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Panda Security Provide an advanced, dynamic, cyber-security model based on the principles of artificial intelligence. It is the Antivirus provider which focuses on to secure your devices and information from the cyber threats. Get the maximum discount on Panda security products as we introduce you to the exclusive Panda Security Coupon Code and Promo Codes. Panda Security is one of the best and leading companies in providing antivirus. They offer a wide range of products, from antivirus to most complete global protection. Panda Security Coupon Code offers affordable security solutions for your computers or smartphones, as well as device management and cloud office protection for businesses. Grab the offer of maximum discount and save your devices from malware and cybercrime practices. It helps in protecting your windows, Mac, and mobile devices against known and unknown cybercrime activities.


About Panda Security and its History

Panda Security started its operation in Spain in 1990, with Mikel Urizarbarrena in its management. The company worked for many years by the name of Panda Software. In 1995 it became one of the leading companies in its home country. The international expansion plan of the company was started in 1996. In 2007, it changed its brand name from Panda Software to Panda Security. Name change marked its symbolic expansion into the international market.

Why Select Panda Security?

Why choose panda security

When it comes to internet security solutions for mobile devices Panda Security is the name to reckon. In today's world, we are too connected with devices and online work through the internet. We store our files and information on our devices but think once is your all information safe?

So the panda security is providing you antivirus which helps you in securing all the information. You can easily secure your data and personal information through its security service. You can also use money-saving Panda Security Coupons & Promo Codes to have the benefits of affordable security solutions. It will protect your device from cybercrime and malware practices. With the help of the Panda security discount code, you can purchase this phenomenal software with up to 50% discount.

The advantages of panda security are:-

  • Home and Business Solution- It provides better solutions for both home and business users. These solutions provide protection for PC, Mac, and smartphones.
  • Tech Help - They provide proper guidance for its users about all the products and technical support to its customers.
  • Free tools for home users - This Company gives home user number of access tools for free and these include free downloadable & cloud-based to scan and disinfect computers.

Why Panda is better antivirus for you?

  • No commitment to all - you can cancel its service anytime easily.
  • Features and updates - Without paying any extra charges you can enjoy features and updates of it.
  • Save money- Pay according to your need they provide an exclusive discount the whole year.
  • The company's motive is to protect your devices from cybercrime activities.
  • Year of experience in providing better antivirus software.

List Panda Security Software for Home devices

You can protect you any device with Panda Security services. They provide antivirus for Windows, Mac, and Android. You can purchase any plan of antivirus according to your need and requirement.

·         Choose the best antivirus for windows

One of the best antiviruses for a window is Panda Dome. This will provide you better security from malware practices and helps in securing your files and data. Panda Dome Antivirus protects your devices, privacy, and family. You can buy this product from Panda security with a discount of up to 35% off. This antivirus is divided into four different categories. The categories are:-

  1.   Panda Dome Essential
  2.   Panda Dome Advanced
  3.   Panda Dome Complete
  4.   Panda Dome Premium

panda window antivirusFeatures of Panda Dome are:-

  • Antivirus protection from all kinds of threats and include ransomware.
  • USB drive scanning and protection
  • PC recovery system & Performance Optimization
  • VPN & Wi-Fi protection
  • Safe browsing & application control
  • Parental control

·         Best antivirus for Mac

best antivirus for MAC

If you think that your mac can’t get a virus then you are totally wrong. Mac also has vulnerabilities too, because of its popular people want to hack your information and money too. So, you can choose the best antivirus protection for your Mac. Panda Security is offering you a better plan just at $4.99/month. They will also provide you a free trial of one month. The categories of the plan as follows:-

  • Essential antivirus plan
  • Premium antivirus plan

Benefits of Panda Antivirus for Mac

  • Browse the web safely and block all fraud and infected pages.
  • Block malware targeting Mac and all other platforms.
  • Quarantine infected files and restore them immediately if needed.

·         Antivirus Protection for Android

panda antivirus for Android

As we know we are using the mobile phone too much in our daily lives. We do all the transactions online through mobile phones. Have you ever thought that is your information is safe or not? If you want to secure your information from cybercrime activities then choose Panda Mobile security android antivirus. The first month is free however This antivirus is also available in a premium plan with advanced protection. You can easily purchase this antivirus with a discount of 25% off.

Features of Android Antivirus:-

  • Real-time antivirus protection
  • On-demand scans to detect viruses and other threats
  • SD card scan
  • Performance and battery life optimization
  • Check the access permissions of installed apps
  • Remote wipe of all confidential data stored on your smartphone or tablet
  • Anti-Theft*: Locate and lock your devices remotely. Also available for your smartwatch

·         Panda VPN for windows and androids

Panda Security VPN

For secure and private browsing you can purchase this Panda VPN Security. You can purchase this VPN just at $2.97/month. You can easily operate your device with no hackers, no risk, no borders, and no limitations. The features of this VPN:-

  • It is available for 5 devices
  • Unlimited MB/day
  • Virtual locations all over the world.
  • 24/7 technical support

Why use a VPN connection?

  • To secure your Wi-Fi connection in the public environment.
  • To browse the internet anonymously, protecting your private information.
  •  To unlock all web content without any boundaries.
  • To hide your IP address away from prying eyes.
  • It will change your virtual location and reach any content anywhere from the world.
  • No censorship issue easily browses on the internet.

·         Panda Security cleanup

Panda security cleanup

This cleaner is for clearing browsing history and frees up space from your hard disk. Panda cleans up clean and speeds up your window devices, extending their useful life and improving performance. With panda cleanup you will be able to:-

  • Speed up your device and free up hard disk space by deleting the unnecessary files.
  • Enables required performance and make your PC run faster.
  • Prevent the operating system by deleting unnecessary files.

You can easily purchase this antivirus by using Panda Security Promo Codes this offer will help you in saving a maximum amount on panda security services.

List of Panda Security Business Devices

You do really hard work for running your business. And thinks your all data get corrupt due to cybercrime then what will you do? You have no need to worry about it at all. Now Panda security is providing better security and antivirus to your business devices.

The tools they will provide you in business security are:-

  • Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) - It is a solution diffused on endpoint devices to protect files-based cybercrime attacks, detect malicious activity, and provided the investigation and remediation qualities needed to respond to various security incidents.
  • Endpoint detection and response – the tool focuses on detecting and investing in suspicious activities. It helps in securing your files from those activities which are harmful to you.
  • 100% Deponent Service – It provides a continuous response to hackers and insiders and ensures the trustability of all running processes.

Panda Solutions for Company

Panda Security is providing a better solution for your window, mac, and laptops too. This will helps in securing your data, files and personal information from malware practices. The security and management control provided by the Panda security are as follows:-

  • Panda Endpoint Protection

It is a simple and easy endpoint security solution. It provides centralized and uninterrupted protection for all of your windows, Mac and Linux workstation. It includes laptops and servers in addition to virtual systems and devices.

  • Panda System Management

It is a very easy way to manage, monitor and control the company devices whether it is in the office or located in a remote location. It resolves problems proactively.

  • Panda Fusion

It protects manage and controls all your It infrastructure devices including tablets and smartphones. It provides maximum protection from malware and other threats. Combine control, management and remote support for your devices with the most advanced Panda Adaptive Defense 360 protection: Panda Fusion 360. 

  • Panda Email Protection

It helps in securing all company emails from all the types of malware and spam emails. It gets immediate control over the spam and unwanted emails. It protects us from all unwanted activities very quickly. because of its advanced cloud-based scanning technology, to start operating it does not require any additional infrastructure.

  • Panda Patch Management

It is a user-friendly solution for managing all the vulnerabilities of an operating system and third party on windows workstations and servers. It reduces risk while strengthening the prevention, containment and attack surface reduction capabilities of your organization.

  • Panda full Encryption

It is an additional module for panda security endpoint protection and advanced adaptive security solutions. It is designed for full-disk Encryption.

  • Aether Platform

It is for centrally managing all panda security endpoint solutions with an efficient, scalable and extensible platform. This management system works on 8 main points. Real-Time information, Multi-Product, Cross-Platform, Multi-Customer, Granular, Flexible, Detailed and Accessible via API.

How does Panda Technology work?

Traditional security is struggling to cooperate with new malware. Its smart technology based on big data and AI.For monitoring every running application on your system and classified everything. Traditional security only takes action if the process is malicious. But Panda technology detects attacks before they happen.

The solutions panda security provides to your system for performing well and faster are:-

  •         Big data and machine learning
  •         Continuous monitoring
  •         New – Generation antivirus
  •         Prevention & detailed information
  •         Granular visibility

Download and installation guides for Panda Security

Once you purchase a panda security product you can download it any time before expiry. You will receive a mail from Panda Security as soon as you pay for its services. This email contains all the information required for the installation and download link.

You can log in to the Panda security website by using your Login id. Go to my product and install the product you have paid for. Once you download the product installation will be user-friendly.

Renewal and Cancellation Policies - Panda Security

renewal and cancellation of Panda Security

Panda Security offers time-bound services. So, you can renew and cancel your plan with Panda security. A home user can renew their plan from home but the business users have to get in touch with the company sales department for renewal of the plan.

If you do not un-check on the “yes please automatically renew my subscription when it expires” when you purchase it then it will renew automatically.

You can cancel your purchase anytime just by sending an email to the local service department with your order number, invoice number, activation code, customer number, and reason for the cancellation of the product.

Customer Support Service

Panda Security customer support service

They will provide you 24/7 support service to you. You can easily contact to its team through mail or website support section by mentioning your queries related to any products. They solve the entire problem just in few minutes. You can directly contact with its team through live calling.

How can you save by using Panda Security Promo Codes & Discount Codes 2023?

If you want to secure windows, mac and android information then you can use Panda security products. It will provide you better and reliable antivirus software. If you think that the prices of its products are much expensive, then you are wrong. Panda Security is offering up to 35% discount on its products. You can use the Panda Security Coupons code to save tons of dollars. These coupons will help you in grabbing the maximum discount deal of Panda security. Which save you from make a hole in your pocket.

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Best Antivirus & VPN combo

FAQs related to Panda Security

1. Is Panda Security free?

No, Almost all the Panda Security software is paid software. But Panda Security offers 1 month free trial for its Panda Security Antivirus so that you can try out all the features. However, the paid version is worth it as they provide a lot of advanced features.

You can try Panda Security free for 30 days here.

2. Does Panda Antivirus slow down the computer?

No, In fact, Panda Security Softwares are quite lite and could easily run on slow computers and laptops(low configurations). Panda Security will not slow down your computer. It is a very effective and efficient antivirus. Panda antivirus will detect all the virus in your system and build your computer virus-free.

3. How do I cancel my Panda Antivirus?

You can easily cancel your purchase just in few minutes by sending an email to the local service department. You have to mention your order number, invoice number, activation code, customer number, and reason for the cancellation of the product. 

4. Is Panda Dome safe?

Yes, Panda Dome is very safe and secure, It will secure your files and data from cybercrime activities. It will build your computer faster for performing well.

5. What is Panda Dome advanced?

Panda Dome advance is an antivirus software provided by Panda security. It is one of the best antivirus solutions currently available in the market. It gives protection against ransomware and all types of viruses. Parental control, app lock and call blocker too. It is a secure antivirus for your family and home.

6. Does Panda free antivirus have a firewall?

Yes, Panda Free Antivirus works by creating a  firewall. The firewall prevents the system from unauthorized access to the network. Panda Security has this firewall protection for its users.

7. How to disable panda security?

Steps for disabling Panda Security are as follows:-

  • Right-click on the taskbar
  • Click start task manager
  • Click the processes tab
  • Look under the "Description" column for the file that represents Panda Antivirus. Once located, click on this file listing.
  • Click on the “end task” Button this will end the task until you start it.

 8. How to uninstall panda security URL filtering?

For removing Panda Security URL filtering you will have to uninstall Panda Security Toolbar, this will remove the annoying URL filtering. This you can do by following the below steps: 

Steps for uninstalling panda security URL filtering:-

  • Close all running browser
  • Start Menu>Control Panel>Programs and Features select Panda Security Toolbar and click the Uninstall button and follow the instructions.


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