How To Access SSL On Hostinger?

Hostinger is one of the best web hosting providers in the market. The services of Hostinger are very reliable for all the buyers. In the services of Hostinger, you will get the best services that will help you in hosting a website. In the web hosting plan of Hostinger, you will get several features that will help you host a website. The services of Hostinger are very secure for all users. If you are hosting a website then you will get a Hostinger Free SSL certificate that will help you in building a website more trustworthy for all your users. So, if you are using the services of Hostinger SSL then must know about how to access SSL on Hostinger.

8 Steps To Access SSL On Hostinger

To access Hostinger Free SSL services you need to follow a few steps. Just the below mentioned 8 steps and get installed SSL security on your website. The services of Hostinger is very much reliable because of its Free SSL Services.

Hostinger SSL Icon

Steps to generate Private Key From

  • Go to the official website of & fill all the information & click Button mention below.
  • The hey will generate then save private key on your local computer.
  • Provide your SSL provider all details that you need (CSR key)
  • You will receive email from your SSL provider, you will get Certification key with CA certificate

Let’s know about how to access a free SSL Certificate through Cpanel.

Login Cpanel Hostinger

  • Log in to the Hostinger Cpanel
  • Go to the advance section and click on the SSL Icon.

On the next page enter all the details

Operate Hostinger SSL

  • Choose domain name where do you want to install SSL
  • Add Certification key (from an email that you got from your existing provider)
  • Add Private key (you save it from page)
  • Add CA bundle (from an email that you got from your existing provider)
  • Click on the install Button mentioned below.

Let’s move on and check out some information about the SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure socket layer its name shows that this will help you in guard your information. SSL plays a major role in keeping the credential secure from hackers. With the help of this, you can easily secure all the information that share between a server and user. When your website uses the services of SSL then your website is secure from all kinds of cyber threats.

How it shows that your website is having an SSL Security?

When an SSL is active on your website then your Url starts from HTTPS instead of HTTP. On the side of a URL, a browser will see a padlock icon. This shows that your website is very secure for all users.

What is the purpose of an SSL?

The purpose of the SSL is to keep all the sensitive data and file safe & secure. With the services of SSL, you can encrypt all the information that you want to keep safe from the hacker. The purpose of the SSL is:-

  • Keep data secure from hackers
  • Increase your Google ranking
  • Build Customer Trust
  • Improves conversion rates

Conclusion: Install SSL On Hostinger

If you want to install Hostinger on Hostinger then you can install it with the help of Cpanel. You only need to follow the steps and you can get your website with an SSL certificate. So use the services of Hostinger Free SSL certificate and host your website with the best services of Hostinger. In its every plan, you will get the best Hostinger Free SSL services so get it faster and make your website secure for your users. To own the services of Hostinger at reasonable cost apply Hostinger Coupon Code & save maximum bucks on its web hosting plan purchases.

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