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Are you doing business in California and worried about changing Employment laws? Want some help regarding Human Resources or Advocacy? CalChamber has a solution to these problems. CalChamber provides you the entire product and services to grow your business and Human Resources professionals consider federal and state both employment laws. By just using CalChamber coupons you can get a huge discount on all the services provided by them.

They provide important resources to you which helps you to grow your business, It does not matter you are running a small firm or on a high level. If you are a seasonal HR then they also have something for you which helps you to grow your knowledge and teach you all the things from basic to professional.

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About CalChamber 

Calchamber is a nonprofit group since 1890 and it aims to change California’s business scenario. Calchamber is the massive broad-business advocacy group in California.

By Clachamber expert guidance and advocacy, your business can comply with constantly changing labor laws and grow in a densely adapted environment. It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur or a professional business-man, they provide you the resources which you are looking for and beneficial for your business. Choose CalChamber to enhance your business and use CalChamber coupons or CalChamber Promo Codes to make your deal better with an extra discount.

About Calchamber

Why choose CalChamber & CalChamber Coupons?

Calchamber Coupons

  1. If you don’t have time to research every day about employment laws updates, they will provide it to you. They will give you this information instantly when the laws change or update.
  2. Don’t worry if your HR is not as professional as you want or you running your business by yourself. They have a Quick and Easy HR guide which makes you understand all the things which you must have to know.
  3. They also provide advocacy support if you need one.
  4. It helps your business grew and provides the complete solution which you are looking for.

If you are thinking to take services from CalChamber then use our exclusive CalChamber Coupons 2021 will help you to make your deal best and pocket-friendly.

Products Offer by CalChamber Store

  1. California and Federal Labor Law Posters: This contains all the major updates of the current year which includes:
    1. California Minimum Wage notice
    2. EDD Notice to Employees
    3. DFEH Discrimination and Harassment notice 

This all-in-one poster comes in the size of 28" x 46" and holds the 18 state and federal employment notices every California employer must post these rules even you employ a single person in California.

You must have to display that poster in each business location where employees can easily find it and read it. You have to post both poster version (English & Spanish) if you have Spanish-speaking employees.

CalChamber All-in-One Poster

Some features of CalChamber All-in-One Poster

This poster contains some most important notice which is very important to know for both employees and employers. Some of them are Transgender Rights in the Workplace, Healthy Workplaces, Equal Employment Opportunity, California Minimum Wage, Federal Minimum Wage, and many more. Get California and Federal Labor Law Posters with a huge discount by just using CalChamber Coupon Code.

  1. CalChamber Preferred Membership: Becoming a CalChamber preferred member has several benefits. You can use the top qualified HR advisor of Labor Law (California) helpline online, can get special discounts on products, and many more.

Features of CalChamber Membership

      1.  Access to Labor Law Helpline (Unlimited): This will save your time and expense because not every issue needs legal counsel. The helplines are useful when you are not looking for legal advice and provide you a better understanding of law, regulation, court cases, and administrative procedures.
      2. Access to California (Unlimited):  Thousands of employers and HR professionals using this website for many benefits like to understand the clear meaning of California and federal e laws and regulations, New Hire Guide, HR Certification Institute (HRCI) study tool, Local Ordinances section, and some others.
      3.  Year-Round Discount: You can get a 20% discount on all CalChamber products and services.
      4.  Business Partner Discount: Save an average of up to 900% with our business partners like FedEx, UPS, and others.
      5.  HRCI Rectification Credits: Get Up to 4 HR Certification Institute recertification credits per year in membership of HRCalifornia.com and an extra 25$ off on any initial certification exam from HRCI.

CalChamber Membership

CalChamber Membership is one of the best services provided by CalChamber and Calchamber Discount Code or CalChamber Coupon will help you to get the maximum discount on this service. Having this membership will lead your business to the next level.

  1. Required California Harassment Prevention Training: From Jan 1, 2019, Employers of California with their minimum of 5 or more employees (also including those who are located out of state) must provide sexual harassment prevention training to all of their employees. It will be done on Jan 1, 2021
  2. .  These 5 minimum employees can be seasonal and temporary hires or can be an independent contractor.

Benefits of choosing California Harassment Prevention Training

You can take training in any language between English and Spanish; you can take it from a laptop, Desktop or Smartphone and also when they are free.California Harassment Prevention Training

Anyone can easily buy this course online and upload and assign learners at the same time. Get your course report in just one click. If you want help then there are customer supports free of cost.

If you are seeking a CalChamber discount code for this training course then use the CalChamber promo code and save your amount.

  1. HR Quick Guide for California Employers: CalChamber HR's quick guide helps you to understand and explain all the laws and rules of an employment relationship. You can say it is a complete solution for HR which contains guidance of hiring, leaves of absence, minimum wages, and more than 200 HR forms. In the latest update, you can see some new cases, laws, and regulations such as DDE, FEHA, and new lactation accommodation requirements.

 This quick guide comes in two different editions:

    1. Small Business Edition: This Edition is only for those employers who have less than 50 employees.
    2. Feature Edition: Any Employer can get benefit from this guide and it is ideal for a big management company and Fresher HR.

HR Quick Guide

This will help them to understand California and federal employment laws, All HR work from basic to advance, Solution of HR issues, Knowledge of Wages according to law, avoid harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and more things which they must know.

HR quick guide is very useful to understand all the laws and rules which must follow by the employer and management.

With this guide, any new HR can easily understand their basic work to professional work. Purchasing this quick guide will help you to grow your business within the law and CalChamber store providing Calchamber discount code so everyone can take the benefits of this useful guide.

Some of Faq’s related CalChamber products and services

Q.Where should I display the posters? 

Post it somewhere in the workplace place where all employees can easily see and read it. Just like a break room, working hall, or payroll office. If a company is located in more than one place then the display poster must be in all locations.

Q. Is it compulsory to post both state and federal minimum wage posters?

Employers of California must have to post both posters. Calchamber Calfornia and Federal Employment Notices Poster contain both state and federal minimum wage.

Q. Is it compulsory to use laminated posters?

Using a laminating poster is depends on your working environment. For example, if your company operates in a risky environment, outdoor, or belongs to industries then laminated posters are highly recommended for them.

Q.What is the minimum wage according to the California Minimum Wage Notice?

According to the California Minimum Wage Notice if a company have 25 or less employee then minimum wages increased to 11$ per hour. 25 or more employees company must have to pay 12$ per hour as minimum wage.

Q. How can I get a discount on CalChamber products and Services?

You can use CalChamber coupons to get a high discount on all CalChamber products and services.

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