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Money Saving Fatcow Coupons 2019

If you are thinking for starting a small or medium-size business or want any domain and hosting on cheap and fair prices so Fatcow is one of the best options for you with great discount deals offers and cheap web hosting.

Fatcow Coupons

What is Fatcow?

Fatcow was established in 1998, it is a web hosting provider whose website, marketing material and more are all cows themed. Fatcow aims to provide user-friendly web hosting sponsored by good customer service and good valued. Fatcow is a good provider of all in one shared web hosting packages as well as the option for WordPress users and those with a highly trafficked website. The products of FatCow are easy to understand and operate. If you are searching for any website or web hosting then FatCow is the best option for you to consider.

Grab a Cheap Domain with Fatcow

FatCow offers domain name registration service in which you can register or hold any domain name if you are not quite ready for the web hosting. It provides domain name in many common extensions or in more unique options. It also provides domain privacy to protect your personal information. It enhances domain performance speed up web page hosts and improves uptime. There is no need to worry about to miss any renewals in your domain automated domain renewals is also provided by them.

Original FatCow Plans

The Original Fatcow Plans are relevant for those who are thinking about establishing their websites. The fact is that the plan is a full plan feature option that includes all the things you wants to start up or in running websites this plan does not come in sky-high prices tags.

  • Website Hosting, it includes everything you need to serve your website on the internet.
  • Slick site building tools, It includes all the tools and easy to operate for those who don’t have much knowledge of website and hosting.
  • App installation wizards, if you want to add photo, galleries or anything creative so you can install wizard for extending features and functionality in your website.
  • Selling online store tools, if you want to build an online store on your blog or website so you can take advantages of these tools like a shopping cart, product catalogs and many more.
  • Email, it provides email to operate your website.
  • Search engine and marketing credits, it comes in your package, if you want to increase the viewership for your new website using the market and advertising credits.

Fatcow Hosting Plans you will prefer for your website

Before operating any hosting you have to know about the hosting Plans provided by FatCow:-

1.      WordPress Hosting

Those who are interesting in starting their website or blog that’s commanded by WordPress, consider FatCow WordPress hosting. The plan of this hosting is similar to the original plans but it also includes customized control panels, plugins and pre-installed themes for your WordPress site.

There are two types of WordPress hosting plan, first is an entry-level package plan in which you will get all-in-one hosting, a selection of theme, pre-installation of plugins and free domain registration. Second is a premium offering in this you will get everything in entry-level plans, with additional themes and plugins, SSD storage and deluxe security support in the system.

2.      VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS server is the (virtual private server) and it is a virtualized server. It is dedicated to hosting with the shared hosting environment. Technically it worked as both dedicated and shared hosting. Virtual means that it is a partition on a physical server that is dedicated to you.

What’s included in it?

  • It includes free domain registration in VPS hosting and they also make it easy to transfer the existing domain.
  • They customize a personalized email address to improve your personal image. With the advance tool, in which you are able to check your all mail from anywhere to anytime.
  • Free marketing credit tools which will help you to reach new customers and grow business by this tool
  • They give you 24/7 support service to their users.

3.      Dedicated Hosting

If you want a personal server for your website then FatCow provides dedicated hosting. You have independent control on your server you are able to install an application without any restrictions. You get dedicated resources for increasing the traffic.

Fatcow Promo Codes

FatCow Customer services and Technical Support

If you have any query, problem with FatCow services so you can call to FatCow service team which they call the Moo Crew is available 24/7 email, call or chat.

  • They call you within seven days after purchasing the hosting plan to welcome you in FatCow.
  • Answer your call within one minute.
  • Provide 24/7 support through a call, email, and chat.
  • Friendly and well-mannered team.

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