5 ways to make your IG page gain more followers than ever before: A Short Guide For 2023


It is no doubt and no question that today Instagram is a platform that offers many different ways for the development of various accounts: content creators, businessmen, brands and companies, and people who are just wanting to find their audience and share their personal experiences with them – all of these types of users can come to IG and quickly find their supporters and even monetize their pages if they’d be able to reach a certain level of success. However, the competition among bloggers is tougher than before, and to hit your goals you need to learn a thing or two about social media promotion first.

In this text, we will talk about the free and paid methods that you can use to boost your page: the possibility to purchase subs for your page that can become your decent initial base, influence PR that can be either free or paid, targeted ads and the right time to use them, and some other methods that can help you on the way.

Let’s start with the free things: what is here for you without any investments required?

All the free methods can be divided into 2 groups: the first group (and the only method in it) being influential mutual PR and the second group being modified mutual following and liking (chats of activity and commenting). Both of those groups take some time from the blogger, but the first group has permanent results, whilst the second one is just a temporary thing that doesn’t quite help people who are advanced in blogging and are trying to bring their account on the new level of popularity.

If you’re new to IG and have lots of time, you can definitely start with the methods from the second group. Look up activity chats in Telegram and What’s App and share the links to the posts that need support here. People will leave you likes and comments, some of them can even agree on becoming your subs, and you’d have to do the same for them in return. Sometimes people are able to gain permanent followers out of actions like this, but most of the time other content creators unsubscribe people from such chats after a while. So keep that in mind. 

The first method, which is free PR from bloggers, has to be mutual as well. You can find bloggers who have approximately the same number of subs as you do and offer them collaboration – you can tell about their page in your profile and vice versa. This way even if both of you have around 100 subs, together you can beat it up to 200 and so on. If you’d work with several bloggers at once your chances of sufficiently growing your audience in the shortest time grow a lot. 

What can you use if you are ready to invest some money?

Paid promotion is always more efficient and brings quicker results, plus you have an actual warranty of them working in your favor. For example, if you want to give your page the first booster, it is best to buy real Instagram followers for your page and forget about worrying if your profile is gaining enough subs weekly and monthly. Such third-party service can seriously move you closer to your aims in one click – all you have to do is find a reputable agency that sells real subs (you don’t need fakes and bots, these can harm your profile and lower its statistics) and choose a package that is going to look proportionally to your current page’s size. This is quite an important point because this way you won’t cause any questions from the people who are already following you.

This is quite an important point because this way you won’t cause any questions from the people who are already following you. Another thing is taking into consideration of investing in Instagram growth services such as Nitreo vs. Kicksta is worth it as they are known to provide good services. However, Kicksta is known to be the best in providing organic real Instagram followers. And as a result, if your goal is to build a brand for your business or personal then these organic Instagram followers are can lead to being your loyal customers or avid followers.

Moreover, real subs will help you to sufficiently improve statistics – when Instagram algorithms scan the page, they can notice whether it is having more interactions with the fake pages or with the real ones. If the number of real interactions outweighs the number of fake ones, algorithms start recommending the content on these pages more often, and this is how a paid service can induce a natural development. So, if you’re interested in boosting your page, a chance to purchase some subs might come in handy.

This is not the only thing though: when you have formed the base out of bought real subs, you can add some targeted ad from IG itself to it. There you have to first test out the settings and make sure that you have understood your target audience right, and then you can slowly enlarge the audience reach and get better results coming to you every time you launch a new targeted ad. Don’t waste all of your budgets in one go though, make targeted ads suitable to your current account’s size as well. 


Today, we can affect promotion on Instagram in many different ways, though it is worth mentioning that paid services are always bringing better and quicker results. Free tools are nice to start with, whilst paid ones give an actual warranty on your page’s growth and can totally spare you from the worries that you might have about your page’s constant growth. 

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