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iPower is a web hosting company and provide web hosting to small scale businesses in low budget. if you want to start your own online business at affordable prices so, you can deal with IPower. iPower is one of the best and affordable hosting providers in India and abroad having amazing hosting deals which can be availed through iPower Coupon Codes. Online marketing is one of the best options these days for increasing sale and earns maximum profit in your business. If you want to start an online business for increasing your sale and customers So think about establishing your own website and hosting in Cheap and fair prices on iPower, here are some best IPOWER Coupon Codes and Discount Offers. IPOWER is one of the best websites or hosting providing firm.


Ipower Coupons

IPOWER was founded in 2001; IPOWER has established itself as a leader in the web hosting industry, providing a broad collection of online services for small and medium-size business worldwide. The custom control panel, Vdeck, offers access to more than 200 tools, features, and services given to their customers a broad selection of web hosting application are available on IPOWER has seen fabulous growth with more than 1,000,000 customers from more than 100 countries depends on out platforms for speed, reliability, security and global reach. The company also provides affordable and cheap web hosting packages, you can also use Ipower Coupons & Promo Code to reduce the actual cost of purchasing. These vouchers and codes are available at our page.

What are the Services Offered by the Ipower?

Ipower is one of the perfect platforms to start a website. The company offers services which are necessary for startup.
  • Web Hosting
  • Blog Hosting
  • Domains
  • SSL Certificates
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Search Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Add-on & Services

IPOWER Web Hosting

When you decided to establish an online business, selecting a Web hosting service is the most important decision you have to make after domain selection. The type of site you are building and the amount of site traffic is the feature in making this decision. Ipower only has basic features, but it is the affordable web hosting service that won’t mess your budget.

Ipower Promo Codes

IPOWER Hosting Plans

  1. Shared Hosting Plan
  2. VPS Hosting plan
  3. Dedicated Hosting plan
  4. WordPress Hosting Plan

1) Shared Hosting Plan

IPower offers shared web hosting plan, these hosting types locate your website on a server with other sites, so your online presence actually shares system resources. This system shared web hosting results in cheap web hosting, so there is no large financial risk.

The plans are further divided into three parts:-1) Starter Plan 2) Pro Plan 3) Pro Plus Plan

  • Starter Plan

IPOWER basic starter plan starting at $3.99 per month with one-year assurance, 5GB of disk space,250 GB of monthly data transfer, one domain and a particularly meager single email account.

  • Pro Plan

Pro Plan Starting package is at $7.95 per month without any annual assurance, with limitless disk space, limitless monthly data transfer, limitless domains, and 2,500 email accounts

  • Pro Plus Plan

Pro Plus Plan starting package is at $14.99 for per month with three-month assurance with three free URLs and with limitless emails accounts.

2) VPS Hosting Plans

IPOWER provides VPS hosting to their customers, if you are not well known about the VPS hosting so, it just like shared hosting, except there are fewer sites share each server and they have necessarily more of their own dedicated resources. You are not likely affected by your server mates with VPS hosting service.

This hosting service is wallet-friendly for you, starting package of VPS hosting is $9.99 per month with 512MB of RAM, 20GB of disk space, limitless monthly data transfers and limitless emails.

3) Dedicated Hosting Plans

If you want a single space for your website then this plan is one of the best plans for you it is an extremely powerful hosting for your website. IPower dedicated servers are available in numbers of a structure. The plans were starts at $149 per month for 4GB of RAM, 500GB of storage and 5TB of monthly data transfers and the plans also extend as per your requirements.

4) WordPress Hosting Plans

On an IPower server, there are two ways to get the WordPress management system up and running. For Ipower WordPress Hosting you can install WordPress on a standard Linux-based server and sign up. The starter plan of WordPress starting at $3.75 per month, offers a free URL and a customize Control Panel, pre-installed themes and WordPress plug-ins, daily site backups and unlimited monthly data transfers, storage, and email accounts.

Above are the exclusive hosting plans offered by the company. By using Ipower Web Hosting Coupons, you can easily get huge amount of discount. At our page, you will get appropriate coupons to reduce the cost of purchase.

Save Your Extra Bucks with the Best iPower Coupon Codes

Ipower Coupon Codes

If you are thinking of starting a small scale or medium size online business then Ipower is one of the best choices for you can save the maximum amount and it is pocket-friendly. You can also grab some best deals in Ipower Promo Codes on WebToolsOffers.com. Ipower is one of the best hosting providers for Indian users offering some of the best value for money deals.