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The Clip Studio Paint software is specially designed to work with a stylus and graphic tablets or computers. It has tools like pencils, brushes, ink pens, patterns, and decorations that take off natural media. The feature designed for making comics makes clip studio paint different from other related software. Also, Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code helps you to find tools for creating panel layouts, perspective rulers, sketching, inking, adding tones and textures, painting, and creating word balloons and captions.

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About Clip Studio Paint

The original version of this software was released in Japan as “Comic Studio” in 2001. Clip Studio Paint application was marketed by E Frontier America in the Western market as "Manga Studio" until 2007, then by Smith Micro Software until 2017, now it is marketed and supported by Celsys and Graphixly LLC.

Earlier, the software was used to design only black and white art with spot color but version 4, 2007 introduced support for creating colorful content. In 2018, for distribution in North America, South America, and Europe, Celsys started a partnership with Graphicly. Clip Studio Paint for Apple iPad launch in November 2017 and the iPhone in December 2019. Recently the program is available for smartphones and Samsung Galaxy tablets starting August 2021.

Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex Features 

There are two versions available for this application such as Clip Studio Paint Pro and Clip Studio Paint Ex. Now, before getting into the specific details of the software let us know about the features of these two versions. 

According to your budget and requirement, you can choose the right version suitable for you. Here, in the comparison table, you’ll better understand the different features in each program. You can always use our Clip Studio Paint Promo Code to get a huge discount on both Clip Studio Paint Pro and Clip Studio Paint Ex version (pricing starts at $49.99 & $219.99 respectively).

FeaturesClip Studio Paint ProClip Studio Paint Ex
Manage Multiple Pages In One FileNoYes
Vector DrawingYesYes
Customizable Brushes And PensYesYes
Animation CapabilityYes(limited to 24 frames)Yes
Quickly Convert 2D-3D Data Into Manga StyleNoYes
Exporting And Printing A Book Of Multiple PagesNoYes
Materials And TonesYesYes

Get Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code 

Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code

Since the company offers two versions namely “Ex” or “Pro”. Both the product are feature-packed. Clip Studio Paint Discount Promo Code will provide you great deals while choosing one of the above products. Clip Studio Paint is one of the great choices for those who are working on comic books or manga and want more flexibility and freedom to create content with technologies. The software carries great tools and animation capabilities that make them one of the best digital drawing software. Many of the creators/artists also prefer to use it. 

Why Clip Studio Paint?  

Clip Studio Paint is a very versatile software for digital painting that has unique features that help in creating professional animated content. It is easy to learn and has many tools and custom brushes that allow you to paint any kind of illustrations you want and make them. With Clip Studio Paint Promo code you can choose between the products offered by the company.  

Features of Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint Features Promo Code

Multiple Brush Options:

You can create and use your own brushes or any effect you want with the help of different preset brush options.  Most of the illustration programs have a limited range of brush options which is difficult for a creator who wants a definite effect. Clip Studio Paint offers a wide variety of brushes. This can help in drawing virtually, Comics, Concept art, illustrations, and manga. 

Vast Coloring Tool:

Clip Studio Paint offers a wide range of coloring tools. Therefore, you can create an amazing colorful professional comic. You don’t need to use any other program to get more colors for your project. This software is somewhere good for those who only want to deal with a single software and don’t buy any other resource. It also has a fill tool that can automatically detect small gaps between lines and spots to help you to color those vacant areas, and enhance your work performance. You can get unlimited ways to find the perfect color for your content.

Vector Toolkit:

The software comes with Vector tools that can boost your project speed. You will able to find all mistakes and spots that require minor touch-ups and complete your artwork in less time. Vector layers help you to resize and edit lines without any difficulty which is very important for professional work. 

Drawing Flexibility:

This is the main strength of Clip Studio Paint that puts it above other digital painting software. It is an artist-driven piece of software, that offers you more options and flexibility to create your artwork. You are free to draw with a pen tablet (or with a mouse). There are multiple options to choose a wide variety of pens, pencils, and other tools to create professional manga or comic book characters.

Enhanced 3D Capability:

Using Clip Studio Paint you can access various tools to manipulate 3D models and objects by simply drag and drop the additional elements. There are many 3D “artist models” that you can easily import or control into different sorts of poses that you need and take them as references or simple trace over the lines to get exactly the frame of reference. This feature is useful for having dynamic poses and keeping the volume of a character. 

Easy Export & Import Capabilities:

Clip Studio Paint supports all major file formats like .jpeg, .tifg, .png, .bmp as well as .psd/.psb (Photoshop). This software also supports output to the industry standard like kindle or ePub formats(especially used for ebooks/comics). It also allows you to import your file from the previous version such as Manga Studio 4 and 4Ex .cpg files. Therefore, you can fetch files where you leftover and get the latest features as provided to you in the updated app. 

Frame By Frame Animation

Clip Studio Paint has excellent animation capabilities with its superior painting and drawing tools. There is an option to add camera movement, music, and sound effects to make the video, all in one software. Clip Studio Paint Pro version offers you to do a maximum of 24 frames of animations only, which is good for basic content or GIFs or so on. Clip Studio Paint Ex has a huge advantage over its Photoshop rivals. Such unique features are included in the animation tools to bring your manga or other illustration, as well as to export it to view in different formats. This is a very exciting new feature that will surely be enjoyed by illustrators.

Why Clip Studio Paint Is Better Than Photoshop?

As per Clip Studio Paint or photoshop reviews, Both the software allows drawing full manga, comics, and other illustrations but Clip Studio Paint comes with some extra additional features that photoshop does not have. 

  • Creation Of 3D Pose
  • Layers of reference
  • Adjustable Brushes
  • Editing Backups
  • Rulers and Viewpoint Guides Assortment 
  • Panel creation of comic books 
  • Extensive library of resources 
  • Better animation capabilities frame by frame (EX more than PRO)

Clip Studio Paint is one of the best painting software. As it has very decent features and tools which give a professional look to your artwork. On the other hand, Photoshop is also one of the best photo editing software but it is less used to create comic books. Pricing is also different for both versions but you can use our Clip Studio Paint Discount Coupon Code. Clip Studio Paint also has other competitors such as Art Range, PaintTool SAI, Corel Painter, and MyPaint. But out of this listed software, Clip Studio Paint comes out on top in most of the important categories.

FAQs: Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code 

Q: Is Clip Studio Paint Good For Animation?

Yes. Clip Studio Paint comes with frame by frame animation feature. You will have a great experience while creating an animation project using this software. 

Q: Which Is Better Clip Studio Paint Pro Or Ex?

If you are creating animation then Clip Studio Paint Pro offers you limited 24 frames of animation whereas Clip Studio Paint Ex offers an unlimited frame option. You can also use Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code while selecting any of these. 

Q: Is Clip Studio Paint Good For Beginners?

Features that Clip Studio Paint carries are good for beginners. Simple software for drawing and painting as well as for creating comic-book characters, animations, and 3D content. 

Q: Which Clip Studio Paint Should I Get?

Clip Studio Paint Ex has a more exciting function than Clip Studio Paint Pro. Features like creating frame by frame animation and manage multiple comic pages. If you only want to draw, then go for the “Pro” version as the “Ex” version is quite expensive. But those who want to make CSP their thing, then you may purchase the “Ex” version. 

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