Top 15 Facts About Apple 2024 That Could Blow’s Someone’s Mind

Apple is a brand that stood up on the next level of technology and made some immense devices that changed the world completely. You may be an “Apple lover” but these facts about Apple 2024 which I’m going to share with you, are astonishing as well as interesting.

The 3 Founders

People barely know that when Apple founded it had 3 founders- Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. But after only 12 days as a founder, Ronald Wayne sold his 10% share for just $800. He also got $1500 as the additional payout. 

Why Apple? Why not something else?

Isn’t it a question of curiosity that why Steve Jobs name the company Apple? Actually, Steve Jobs likes Apple(fruit) very much and that’s the reason why it named Apple. It is really one of the funniest facts I ever heard.

The First Logo

The first logo of Apple featured Sir Isaac Newton. It was made by Ronald Wayne (One of the early founders). In this logo, Ronald Wayne showed Sir Issac Newton sitting under a tree and an Apple above him. He clearly referred that time when Sir Issac Newton founded gravity force.

Steve Wozniak and his Scientific Calculator

When Steve Jobs and Wozniak completing the first few orders, they are short of capital. Fro buying computer parts Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen Van and Steve Wozniak sold his HP-65 Scientific calculator. In 1976, HP-65 cost 795 in retail and Wozniak sold calculator in $500.

Apple I and Satanic connotations

In July 1976, when first Apple I launched, the cost for the wholesaler is decided $500 and the retail price made around $667. But Wozniak changed the price to $666.66 because he likes repeating numbers and it was easier to type. It has nothing to do with Satanic connotation.

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Failure of Lisa

In early 1980 Apple launched Lisa (A personal Computer) but due to high rates and slow performance only 1,00,000 pieces totally sold in 2 years. It was the first biggest failure that  Apple faced. There’s a rumor that more than 2700 Lisa devices buried in Utah.


The Birth of MacIntosh

Jef Raskin named the machine Macintosh after his favorite variety of Apple. That was just another coincidence that happed at Apple. Steve Jobs wants to name the project “Bicycle” but Macintosh tye full fruit theme together.

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Introduction of iPod

iPod’s name was inspired by the famous movie 2001 A space Odyssey line “Open the pod bay door, Hal”. This early iPod store 1000 songs and that’s why Steve Jobs decided the tag-line “1000 song in your pocket”. It’s one of the weirdest facts about Apple I have heard.

Secret Easter Egg

The first iPod had come with a little secret. It has a game “Breakout” that you can easily access by easy methods. You just have to go on about and press the center button for almost 3 seconds. Now you can see and play the Breakout game which is developed by Jobs and Wozniak. If you are making a list of secret facts about Apple then you should include this one too in your list.

Secret Behind 9:41 AM

You may also have noticed that in every Apple image the clock shows time 9:41 AM. But why 9:41 AM? The answer is Steve Jobs and his best presentation timing. Actually, Job wants to show the actual time on the product at the time of the presentation. This product presentation takes around 40 minutes so that’s why they think that they took 1 or 2 minutes extra. They set the time on product 9:42 AM but when Steve Jobs practiced the presentation they found it took 41 minutes and that’s the reason for 9:41 AM in product timing. This fact about Apple is really amazing and really one of the famous too.

No-Smoking Nearby Mac Product

The weirdest and funniest fact about Apple is that “if you are smoking while using an Apple computer then your product warranty will be void”. That’s why Apple has a no-smoking ban on their products.

First Mass-Market Color Digital Camera

In 1994, Apple first launched the Mass-Market Digital Camera in the US. Apple QuickTake 100 cost was around $749 but it has no digital display also had less than a 1-megapixel camera. 

The U.S. Treasury is Noting Against Apple

It’s true that Apple has twice more cash than the U.S. treasury. It clearly shows the success and strength of Apple company. Apple is currently the biggest publicly traded company in the united state that has more than $155 billion. 

Apple vs Amazon, Google & Facebook

Amazon, Google & Facebook are well known worldwide companies that have massive revenue. But in the first quarter of 2014, Apple made a huge amount of money. It is more than Amazon, Google & Facebook combined.

What If Apple was a Country?

If Apple was a country then it might be the world’s 27th largest Country between Belgium and Venezuela.

These are some of the rare but fun facts about Apple which can blow anyone’s mind easily. Unlike Apple products, these facts are not so popular. Having knowledge of these facts about Apple, you can easily impress Apple lovers and surprise them.

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