How To Rename A File In Linux?

Being a Linux user, we all want to update ourselves with basic commands that help us in operating the system easily. Commands like how to rename a file in Linux or rename multiple files in Linux are mostly used.To rename a file in Linux is not a difficult task. Once you get to know how to ...

Best VPN for Roku | VPN Compatible with Roku Device

Before discussing which is the best VPN for Roku, let’s have an insight into why we need devices such as Roku, Amazon fire stick, etc in today's time. This is the age of smart tv’s as such most of today’s youth rely on OTT services such as Netflix & Amazon Prime for entertainment. Smart TVs ...

Avast VPN vs NordVPN

Avast VPN vs NordVPN- Which is the best VPN for privacy, security, streaming or torrenting?Well, here we have come with the biggest comparison between Avast VPN and NordVPN. In this article, we have covered every single feature of both VPN providers. This detailed comparison will help you to ...

Cheap $1 VPN Service – Things You Need to Know about vpn under $1

Cheap VPN or Virtual Private Network is trending a lot now especially during the pandemic time where many people have started working from home. With lockdown imposed in several countries, there have been huge demand/searches for Cheap $1 VPN Service on Google as well. It is quite understandable as ...

FastestVPN Review 2021 | Is it Really Fastest?

Fastest VPN is one of the most popular VPN. It is the Cayman-based VPN provider that gives a number of features. The fastest VPN comes with lots of features and benefits that make it the most powerful VPN provider. FastestVPN supports multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Roku, Kodi, ...

Knownhost Review – Features, Plans and Pros & Cons

Knownhost is a well-known hosting firm in the market. But many people are not familiar with it. If you want to get familiar with the services of Knownhost then go with this KnownHost Review. In this review of Knownhost, you will get to know about what is Knownhost is what kind of services applied ...

Is ProtonVPN Trustworthy?

Trust helps in building the best reputation in the market. When a firm is trustworthy then users want to use its services more & more. In the VPN market, you will get to know about the different firm that offers excellent services. But an excellent & trustworthy firm is hard to find. Many ...

How Do I Increase Memory on My Mac?

Is your Mac slowing down? Do you wait for a long time to get the application run on your Mac? If so, then you must need to upgrade your Mac or increase memory on Mac. But before you will get to know how to increase memory on Mac Let’s takes a look at What is RAM?What is RAM?RAM stands for ...

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