What’s new in Kaspersky 2020 Security Solutions?

Kaspersky is the leading brand of antivirus solution worldwide. It has always maintained its reputation by providing reliable security solutions to its customers. The company keeps updating their services every summer. Every Summer it brings lots of major updates that come with lots of advanced features and benefits. Kaspersky basically deals with some main products like Kaspersky Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Security for all your devices( Windows, Mac, Android), Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, Kaspersky Endpoint Security, and Kaspersky Security Cloud. The company brings huge security protection with its excellent security solution.The Kaspersky 2020 new version brings lots of new features in its antivirus products. Kaspersky 2020 new version updates make solutions to work more faster & secure to help build a safer world. 

Advanced Features of Kaspersky 2020 New Version

Kaspersky 2020 new version comes with lots of amazing and advanced features that protect your device from unwanted threats faster. Below are the features that comes in Kaspersky after the update:

  • Better Security– Kaspersky defends against viruses, cryptolockers, ransomware and other cyber threats.
  • Excellent Performance– Kaspersky Protects against viruses and other harmful threats without slowing down your device( Android, Mac, iOS, Windows).
  • Simplicity– By easy to use setup, it simplifies the security for the users.
  • Privacy It helps you to stop hijacking the webcam and also avoids tracing your browsing activity plus it also prevents you from scammers and phishing attacks.
  • Safe Money– In this upgrade the company launches its encrypted browser to protect your online payments with bank-grade encryption on PC or Mac devices.
  • PC Mac Mobile– The new update version secures any device which you are using in the combination. 
  • Safe Kids– Kaspersky New Upgrade 2020 brings new safe kid features to protect your kids from unwanted Internet threats. It includes features like a bad content blocker, GPS tracker & many more features to help protect your kids (on PC. Mac and mobile) by using its advanced parental control.
  • Password Manager It manages all your devices and securely stores all your passwords, and other login details and gives easy access to your device and PC, Mac & mobile using a single master password. This password manager also gives you a strong password if you have been using the weak password.

What’s Else in this Kaspersky New Update?

Kaspersky New update brings a number of advanced security protection to protect your device from unwanted threats. It has brought up many security and performance enhancement features to their customers.The company strengthens their security protection against unwanted threats. It also exploits such as the infamous EternalBlue used by the even more infamous WannaCry, or SMBloris that allows malware to spread automatically to the overall networks & infect any PC or device in its path. Kaspersky All Security Products comes up with some most amazing features that help your device to fight against harmful and dangerous threats that can totally damage your device. 

The new version of kaspersky also improved their protection against exploiting the vulnerabilities. In Kaspersky 2020 all the communication between the server and the devices gets encrypted, which means it generally offers effective protection against malicious attacks. This simply means that the communication can not be intercepted or modified by the other hackers and scammers. The company also provides a safe money feature with new enhancement as the users are now automatically provoked to scan the external storage devices for malware once they are connected.


In this new upgrade the Kaspersky New Interface has really been very user-friendly as the company has redesigned the Interface so it becomes easy to Navigate the users. Its Installation is also easier that is why too many users are installing this new 2020 kaspersky for better security protection.


As we have seen some of the most advanced features that the company had brought in its security solution suite. After the upgrade the company offers excellent security features with 24/7 Customer Support. You can get a huge range of security protection against virus, malware, ransomware, hackers and scammers. With Kaspersky 2020 New Upgrade Version you do need to worry about the hackers and viruses. You will get an encrypted, fastest and secure antivirus solution for your any device with Kaspersky. 

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