How Much Does NordVPN Cost Per Month? – Updated 2024


NordVPN cost per month depends on the type of plan bought by the user and it usually starts at $3.35/mo. There is a wide range of plans offered by NordVPN and each of them has a different monthly cost.

Get The Cheapest NordVPN Monthly Deal

Grab NordVPN at $3.35/mo cost and save up to 63% on subscription of NordVPN.

The monthly cost of NordVPN varies with the plan duration and features involved in the plan. We are here to help you if you are confused that which NordVPN plan has the lowest monthly charge.

Why Does NordVPN Cost Per Month Matter?

The monthly cost of NordVPN is very important in deciding which plan to buy. As we know, the per month cost of NordVPN 2 years Offer is less than the cost per month of 1 year NordVPN plan. So you can choose its 2 year plan without any confusion.

Another thing about per month NordVPN cost is that it helps you choose a plan that fits your budget. By analyzing the monthly cost of all NordVPN plans, it will be easy for you to choose a plan that you can afford.

How Much Does NordVPN 1 Year Plan Cost Per Month?

NordVPN 1 year plan will charge you $4.99 per month for using its VPN services for an entire year. This plan has up to 54% discount on the total cost of a NordVPN 1 year subscription. So you have to pay $59.88 for using the NordVPN service for 1 year.

The monthly plan of NordVPN costs $11.99. If you use NordVPN for an entire year then it will cost you $143.88. When you buy NordVPN 1 year plan, you have to pay $59.88 and save around $84 each year. So you can save around $7/mo with 1 year NordVPN plan.

Save 63% On NordVPN Monthly Cost

Claim 63% discount on monthly cost of NordVPN and pay only $3.35/mo for NordVPN plan.

How Much Does 2 Year Plan Of NordVPN Cost Per Month?

NordVPN Per Month Cost for 2 Year Plan

The 2 year plan of NordVPN will cost you $3.35 each month by using a NordVPN discount deal. You can get up to 63% off on the full price of the NordVPN 2 year deal in 2024. It means you will be charged $83.76 for using 2 year plan of NordVPN.

The total 2 year cost of NordVPN comes out to be $287.76 when calculated on basis of a monthly plan. When you buy the 2 year NordVPN deal then you have to pay only $83.76. So you can save almost $204 in 2 years or $8.5/mo with its 2 year discount offer. you can also try Philip Defranco NordVPN Discount to get YouTuber’s favorite NordVPN at a discounted price.

Which NordVPN Plan Should You Buy?

We recommend buying 2 year plan because the NordVPN cost per month is the lowest for this plan. It will charge you $3.35 each month which will fit within your budget easily. This 2-year plan is also the best NordVPN family plan because it secures up to 6 devices.

So hurry up and grab 2 year discount deal to save money on a NordVPN subscription. You can also check NordVPN 3 year plan if it’s available and buy it for the best money-saving deal.

Is NordVPN Worth Buying In 2024?

NordVPN is definitely worth buying because it is a value-for-money VPN. It is an easy-to-use and reliable VPN so beginners feel comfortable using NordVPN. Apart from this, it offers lots of amazing features such as:

  • Wide Server Network: NordVPN offers more than 5400 servers in around 59 countries worldwide. So it gives you the option to connect to the fastest nearest server with ease.
  • Secure Multiple Devices: With a simultaneous login feature, NordVPN let you secure privacy on up to 6 devices at the same time. It lets you protect multiple devices under a single plan.
  • Unrestricted Streaming & Torrenting: NordVPN geo-restriction bypass technology lets you access streaming services and torrents in restricted regions. So you can stream Netflix, HBO Max, etc. in countries where they are not available.
  • Fastest Customer Support: When you face any connection issue while using NordVPN, you can resolve it with 24/7 live professional support. You can even initiate calls to customer support from the chat help session.

So all these features with the cheapest NordVPN cost per month make it worth spending money on this VPN. With NordVPN YouTuber codes you can get these features at a huge discount. That’s why you should buy the NordVPN plan and give it a try or you can renew NordVPN plan with good discount.

How Much Does NordVPN Cost For Students?

NordVPN will cost $3.35 per month for students if they buy 2 year subscription. The subscription plans of NordVPN are very cheap so students can afford them easily. There is also NordVPN student discount of 63% so the NordVPN cost per month is very low for students.

Does NordVPN Have A Discount Coupon Code In 2024?

Yes, the NordVPN discount code exists and you can get up to 63% off on NordVPN 2 year plan by using this coupon code.

How Much NordVPN Plan Cost?

NordVPN cost per month for subscription varies from $3.35 to $11.99 depending on the duration and cost of the plan. A 2-year plan costs $3.35/mo during its entire duration.

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