These features, will not only protects your browsing but also protects you from DNS inquiries. This will avoid any kind of leakage of the information. All the queries are sent through the safe encrypted tunnel. This will keep all the information with performance protection that keeps your location safe.

Best Protocols

ProtonVPN used a high-grade protocol that enhances the security and safety of your information. It uses both IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN. Both of them are safe and trustworthy protocols when it comes to protecting the VPN tunnel. This one is the valuable encryption server that keeps all your details safe & secure without any doubt.

Tor Support

To add the elevated level of anonymity ProtonVPN supports Built-in support for the Tor Network. This feature will help you in browsing even more hidden sites and content that is hard to find in the restricted boundaries. But with the help of this, you can do this very easily.

Better Encryption

The ProtonVPN has the best component of encryption that keeps all your details safe, secure, and anonymous over the internet. The ProtonVPN uses the best 256-bit AES encryption cipher that keeps you safe from hackers and scammers. This will also make your all the message safe with the help of a 4096-bit RSA key exchange cipher. With the perk of this feature, you will get the best additional feature that is a secure core. This will push your server to different countries that are privacy-friendly to reach the final server.

User’s Query… Does ProtonVPN Keep Logs?

What does ProtonVPN Privacy Policy Say?

Privacy Policy Of ProtonVPN

When you shop anything from a branded firm you firm to check the privacy policy of that firm. So in the Privacy policy of ProtonVPN, they have mentioned all the do’s and don’t of the firm. They offer the best to the users what they claim in their privacy policy.

They claim that:-

  • Log users’ traffic or the content of any communications
  • Discriminate against devices, protocols, or applications
  • Throttle your internet connection”

They mentioned that when you log in to it through email they keep your email and all the account details. I mean to say the 4 last digits of your debit and credit card. And also mentioned that all the information is very secure & safe and encrypted from the third eye. So the use of the ProtonVPN is very safe & secure when you use the services of ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN offers safe services to its users as well as ProtonVPN Coupon too for saving while buying.

Final Verdict:- Is ProtonVPN Safe?

ProtonVPN is a very safe platform for all users who want to get access to restricted content. The services of this software are very reliable for all users. The features of this software are very working and easy to manage. Before using its services go and read the privacy policy of it and you will get to know about its services very well and what are the conditions of it. So the result is ProtonVPN is a safe platform for all users, so use its services without any kind of hindrance and worry.

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