Call Of Duty Season 10 Born Hunters

Call Of Duty is the hottest game around the globe and gamers are always looking for new challenges and new fun eagerly. Call Of Duty Season 10 is going to be out soon. Gamers are going far crazier than anything after getting an update of the “New MP Map Terminal a classic for almost every playstyle” this September 10th. Call of Duty Mobile Terminal map is the craziest thing for COD lovers. Literally, it is crazy! Now COD Mobile is coming up with the Call of Duty Season 10 Born Hunters with Battle Pass Characters.

We have not grown up with this amazing news they are going to bring COD Season 10 which is going to be Born Hunters. This is going to be really big for now.

Insight of Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass Character of Born Hunters

They have just teased the gamers with amazing character graphics and the name of COD Season 10 Born Hunters Battle Pass characters Makarov, Mara, Outrider, Mace. The characters are having amazing Season 10 battle pass skins below you will get to see the amazing graphics. Man….! If you are a true lover of COD then you will be going to crave this more and more. Let the fire begin now and wait for the release of Born Hunters.

Born Hunters Character Skin

New Weapon S10 Born Hunters

They have also shared some weapons that you will be going to have in COD S10 most likely you will have 48 Dredge/ Haymaker. 48 Dredge was used by the Makarov so most likely it will be going to be the part of Call Of Duty S10 Born Hunters. This will be the heck for the gamers. Twitter is overloaded with lots of questions to the COD Mobile Twitter Handle. Go Check Twitter and is there any update do share with us in the comment section.

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