What is Domain Privacy & Why do you need it?

Do you know that your contact details are attached to your web hosting domain which is publicly available? ICANN, the organization which manages the domain names requires the contact details of each domain owner to be listed in the WHOIS database. This makes it easy for people including (scam artists, hackers, identity thieves) to find and contact any domain owner. To give a mask to the personal information of a domain owner, domain privacy plays a very important role. Here in this article, I am going to explain to you that What is Domain Privacy Protection & Why Do you need it?

What is Domain Privacy Protection?

Once you have finally found the right domain name for your website then you can see that there is the form appears. This form requires your contact information to the company you purchase the domain from. This information will pass to the ICANN WHOIS directory which publishes it publicly. Domain Privacy is the add on service which protects your contact details and keeps your personal information private. Without Domain Privacy, all of your contact details ( address, phone number, name, and many others) are available to the public. It helps to protect your personal data from online threats also.

What is ICANN WHOIS Directory?

 ICANN WHOIS Directory

ICANN ( The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a nonprofit organization that manages the domain names system over the internet.  The WHOIS keeps the record of active websites and domain owners.

Why WHOIS Compulsory?

WHOIS is compulsory because it shows a clear record of the websites and who owns it on the web. It is very important to have a WHOIS directory especially in cases where the domain owner veers into some illegal territory.  This record helps to find out the offenders, and provide a way to minimize the harm. WHOIS directory plays an important role when:

  • The law enhancement agencies help in tracking down the suspects in crimes committed online.
  • To identify the people who feel guilty about stealing or misusing intellectual property.
  • The internet companies want to limit the power of people guilty of spam.

3 Reasons Domain Privacy Worth it

Domain Privacy Protection is worth it for many of the website owners. There are mostly 3 main Reasons that suggests that the Domain Privacy Worth it

It Protects your Personal Information

Domain Privacy protects your personal information

The probability that anyone can find you with a simple internet search is disconcerting for many people. Domain Privacy protection helps to protect personal information. It keeps the information private and helps you to keep your data away from online threats. Every little step is important to make your information harder to find anyone.

It Reduces Spam

Domain Privacy Reduces Spam

If your information will get public then there are lots of chances of getting spam. Sometimes you will face lots of spam calls. When your information will get public then it will become easy to access your emails and phone numbers. Domain Privacy provides you with complete protection from spammers.

Avoid Scammers

Domain Privacy helps to Avoid Scammers

The activities which are performed by the company to convince you to pay more as compared to the actual price are to be known as scammers. As the company knows your details and information then you are a more targeted one. And the more data the scammer have, they get more power of convincing. Domain Privacy Protection helps you to avoid the number of scammers.

How can you get Domain Privacy Protection?

Domain Privacy Protection

You can get domain privacy protection while registering your domain name. The domain registrar or hosting provider offers domain privacy protection with their domain names. This usually includes the add-on features.

If you are still confused then you must go through with reasons which make sense that why there is a need for Domain Privacy Protection?

What is the Domain Privacy Service Providers?

Several companies provide domain names. Domain Privacy service is the add on features that can be added by the owner of the website while purchasing the domain. These are some of the companies which provide cheap and affordable Domain Privacy Protection:

Reasons Why You need Domain Privacy Protection?

If you do not mask your personal information then there are lots of things that can give you harm. And this is the reason why you should know the need for Domain Privacy Protection. I hope these given reasons will help you to get understand the true value of domain privacy.

Your Personal Information Can be Accessed by ANYONE

Your Personal Information Can be Accessed by ANYONE

If your personal data is available on the WHOIS directory then ANYONE can access it. ANYONE includes the people which you do not want to expose yourself. For example- Hackers, Spammers, Online thieves, and others with bad intentions.  By not getting the Domain Privacy your personal data will get hacked and you can be exposed to identity theft.

You might Face Unwanted Sales calls and even get Scammed

You might Face Unwanted Sales calls and even get Scammed

Now, if your private information gets public then no one can stop the marketers to convince you about their marketing strategies. These are the details or the medium through which the marketers can reach you. You could face tons of scam calls. To avoid these unwanted calls and activities privacy protection is necessary.

Your website can get Hacked/ Hijacked

 Your website can get Hacked/ Hijacked

Your website is a thing that takes lots of time to build. And a single or a little chance can get fraudulent in a domain transfer. That simply means that someone will log into your panel and transfer your domain name to their name, without your confirmation. Domain Privacy Protection gives you a mask to get you away from such danger.

Your Confidential Information can be Sold

 Your Confidential Information can be Sold

Do you know that your personal data can be sold to a third party? Some of the companies which are involved in these types of activities which is known as “data scraping”. In this activity, the company collects information from the WHOIS and sells it to a third party. You should always pay attention to cybersecurity. Domain Privacy helps to remove this threat.

You will face lots of Spam Emails

 You will face lots of Spam Emails

Not only scam sales call you will get. You can also face tons of spam emails. Every spammer knows how to get personal data if you have exposed it anywhere then these spammers can find out easily. Email is one of the easiest ways to target small business owners. Domain Privacy protection will help you to get away from the spammers and the scammers. It provides a secure platform to work.

Final  Words

These are some of the reasons which show that there is really a need for Domain Privacy Protection. If you want to get safe from online threats, Spammers, Scammers, and many others who have bad intentions then you should get privacy protection for your website.

I hope this article helps you to get an overview that What is Domain Privacy and Why do you need it?

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