Call Of Duty The Hunt : Season 10 to Unleash

The game lovers are going to be insane with the release of the next season of Call Of Duty. Call Of Duty The Hunt Season 10 is going to be thrilling yet amazing in graphics and everything that a gamer looks for.

By announcing through Twitter COD Mobile they have confirmed that Call of Duty Season 10 will be called The Hunt. This week has been really crucial for gamers because in India PubG gets banned and Call Of Duty just grabbing the opportunity to steal more and more used to their app. Previously they have named it COD Born Hunters, but COD Season 10 is now named The Hunt and it sounds really good. The characters in this game are born to hunt that’s why they came up with the name of COD The Hunt.

Season 10 is going to be launched on 9 September 2020

Call of Duty The Hunt With Amazing Graphics & Hardcore Mode

There are Some amazing graphics and visuals that are revealed on Twitter by the COD Mobile Twitter Handle. You can take a look at the tweets and you will get amazed like did I get. Just Take a look below at what they have revealed and teased us for this Call Of Duty Season 10 The Hunt.

New Map & Weapons in Call Of Duty Season 10 The Hunt

They have to bring the new maps to make us more curious to play the battle and hunt like a hunter. The New Gunfight Map and the New Terminal Multiplayer Map is been out for the next COD Season 10 The Hunt update. The Pine New Gunfight Map & Terminal New Multiplayer Map can be the best landmark for your gang.

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