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Hostgator is a few of the largest company which provides web hosting and related services. Hostgator is one of the most trustworthy web hosting companies in the world. It deals with the best and affordable plans. Hostgator provides every type of service that is necessary for starting a website. It offers resources like Domains, Web hosting, Website Builder and other affiliated services. The company makes all possible efforts to fulfill the needs of the visitors. Grab the exciting deals and offers on Hostgator products. Use Hostgator Coupons and Promo codes for maximum savings.

Hostgator Coupons

Hostgator History

The company was established on October 22, 2002, by Brent Oxley as or They had faced many ups and downs in their journey. In 2003 Hostgator reached 100+ active customers, after this success they started their International office in Canada. In 2012 Endurance International Group has acquired the company, they started working on new ideas and achieved a huge success in the field of web hosting services. For international expansion, they open their offices in Brazil, China, Russia, India and in many other countries. In India, they started up from Mumbai and Bangalore and announced the host-in-India promise.

Get Affordable Products and Services with Hostgator Coupons Code 2019

Hostgator Promo Codes

The company provides best services with affordable price. They provide a particular hosting plan package according to the requirement of the website. If you have a tight budget you can reduce the cost of your web hosting plan by using Hostgator Promo Codes. The Company deals with every type of hosting service. Not only hosting they also deal with services that are related to your websites. Services like domain transfer, domain registration, Website Builder, SSL certification and many more. They provide some of the best features which you will never get anywhere at a budget price. The products and services which Hostgator offers are as follows:


For starting a website the first requirement is to purchase a name or address for your website. Hostgator provides all the services related to the domain of your website. The domain of every extension (.com or .net) is available here, you can choose any extension which you want. Under Domain services, the company offers Domain Transfer, Domain Registration and Manage Domains.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service in which the hosting company will provide web space to your website on the server. The company provides Bandwidth, Disk space, Uptime to your There are many companies which provide web hosting, Hostgator is one of the largest company which deals with excellent web hosting services. Hostgator web hosting comes up with all types of web hosting. Shared Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated, Wordpress, Cloud and Reseller Hosting.

Hostgator Web Hosting Coupons

  • Shared Web Hosting: There are many types of web hosting but if you are beginner then shared hosting is perfect for you. In Shared Hosting it allows various websites to use a single server resource (bandwidth, RAM, computer power), which means many websites are connected with that particular server. The company deals with many plans with different price package in shared web hosting.
  • VPS ( Virtual Private Server): The hosting company provides virtual space to your website on a dedicated server, which means there is a fixed webspace is for your website. There are three types of plans offered by Hostgator with different services and prices.
  • Dedicated Server: In this type of web hosting the company provide the web space on a single server, you will get private space( bandwidth, RAM, uptime) for your server. It is most beneficial for the e-commerce website. They need more web space to run their business online.
  • Cloud Web Hosting: In this type of web hosting the space is given to your website is not only on a single server but the website is also hosted in the cloud computed platform. If any of the servers get down the files and data have been copied on other server and that server will ups.
  • Reseller Web Hosting: Reselling hosting is simply to resell the hosting services (bandwidth, RAM, computer power) to the third party. Reselling refers to utilizing the resources you can resell your hosting services to another. It is a quick, easy and affordable way to make your existence online.
  • Wordpress Web Hosting: Hostgator deals with WordPress sites, you will get the hosting services for WordPress websites at an affordable range.
Hostgator Web Hosting| Register Free Domain Name for 12 months

Hostgator web hosting is offering one of the flexible and reliable web hosting plans. Now the company has provided the free domain registration plans to its users. Get Free Domain Name Registration for a year with Hostgator web hosting. This plan applies only for .com,.net or .org domain extensions. The plan is only available for the first year new qualified hosting plans for 12 months of ( Cloud, Shared or Wordpress). After the first year, your domain will be renewed at the regular rate.

Website Builder

After the process of domain registration and web hosting, there is a step of building the website. Before launching a website should looks attractive and this work is done by the Website Builder. You can build your website with Hostgator Website Builder. Hostgator provides Gator (a website builder tool) to make your website look good and attractive.

Hostgator Coupon Codes

Does Hostgator Web Hosting have Cpanel?

Hostgator provides Cpanel Services in hosting plans by which you can manage your website from a web interface. There are many benefits of Cpanel like you can remove your domain name, there is a single button for backup the entire website, manage the data safely and securely, install the SSL certificates and many more. Cpanel is very important and useful for a website. Hostgator provides these services with affordable plans, you can reduce these costs with Hostgator Web Hosting Coupons. Our website is providing some coupons which will help you to get affordable hosting services.

Hostgator Coupon Code

How to get access to Hostgator Cpanel?

You will get access to your panel with IP address before migrating the domain on Hostgator’s nameservers. That IP address looks like or  (2086 is the Cpanel common port). After the domain, nameservers update setting to point to Hostgator nameserver’s you will get direct login via The login details( username and password) are mentioned in that email. This is the process of login into the Hostgator Cpanel.

For further details visit the official site of Hostgator

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Hostgator Coupon codes

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How to apply Hostgator Promo Codes?

It is very easy to apply Hostgator Promo codes to save your maximum dollars.

  • Visit the Hostgator Official Site
  • There is a ‘Get Started Button’. Click on that button.
  • Select Your Hosting Plan.
  • Enter the Hostgator Promo Code.
  • Now, enter the Billing Information.
  • Overview all the details which are mentioned there carefully.
  • At last Click on the button ‘Check it now’.
  • Complete whatever order you have to place.

Why Hostgator Services is better than GoDaddy?

Hostgator offers the best services as it provides one of the best products. GoDaddy is also a company that deals with web hosting and other website-related services. Both are the trustable and reliable brands but the Hostgator provides slightly better services than the GoDaddy.

Hostgator vs GoDaddy

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Hostgator Customer Support

Hostgator makes all efforts to satisfy the needs of their customers. Many support services are offered by Hostgator for their visitors like a Customer portal, Support portal, Payment options (debit cards/net banking, credit card, pay pal and other offline payment options), Forums. Besides this, it also offers 45 days money return policy if you get any issue on their services. This is the medium given by the company to reach them and ask if there is any confusion regarding the website. You can directly reach to the best technical support team to solve the issues related to the services provided by the company. Their team is 24*7 available for getting the solution to your problems.

Hostgator Reviews

Hostgator Hosting Coupons

Hostgator is one of the famous brands for service related to starting a website. The first name comes in mind for hosting a website, Hostgator comes on top of the list. It is the most reliable company in all over the world. It offers excellent services which you will never get anywhere. The quality that the company provides is cannot be defeated by anyone. It provides a constant 99.99% uptime for many years. The company also has an automatic backup service which runs in a week. Their team is doing all efforts to accomplish the desire of the customer for their website. It is a very responsive website, they have all the major solutions for your question. The company contains the FAQ pages and the pages with a detailed explanation. It helps a visitor to stay for a longer period.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Hostgator provide free services or trials?

Hostgator does not provide the free services or trials but if you purchase hosting for your website you will get free SSL or builder. So, you can do the usage of that product on your domain.

  1. Do I have to pay for my domain name for every year?

According to the plan package you have to pay for your domain. If you have taken the package of one year then you have to pay for your domain after a year. So, it depends on the package plan.

  1. What Website Builder does Hostgator use?

Hostgator provides the best Website Builder to make your website look attractive and professional. Hostgator uses the gator tool to build your website. This tool contains features that will convert your simple looking website into the professional. you can build your website without any coding.

  1. Is Wordpress free on Hostgator?

Wordpress is known as one of the best blogging platforms. You can directly install WordPress with the hosting service. There is a Quick Install offered in their hosting services by the Hostgator.

  1. How long will it take WordPress to Install on Hostgator?

In various types of hosting services the time taken to Install WordPress is a minimum of 1 hour. VPS with Cpanel takes few hours but VPS without Cpanel took only 1 hour for installation.