5 Top Video Editors for Mac


Mac’s operating system is known to be great for a lot of creative industries, and video is no exception. Whether you’re using a MacBook Air while traveling or a high-powered Mac Pro when you are in a studio, there are plenty of video editing software options.

Of course, everyone will want something a little different. Some people are looking for an easy video editor that shows how to cut and clip videos easily for beginners, whereas others are looking for something more advanced. Mac is often the operating system of choice for huge film studios.

Let’s delve into some of those wonderful options for video editors for Mac.

Movavi Video Editor Plus

Those looking for a video editor for Mac tend to find that Movavi’s Video Editor Plus is a great option for both beginners and more professional purposes. With a simple layout and intuitive interface, the software can be used for creating social media videos, documentaries, or other film projects. 

Movavi Video Editor Plus gives you a huge amount of control over the way the project looks and filters and titles are straightforward to add, without having to spend hours researching them.


  • The easy interface means even beginners can use this software
  • Allows you to easily edit footage from iPhone as well as a variety of camera sources
  • Direct uploading to YouTube and other websites
  • Filters and titles are super easy to add


  • The free trial version limits some of the features


This is one of the best Mac apps you can download free of charge. For a free editor, it has plenty of impressive features making it a good option for those who want to put together some home videos or even basic corporate videos without paying a lot of money.

One of the coolest things about OpenShot is that it is multi-platform. This means if you save a project on a Mac device it can be opened just as easily on Windows or Linux.


  • Allows for special effects such as green screen and blue screen
  • Relatively easy layout
  • Allows for video editing as well as advanced audio editing for your film
  • Easy to add watermarks to avoid people choosing to download and pass off videos as their own


  • Not a great deal of support which is to be expected for a free app

VideoPad Video Editor

Another easy video editor that you can use on an iMac or MacBook, VideoPad also has iPhone apps. 

This software is not free, so it is important to be aware that it comes with a price tag, and some of the added extras will cost more money, too, so not all features are unlocked with your initial purchase.

That said, there is a lot to like about the software and the kind of features and functionality offered, with support for over 60 different video file formats and options to rip from media like VHS. Editing is pretty fast and the software even supports 3D and 360 video files.


  • Pretty simple layout which is easy to get used to
  • Over 50 different built-in effects and video transitions
  • Built-in audio effects and editing
  • Export to file or disc
  • Motion stabilizing features


  • Not all features are unlocked when you buy the basic version of the software


It is worth mentioning iMovie for those who want to make really simple videos on their Mac, or even on other Apple devices. The easy video editor has a simple click-and-drag interface meaning you can use different images and video clips to start to produce a quality video, but some of the more advanced film features won’t work so well on iMovie. 

iMovie is where plenty of budding filmmakers get started these days since the software comes free with many Apple devices and is already pre-installed when you receive your device.

It’s a bit basic, which is why so many people are searching for alternative options to iMovie, so don’t expect to be able to edit the next big Hollywood movie using iMovie, but it is free for Mac users.


  • Simple interface including drag-and-drop function
  • Easy to export videos or upload them directly to YouTube and other sites
  • A collection of templates that allow you to make a movie with ease


  • Limited professional features such as editing and effects
  • Limited audio editing functions and features

Final Cut Pro

In the same breath as iMovie, it is worth discussing Final Cut Pro. This is sort of a “big brother” product and is considered to be industry-standard in some circles, meaning there have been some big productions edited using the software.


  • Optimized for Mac operating system
  • Thousands of possible effects, editing functions, and professional coloring features


  • Very expensive compared to some of the other options
  • Can take some time to get used to the advanced features

Bonus – Options for Running Windows on Mac

There is the shortcut that some people take to install the Windows operating system on Mac, or “dual boot” which keeps a clean MacBook hard drive and adds a second virtual system running Windows. You might need extra memory if you are going to run both operating systems.

This opens up more video editing software such as options by Magix, like their movie studio software, an affordable option with thousands of transitions and editing features.

Those running Windows on Mac also find there may be more options for free video editors, such as the option from Video Soft Dev. This is far from the perfect way of doing things, though, and many people would rather opt for software specifically built for macOS. 


It’s always worth doing a little research to ensure that you have matched up the features you need with the software you purchase. This way you avoid spending extra money and make sure your software doesn’t limit your beautiful video production. The options on this list will help you to get started on your video editing journey.

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