10 Reasons to Choose ProtonVPN Over Other VPN Software

The increasing demand for VPN(Virtual Private Network) gives birth to many VPN companies. Some of them are reliable, where some of them are affordable and some of them are premium too. ProtonVPN is one of the best VPN companies that made using new technology and comes at affordable rates. Also, the securities offer by the company is very amazing that very hard to get anywhere else. Including this, there are more reasons to choose ProtonVPN that shows how beneficial it could be for you.

To be honest, the Internet was never as safe as it looks before. The lack of awareness about internet attacks is the reason why people used to think like that. But now, most of the internet users are well educated about all frauds and security breaches over the internet. That’s the reason a large number of the users are using VPN today. Into all the VPN software, not all of them are suitable for you and offer quality VPN security for you. Also, some VPN built for a large organization and not suitable for personal use. That’s why you must find a VPN that perfect for personal use and ProtonVPN is most suitable for daily use. Let’s find out all the reasons why you should use ProtonVPN over other VPN programs.

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Best Swiss Privacy

Reasons to Choose ProtonVPN Over Other VPN Software- Best Swiss Privacy

Probably you will know that Switzerland is one of the rare countries that made strong privacy laws for every person. As being developed in Switzerland, ProtonVPN offers the world’s best privacy laws to all VPN users. The same scientists and engineers who built ProtonMail made this VPN software with amazing VPN technology. Being part of the swiss country, ProtonVPN offers the best VPN security feature at an affordable rate.

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Open Source

Reasons to Choose ProtonVPN Over Other VPN Software- Open Source

Open Source software is always one of the favorite choices of the users that loves adding new features by themselves. ProtonVPN offers the same Open Source VPN features to the users with the best VPN features. Whether its best for all the beginners, it gives more advantages to the experts too because they can add more programming into the software. Only a few of the VPN companies offer this unique VPN feature that unlikely to see at any other VPN software that makes it worth money.

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Reasons to Choose ProtonVPN Over Other VPN Software- 30 days money back guarantee

The Money Back Guarantee feature is a very helpful feature that is now common in most software programs. Still, few of the VPN companies do not offer this amazing VPN feature in their VPN plans. If some company offer the money-back guarantee then the duration is limited to only a maximum of 15 days. On the other hand, ProtonVPN offers a big money-back guarantee of 30 Days to all the users. This feature will help to all those users who wanna try ProtonVPN feature with a security feature. With this feature, if you face any problem regarding the VPN feature and the company is unable to solve the problem. Then you can ask for a refund within the time period.

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Unblock the Internet

Reasons to Choose ProtonVPN Over Other VPN Software- Unblock the Internet

Now remove all the barriers of the internet and forget the geo boundation while using ProtonVPN internet security. With the help of this amazing VPN, you can easily access any websites, stream any videos. Also, it gives you the freedom of the internet by which you can enjoy other countries’ data and streaming services. ProtonVPN allows you to browse, stream, and watch hidden data over the internet of any country. Its best for all those users who wanna watch new web series or shows over streaming websites. Because the streaming platforms offer different web shows according to different regions and with the help of ProtonVPN you can connect to any country and enjoy the streaming services.

Allow to Use Multiple Devices at Once

Reasons to Choose ProtonVPN Over Other VPN Software- Allow Multiple Devices

If we talk about internet security, then you are not the only one who needs it.  Your family members are also using the internet that could face any internet attacks. That’s the reason why you should choose the VPN who allows you to use multiple devices at once at a higher speed. When you go through some of the best VPN’s around the world, you will find that most of them only offer up to 5 devices at once. But things not like the same with the ProtonVPN, because it offers you to connect up to 10 devices at once. Also, you can run this VPN of different operating systems too like Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux. Not every VPN company offer such amazing features to the users at this economic rate.

Turbo VPN Servers

Reasons to Choose ProtonVPN Over Other VPN Software- Turbo VPN Servers

The internet speed matters the most when we talk about the use of the VPN. Nobody likes a VPN that is lagging so much and does not offer smooth performance to the user. Where most VPN companies are limited to the medium server speed, ProtonVPN provides turbo VPN servers to the users. These servers made online videos and gaming streaming videos better than before. Also if you are connected with a different countries server which is far away from your location, it offers the same speed to you. ProtonVPN servers are located in more than 50 different countries and located into 6 continents. That means you can connect with country of your desire and enjoy your favorite shows of that country without facing any freeze.

No Log Policy

Reasons to Choose ProtonVPN Over Other VPN Software- No log policy

Many users purchase the VPN without even looking at all the important features of the product and feel invincible. But they don’t have the idea that they are still vulnerable like other internet users who don’t use the VPN. Many VPN companies do offer No Log Policy feature in their VPN plan, which is the most important VPN feature. Unavailability of this feature allows the ISP’s and other intruders to stalk into your internet activity which is definitely not securable at all. On the opposite of such VPN companies, ProtonVPN offers No log policy in its every plan to make your internet life secure. It allows you to access any hidden website and data without being traced by the ISP’s and the middlemen. ProtonVPN is the best choice for you to choose internet anonymity compared to any other VPN software.

Torrenting Allowed

Reasons to Choose ProtonVPN Over Other VPN Software- Torrenting Allowed

Who does not love torrenting in the current time? To be honest, this generation is more familiar with torrenting sites because they know all the benefits of torrenting. But some torrent user does not idea that torrenting platforms are the most common platform for internet attacks. Most of the products available on the torrents are infected with a kind of virus and some of them are too dangerous. To handle this situation, you must have an antivirus with the best VPN alongside. Whether antivirus programs prevent other harmful software to install into your device. The VPN protects you real-time, while you are using the internet. ProtonVPN allows you to perform torrenting with facing any problem and difficulty. Now accessing hidden data become easier and secure with ProtonVPN.

Secure Streaming

Reasons to Choose ProtonVPN Over Other VPN Software- Secure Streaming

According to a survey, the number of streaming users increased more than twice in just 3 months. But less than half of the users are currently using a VPN for secure streaming. The growth of online streaming is not hidden from hackers too and they already making many malicious streaming websites to steak the user’s data. This situation also increased the demand of the VPN for the user’s security. ProtonVPN is one of the best VPN software that protects a user from malicious websites and offers secure streaming to all the users. 

Secure Payment Methods

Reasons to Choose ProtonVPN Over Other VPN Software- Secure Payment Method

Secure payment methods are very necessary for users to make their shopping more secure. Without having a secure payment method, you can lose all of your precious data. The situations get worst when you have some sensitive data on your devices and some attackers breach the security by payment methods. To protect with this type of situation, ProtonVPN VPN offers some high-class payment methods to the users. Into the payment methods, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and PayPal are included. These platforms are popular globally popular and do not need any introduction.

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ProtonVPN is one of the best VPN software that comes with the best VPN security and privacy. It protects users from many internet attacks that unlikely to see other VPN software. Also, where other VPN cost very high to offer high-class VPN features, ProtonVPN is affordable at a very reasonable price. No log privacy, open network security, P2P feature, online streaming, 30 days money-back guarantee feature are some of the best reasons to choose ProtonVPN over other VPN software. 

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